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Rodanthe was enjoying the taste of her skin, the smell of her, and the feel of having himself inside this lovely creature. He lowered his hands until he was cupping the firm halves of her ass, and then effortlessly lifted her, almost slipping out of her, before arching his back and slamming her onto him, hard, fully penetrating her. She let out a small scream and dug her nails into his shoulder. When he looked into her eyes, he saw flames...

It was too much to ask to be nice. She dug her nails harder into his shoulders as he rolled her over, bit his lip as he leaned down to kiss her, kept biting until she drew blood. Rodanthe gasped in pain, but then tasted his own blood, just as she had intended. He pulled nearly out of her, and then rammed back deep inside her, then started plowing into her with a savagely intense rhythm, as if trying to shove his whole being inside her behind his raging cock.

Fortune was hardly a passive participant. She bucked beneath him, welcoming his every thrust and impact, thrusting her hips up to meet his with every stroke, savagely kissing his mouth, biting his tongue, running her long nails over his back and shoulders. Both of them were screaming and moaning as they careened at full speed toward climax, the pressure and desire inside each of them building tumultuously toward release.

Rodanthe was having problems seeing or thinking as Fortune screamed and convulsed under him, carried away completely by his desire, and tasting the blood flowing from the cuts inside his mouth from Fortune's sharp teeth. He felt his orgasm coming, an unstoppable force, and tasted a new influx of blood in his moth as fangs slid down into position and locked there. He felt his claws slide from his fingers into the mattress through the sheets -

-and Fortune wrenched his head down to her, kissing him furiously, slicing her tongue on his fangs, her blood joining his in his mouth. She gasped and pulled his head to her throat, her orgasm slamming into and through her like a bursting dam -

-and Rodanthe's fangs were against her throat, hovering over her pulsing artery, her heartbeat roaring in his ears as his orgasm neared the point of no return, as she convulsed wildly in the throes of passion, inadvertently driving his fangs into her throat, sharp bone piercing delicate skin and releasing crimson heat -

The vampire in Rodanthe screamed in triumph as the Elf surrendered to the most intense orgasm of his long life, and drove the fangs all the way home, Fortune's hot life coursing into his mouth and down his throat as his seed exploded deep into her, her scream of pain as her throat was torn open turning into a scream of orgasmic bliss as the vampiric Kiss hit her, her body surrendering as Rodanthe sucked her hot crimson Essence from her in gulping greed, swallowing her life in huge draughts as she shuddered in time with his ejaculations...

...until she moved no more...

The fire in Rodanthe's eyes faded, crimson receding slowly, and he opened his eyes to see Fortune lying still beneath him, her blood in his mouth. The scream started deep inside him, from his toes, welling up like a deep underground river, breaking free finally in a wailing banshee crescendo that lasted for whole minutes, loud enough that he didn't hear the shattering crash of the huge plate-glass mirror over Fortune's long dresser when the molecules let go along fracture lines, the bathroom mirror meeting a similar fate, the Tiffany lamp detonating in a spray of jagged-edged color, the shower of glass shards from the lights in the ceiling fan.

When the scream had run its course he looked at her, lying still and pale below him. She was gone. He had found her, and she was gone, his one possible soul-mate that he had found in all his long travels, the one who could have understood him... the one who he could live with forever...

Blood filled his mouth from the deep cuts she had made as she neared orgasm, and he reflexively swallowed... of course... she had wanted to be with him, hadn't she? Hadn't she said as much?


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