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A soldier comes home to his wife.


Merrick sounded multiple signals along the reef, swimming as fast as he can, he spotted a pod of dolphins, to which he swam forward too. His throat stiffened as he sounded a pattern of squeaks and clicking noises. The dolphins immediately swam in his direction, and he swam up to them in turn. He continued to speak in a crackling noise, until the pod itself separated in multiple directions.

"Merrick!" Called Brishen. Merrick swam up to the green-tailed merman, "Any luck?"

"No. I cannot find Sister anywhere. I just sent those dolphins to locate a small mermaid. I pray they will be of help," He sighed as he looked to his friend, "I surmise that none of the other mermen have been successful?" Brishen shook his head.

"No... Razirah Denizyr cannot sense her trace. He cannot sense her at all... And it has gotten worse..."

"What? How?" Merrick asked. Brishen looked, up, looking scared.

"No one knows where Penina is!" Merrick gasped as he looked at Brishen, looking as if he is about to weep, "I cannot find her anywhere! No one has seen her since last night, she's gone! Denizyr cannot feel her, just like Adra Savarna!"

"Brishen, it is going to be alright. We will find them..." He said, though he cannot deny that he is feeling doubt and fear as well.

His gills twitched, and he turned around. Merrick blinked as the dolphins he summoned earlier are swimming away...

"Merrick... We have been searching all through the sun... We have not found so much as a scent," Merrick sent out a few more signals. He looked up to see a few hammerhead sharks swimming quickly away, "I... I keep thinking about her... My Penina..." Brishen started to feel more distraught, "I do not understand... How can- Mmmff!" He felt Merrick's hand over his mouth.

"Brishen, I need quiet..." He said. He closed his eyes and sent a signal every 10 seconds. Moments pass by, and a low, long call came from the silence. Brishen removed Merrick's hand.

"That's one sad whale..." Merrick then swam around, and forward, "Merrick? Where are you going?"

Merrick placed his webbed hand onto the sand, keeping his eyes shut, and sent out a long, loud moan. Moments later, the same, sad moan from before was called. He moved his head to a certain direction, and swam forth. "Merrick! It's just a lone whale!" Brishen said irritably, "We have to find Penina and Adra Savarna!"

The Adra Triton ignored him as he followed blindly to the source of the low call. He eventually opened his eyes and peered down into a gigantic trench. "Merrick! Stop wasting time chasing whales!" Brishen said to him as he swam up next to him.

"Brishen..." Merrick uttered. He turned around, and looked directly at Brishen in the eyes, "There are not any whales within 50 miles of here."

"RRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Both mermen gasped as they heard the same voice, this time, it sounded angry instead of sad. They stared down into the abyss. Brishen sent a signal, but nothing responded. Not even a faint glow from any bioluminescent creatures from below.

"... Why is there not anything down there?"

"There is. But they are silent. They won't give any signals."

"Why not?"

"... Let us find out..." Merrick said as he swam down. Brishen followed the Adra, both of them holding their weapons tightly. The delved into the darkness, growing colder and colder the more they traveled down. Both mermen kept sending down signals, everything in the trench remaining silent, no matter what angle they sent a signal.

-The Previous Night-

Savarna grew nervous as she waited. The more seconds that passed by, the more fearful she became. After waiting a total of two minutes, the small mermaid swam over the edge, and hurriedly downward.


Savarna eeped as there came a deep, sad moan from the darkness, like a dying whale, calling out for aid.
"ADRA SAVARNA!!" Yelled out a blue glow from the darkness.

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