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Adults can grow up to nearly 30 feet in length. Anacondas are excellent swimmers and divers."

"Wow. Everything I never wanted to know about big snakes," Hairy thought to himself.

Movement behind the glass caught Hairy's eye and he practically jumped out of his skin when he saw the huge, green, spotted snake staring at him not one foot from his head.

Though the snake had startled him, Hairy immediately recovered and looked at the snake with interest.

Surprisingly the snake appeared to be looking at him with interest too.

"Lunch," Hairy mused as he imagined the giant snake squeezing the life out of him.

Hairy didn't actually "hear" a voice as much as he "felt" the voice in his mind.

"Hairy," the voice said. "I knew you would come."

Hairy quickly looked around to see who was speaking to him.

Other than a cute blond zookeeper about halfway down the corridor, cleaning the outside of the glass enclosures, no one was around.

"Hairy," the voice chimed. "Behind the glassss. It'sss me."

Hairy turned quickly to see the snake staring at him intently. Hairy stared back in disbelief.

"I knew your mother and father Hairy," the voice droned in Hairy's mind. "Big, Sssucca, and I were friendsss at the Conssservatory."

Hairy didn't know what to think. He knew of his mom and dad, but other than his aunt and uncle no one had ever spoken of them.

Hairy wondered if he was dreaming.

Hairy made the mental leap to determining that the snake was somehow communicating to him, and that it had a purpose. He decided to hear it out.

"My name is Hard Kock," the snake said. "Your father, Big Pecker, and I were bessst friendsss at Froggwantsss Conssservatory. Your mother, Sssucca Bigwan, was probably the best sssorcsseressss I ever met."

Hairy's mind was reeling. What the hell is Froggwants Conservatory and what did he mean his mom was a sorceress?

"It's why I reached out to you Hairy," the snake continued. "You are the only person who can help me."

Hairy felt stupid talking to a snake.

"What can I do?" Hairy asked as he turned to look down the corridor at the zookeeper to see if she thought he was crazy talking to the snake enclosure.

The young woman seemed oblivious to Hairy.

"I'm trapped in here," the snake went on. "The cage is warded to prevent my essscape. You, Hairy. You have the power to ssset me free."

Hairy decided to humor the snake. He was beginning to wonder what was in the brownies he'd eaten earlier, but continued to play along.

"Placess your handsss on the glassss Hairy and repeat thesess wordsss'" the snake pleaded. "Wardum endusss. Glassssusss eradicatum."

Hairy looked back at the blond zookeeper who had turned towards him and smiled. Hairy smiled back sheepishly. The zookeeper turned back to the enclosure she was cleaning.

"Probably cleaning handprints from all the other suckers these guys talk to," Hairy said under his breath.

Hairy placed the palms of his hands against the glass directly in front of the snakes face.

"Concssentrate and sssay the wordsss exactly," the snake emplored.

Hairy took a deep breath and then spoke the words quickly and quietly.

"Wardum endus. Glassus eradicatum."

Nothing happened.

"You mussst ssspeak ssslowly. You must concssentrate. You must ssspeak loudly like you mean it," the snake scolded.

Hairy looked again at the zookeeper. She was paying him no mind.

This time Hairy concentrated and spoke the words slowly and with feeling.

"Wardum endus. Glassus eradicatum."

The last thing Hairy remembered as he fell forward was the glass dissolving into thin air and a tall naked man standing inside the snake enclosure.

The anaconda had changed into Hard Kock, friend of the Pecker family. "Not used to the power yet," Hard thought as he looked down at Hairy's prostate form. "You'll be a hell of a sorcerer some day though."

The blond zookeeper saw the young man at the end of the corridor pitch forward into the snake enclosure and immediately came running to assist.

She stopped abruptly and stood staring at the tall naked man standing over the

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