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Hillary gets her audition.

We were even considering freely sharing our secret with them at first, because perhaps your scientists could improve on where we've gotten stuck. Then my people would not have to depend on obtaining new DNA infusions every time our bodies start to deteriorate.

"Then we realized that the representatives of your Space Corps wanted our secret only so they could sell it, instead of sharing it to benefit all of humanity. We refused to part with it after that. In the end, we even convinced Space Corps that we didn't have any secret at all, and that's how we've kept things for many years."

Gar sighed. "But now you know the basics of it. If a scientist captures a few of us and takes our DNA apart, they'll know how we modified our genes. This was done by activating some strands and deactivating others, and also by fusing certain strands. The real secret, however, is something they won't be able to reproduce in their labs. This is the sexual union between a man and a woman, and how it stimulates the rejuvenation process by returning our modified genes to their former state, albeit temporarily. I suppose that if I was a careful man, I would not allow any of you to leave this planet, forever."

"Gar, as mentor for Captain Washington," Braxton said. "I am recommending that my captain not report any of this to our administration. I would suggest to him that your secret deserves to remain your secret. Your secret should remains yours until such time as your people wish to divulge it themselves, and are convinced that it will be used for the common good of humanity."

Gar looked over at Washington.

"I would gladly accept my mentor's advice." Washington nodded.

"Well, that is good to hear." Gar smiled.

"Anybody there?" A shrilly voice spoke out on Gar's wrist bracelet. "Hellooo?"

"Hello?" Gar asked the device. "Who is this?"

"This is Mary." The voice replied, causing Cruz to bolt over next to Gar.


Washington glanced at Braxton; they'd totally forgotten about the pretty ensign.

"You probably know me better as the Nurse Of Love. Anyway, all these guys keep coming into my bedroom and telling me that they're going die if I don't sleep with them. So, you know, I'm doing them all a big favor, right? Well, they all keep falling asleep on me. I checked a couple of them and they're really humped out. Somebody should come up here and check on them. I'm just saying."

"How many men have you slept with?" Gar asked.

"Hold on, I've got to count them." She paused for a moment. "Seven. Eight if you count this other guy, but he's not completely out of it like the others. He's just sitting there dazed. Oh, and all their penises are like, glowing in the dark or something. Is that normal for you people?"

Cruz grabbed at Gar's wrist and shouted down into it, "Mary, you bitch! You've got eight and I've only got the one! We'll just see about that!"

Mary answered, "Ha ha! You know where I'm at, so bring it!"

She blew out a loud kiss and cut off the call.

Cruz flew out of the bedroom, only to fly back inside a moment later. "All right, who here wants to be throttled like a hooker at a sausage convention?"

Several Wrinkles glanced over at him expectantly.

"I meant only the women when I said that." Cruz started pointing. "You, you, and you, come with me if you want to live!" He nearly rushed away, but came to a screeching halt before Lora. "You'd better come along too, sweetheart. The captain's turned into a bit of a pansy as of late." He slapped Lora on the ass hard enough to make her jump. "Runaway train, coming through! Woo-hoo!"

Half the room emptied out after him.

"Well, I suppose things are turning out well, after all." Gar said. "I think."

"Did I hear correctly earlier?" Braxton asked. "That there is some sort of a volcano room somewhere in this building?"

"There is." Gar replied. "We have an actual miniature volcano in the center of that room and it really blows out lava. There are safety measures, of course."

"I have a feeling that you're going to be blowing out lava pretty soon.

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