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Jaguar gets some presents and goes to a football game.

Making no move to pull back her hand, Susan's big brown eyes had flicked to his lap, her full mouth pursing, an "Ooooo!" escaping her lips. When she'd given the big sausage a hesitant squeeze, followed by a more direct one, Tom had groaned, slumping against his seat. A sudden "backache" had ended the round, with Tom's apologies, and ten minutes later, the couple was at her apartment, doing it like they do it on the Discovery Channel.

Tom hissed through his clenched teeth, his gaze directed down at his wrist thick cock plundering the over taxed, clean shaven hole below him. He had a death grip on her soft hips, pushing and pulling her back and forth in time with his own hard pumps. When they'd entered the room, he had sprung free of his slacks, stiff and ready for action. Susan's 23 year-old eyes had widened into little saucer plates as his pants hit the floor and she couldn't shed her clothing fast enough, which was the reason her shorts and panties were still around her knees, keeping her legs tight together, further tightening Tom's passage.

"You like this big cock, baby?" Tom asked unnecessarily, given the excited gasps from the sexy brunette. He reached up, stroking her long ponytail as it swung crazily about. Taking it in his left hand, he was encouraged by her low whimper and pulled back, her long, slender throat now exposed.

"Oh my god...fuck me...fuck me harder!" Susan entreated him. She bucked and wiggled back against him, his cock hitting all of her sensitive spots it seemed simultaneously. Tom raised and brought his right hand down sharply on her exposed, curvy hip, making a sharp smack, followed by a loud squeal from his fuck toy.

"Yesssss! Fuck meeeee! Fuck that big sonofabitch in me!"

Tom's hips were a blur as her buttocks rippled and shook from his impacts. He was close and could tell that she was as well. He didn't want to hold out. The load he was on the verge of dumping had been simmering in his balls for too long and he ached to shoot it. The tipping point came when Susan cast a seething look back at him, her eyes full of need. "Fuck me...fuck me...Daddy..."

Tom's vision clouded and he threw his head back, groaning, "Oh, goddamn! Here I cummm! Oh god Katie! Fucking take it! Take it all!!"

His balls rolled up and clenched, unleashing torrent after torrent of thick, hot cum, deep in the recesses of Susan's spasming cunt. Tom let loose a guttural roar of satisfaction as he continued to piston his hips into her. Strangely, Susan was silent, her head hanging down as her ponytail jerked in time with his thrusts. He was too caught up in his own pleasure to really notice. It wasn't until his pace slowed and he slumped back, his still stiff cock plopping out wetly, that he noticed something was amiss.

Susan slid off the bed and turned to him, her brown eyes blazing. "Get out of here, you sick fuck!"

Tom gasped with surprise at the verbal attack. "Wha...what's wrong?"

Regarding him with a glare, her hands on her slim hips, Susan spoke. "It's bad enough to be called by another name, but unless you can quickly come up with another Kate, you just imagined you were fucking your own daughter while you were with me!"

His eyes widened as he realized his gaffe. He had been thinking of Kate and even worse, had vocalized his fantasy! "Susan...I...it was a mist..."

"Mistake? Yes, I know! Just get dressed and get the fuck out of here!" She spun on her heel and stomped into the bathroom, leaving the ashen faced Tom to hurriedly gather his clothing.

Minutes later, a disheveled Tom sat behind the wheel of his car, slowly driving towards home. He was beyond horrified at what had just transpired. He ashamedly thought about his spinning Susan onto her hands and knees, just so he could more easily imagine that he was fucking Kate, his very own flesh and blood! While part of his brain registered the implications of his faux pas, the majority of his thoughts centered on the desire for his daughter.

There was no longer any denying that he craved a physical relationship with Kate.

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