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A tale of enforced nudity.

I knew I had a good feeling about you."

We made some sort of small talk as we walked together out the back of the kitchen to the parking lot. Somehow it came out that we both enjoyed the sweet leaf, and a plan was quickly devised to take a quick drive together.

This would become a nigh-daily conspiracy for us, and one that would develop a happy, platonic friendship between us...

***** ***** *****

Spent, messy, but only half-fulfilled, I relax back down into my seat, not bothering to pull my pants up. Beside me, Posey is still breathing heavily, frustrated, no doubt, by my fingers' lack of skill with her womanhood, but pleased, I know, by my eagerness to try, to learn. We stare at each other for what seems like hours, and then she says, "It's too bad you came already." "What do you mean?" I ask. Eyes lowered to my flaccid member, she answers, "I was going to give you a blowjob." Then she looks up, eyes wide, hungry, horny, and I suddenly feel the hardness returning. She leans over and kisses me, gently, slowly, seductively, then reaches down to check my progress. I am more amazed than she to find that I'm already there, and so finding, her kiss becomes more passionate, her tongue dives into my mouth, looking for its soulmate, and her body writhes deliciously as she squeezes my now raging hard-on.

This powerful, wonderful kiss is broken all too soon, but my sadness quickly turns to nervous excitement as, with one last, voracious glance from those eyes, those fucking huge, beautiful eyes, she moves her body away from me, her head moving down, down, down into my crotch. I feel like I'm stoned on some government super weed, I can't move; I wait, wait to feel what's about to happen, what I've never felt before, what I've only ever dreamed about. Her lips close softly around me, and I suck in my breath like when a mushroom trip has just begun.




***** ***** *****

Max was a wildcard I could never have accounted for, the ace in the hole of whatever cruel deity found my misery amusing. He was a mechanic and

small-time drug dealer, mostly marijuana, and it was at his house that Posey spent much of her time when she wasn't with me, because Max was her boyfriend. I had been completely unprepared for this development, and I was glad she had supplied this information up front before I had a chance to ask, which would have tipped my hand. As it was, several months had gone by without her ever suspecting I wanted to be more than friends, even though by that time I was certain I loved her. Max seemed a nice enough guy, a little clueless, a lot apathetic, not exactly the caliber of boyfriend I felt Posey deserved. I sometimes felt that he was completely insensitive to her, and as much as possible without overstepping my boundaries, I tried to outdo him in every way. This achieved the result that Posey and I became best friends, the kind that were always together, always in touch, never what I hoped. Still, I would take what I could get, and I knew that Max couldn't last forever...

***** ***** *****

I have been in Posey's car for roughly six minutes, careening down a dirt road in total darkness, when suddenly she pulls over, sets the parking brake, and flies at me like a wraith, pinning me to my seat with a brutally sexy kiss.

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