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My first same sex experience.

Soon the person started to shudder. I stood in awe as the two began to frisson forgetting their whereabouts. Both of them were shivering as if they were victims of fits. Soon they collapsed to the pleasures as the lust erupted deflowering her. For some time both of them sat like that as lovers. I looked around me. Couple of people was watching the episode blinking in the dark not believing their eyes. The person with him stood up. It was then I saw that he was rubbing his cock watching them. Without any thought of the public, he erupted a load of cum direct on her face awaking her. She suddenly realized the situation and jumped up. His dick was still hard and in her. As she rose, she felt his dick pull out and she shuddered. She wiped her face and looked around - to see us all staring at her.

She burst into tears and sat down to cry. I put my hand on her shoulders trying to make her calm. People were fidgeting in their seats. They were thinking a couple of youngsters were enjoying a girl in the back and they were getting envious. Now given a chance, they would come and interfere acting as moral police. I was getting worried. Cos if the matter was out and it came that I, her husband did nothing, when she was molested would make things bad. To make matters worse if she says I helped them then it would be a disaster.

As I was consoling her, I found another hand coming in and squeezing her tits. This time I got angry, pushed the hand away, and looked up. I was shocked to see a crowd gathering around us. This made more worried. These fools surrounding her were sure to attract attraction and soon people would be buzzing in to know the reason and matters would blow out of hand. For the men it was fun and a rare chance to grab a woman. They did not care that she was crying, that her husband was with her, or that they were in a public place. Even as these thoughts flashed in my mind, the number of hands were increasing like a swarm of ants. Some squeezed her boobs and would not leave it. She was trying to push them off but she didn't want people to see her crying so she kept her head low. Suddenly I saw some of them pull out their mobiles and start to recording. I decided to move before it blows out of proportion

I led her out. Now the men were hurrying behind us as if a train was leaving. Some were even pushing me to get a grab of her. People now started to look at us rather on the screen. To make matters worse some idiot was hooting. I led her through the swamp while her ass was squeezed and dress almost ripped off. Hastily I pulled her out. The outside light was a welcome sight. We were on the second floor. We moved down thru the staircase and found the shutter down. We looked out to see if any security guard was there to open. No one was around. We went up. When we reached up, we found the hall full. Somehow, the news had spread and they had come to see the girl. As soon as we reached the hall, one of the men shouted

"There they are"

As soon as he said it, all the men started moving towards us. We took the stairs up not knowing where it would reach us nevertheless, for the moment that was the only exit available. As soon as we reached up, we found it was the way to the terrace and the door locked. The men were right behind us shouting and chasing. For a second I doubted if I was in India itself. The men were coming to us like some sex-starved zombies with no thought of moral decency or the aftermath. They surrounded us. Their eager eyes boring into her, she cowered behind me. We stood like that for a couple of minutes. Suddenly I heard the shutter open. I sighed a relief. I slowly edged ourselves to the exit. The men suddenly became quiet and were slowly making way for us. Probably the sound of shutter opening had made them nervous. We moved slowly with their eyes still on her. As we reached the first step of stairs, Soundarya who was clinging behind me came to the other side.

Suddenly she gave a 'yelp' pushing me forward.

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