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Charlie's brother visits; problems with Stacy.

The surprises kept coming when she grabbed my arm that was around her and put my hand on her braless breasts. "Do you find me attractive, big brother?"

Although I was the older one and usually rather suave with the ladies, I stammered, "U-u-um, yes, you are very cute."

"Oh," she responded, deflated.

"What is it, Mary?"

"'Cute' is the ultimate insult to a girl. It is like a guy being called 'nice'. Nice guys don't get laid. They have lots of girls who are friends, but not many girlfriends. No girl wants to be called 'cute'. Puppies are 'cute'," she explained.

My hand still firmly cupping her big breasts, I attempted to reflate her burst bubble. "Mary, you are very pretty and have turned into a sexy young woman, but it sounds weird to say such things to my sister."

She turned to face me, and even in the dark I could see her insecurity written all over her face. "Do you really find me sexy?"

My cock now fully erect, I said, "Yes, Mary. It is sometimes very hard to not check you out. Your breasts are barely ever concealed even when you are wearing sweaters. Your ass seems so perfectly tight and your smile would weaken any man, which it is doing right now."

Her hand went to my cock and she asked, "Oh my. Are you this stiff because you just heard Mom get fucked or because of your sister who desperately needs her fire to be extinguished?"

I answered honestly, "It grew listening to Mom and Dad but it's standing at attention for you, Mary."

She leaned in and kissed me. At first it was soft and tentative, but soon we were both exploring each other's mouths. My hand returned to her breasts and I fondled the luscious melons gently, while she slowly rubbed my cock through my sweats. We made out like horny teenagers for a long time, each of us unsure what to do next. How far was either of us willing to go?

I moved my hand down her belly and underneath her sweats. She moaned into my mouth in anticipation. I stayed above her panties, which were already rather damp. I put light pressure on her mound and she lifted her ass up to add more pressure. She broke the kiss and begged, "Please put a finger in, Allen."

I obliged my sister's request, slipping a finger easily inside her warm oven. I moved to her neck and splattered her with butterfly kisses while I slowly fingered her. She struggled to get her hand inside my sweats, but eventually did and grabbed my seven-inch member. She whispered, "Your cock is so big, big brother."

"Your pussy is so warm, baby sis," I returned the compliment.

I lifted up her sweatshirt and took her stiff left nipple in my mouth. She let out a gasp and said, "Oh yes, Allen, that feels so nice."

I took my time licking, nibbling and sucking on her nipples and breasts, my finger never leaving her hot box, all the while she stroked my cock the best she could from the awkward position.

She finally asked, her tone nervous as if I might reject her, "Can I suck your cock, big brother?"

I smiled and answered, "Only if I can lick your pussy too."

For someone so cold before, she was out of her sweats and panties with lightning speed. Not to be outdone, I was Clark Kent turning into Superman fast myself releasing my cock from its fabric prison.

We repositioned ourselves into a sixty-nine, me on my back and her straddling me, and together our mouths touched each other's forbidden jewels.

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