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Her porn fantasy becomes real.

"Oh, shit," Tyffani shouted, and as she began to get up, Lelei pulled her back down and began sucking her clit again. "Oh, you like this pussy?" she asked. "Eat it up then," and Lelei did. Her tongue went everywhere from Tyffani's clit to deep within her womb to her asshole where she rimmed her good, then back to her clit again. "Oh, fuck!" Tyffani shouted as another orgasm rocked her body, and still Lelei wasn't through. She manipulated Tyffani until she went from a reverse cowgirl to straddling her face, then she pulled her close and began her clitoral assault again, and after a few minutes, Tyffani came a third time. For the record, Lelei had two orgasms of her own, brought on by the expert tongue lashings of Rosemary.

"Whoa," Tyffani said as she made to stand on wobbly legs. "You must love your daughter to no end, Lelei."

"That's Mrs. Auva'a to you, and yes, I do," Lelei answered as she began dressing herself. "Now, is the debt paid?"

"Paid in full," Tyffani answered.

"And you never tell my daughter of this, agreed?"

"I will never tell your daughter," Tyffani reiterated.

"When she calls you this evening, tell her you reconsidered," Lelei said. "Tell her that it was just a joke, that her picking up the bar tab was punishment enough."

"You got it," Tyffani answered. "Now, if there's nothing else, you're free to go." Lelei gathered her things and left. Just as Rosemary had put on her bra and panties, Tyffani said, "Not so fast, old woman. Come eat my pussy." With little reluctance, Rosemary did.

Lelei got home at a little past three. She checked in on Tamina, who was asleep, so she took a shower to wash away any evidence of her interference in her daughter's business. Once dressed, she went to Tamina's room and woke her. "You do not want to sleep the day away, do you?"

"The night as well," Tamina answered.

Lelei shrugged. "It is inevitable. Still, do as I suggest. Call and ask if it can just be you and her. Perhaps she will allow you this one small concession."

"I'll call in a little bit," Tamina said as she rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom. She found her mother in the kitchen making tea for them both. "You will not think less of me for having gotten myself in this mess, will you?"

"Unconditional love is exactly that for a reason," Lelei said in way of a response. "Just learn from this mistake."

"I will," Tamina promised. Lelei set a cup of Ragamuffin in front of her daughter and bore one for herself. They enjoyed the tea in silence, and once finished, Tamina said, "I guess I'll go call her now. No use in delaying it." She left the table and went back to her room, and two minutes later she excitedly burst back into the kitchen. "Mother! You will never guess." Without the benefit of time allotted for Lelei to answer, Tamina said, "Tyffani-that's the Deb's name-told me that she was drunk when she made her decision, and upon review she realized it was too terrible a thing to ask of me. She said that me paying the bar tab was good enough. Mother! She let me off the hook!"

"Oh, this is wonderful news," Lelei said with a grand smile. She hugged her daughter, then pulled back and said, "Remember, no more betting, regardless of how much you think you will win. Nothing is certain."

"Yes-yes," Tamina said excitedly. "This calls for a drink."

"Lay off the booze," Lelei said. "Just be happy you are free from this burden. Go see a movie or something else that doesn't require alcohol."

Two weeks had passed and the incident from the bar had pretty much been forgotten.

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