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I am seduced by a 23 year old hair stylist.

"How's that -- better?" he asked me.

I did my best to look horrified. I wanted nothing more than to bury my face between her beautiful old breasts, but I knew it would ruin everything. I clenched my jaw and turned away from her.

"Come on, now, that's no way to thank me," he said.

He grabbed me by the hair and pushed my face between her boobs, shaking it back and forth while I gasped for air. When he let go of my hair I didn't pull my face back right away, but left my forehead buried in her flesh while I caught my breath.

"Why are you doing this?" I heard my mother say. I pulled my head back and glanced up at her nervously, but she wasn't looking at me.

"Take everything in the house if you want, but please stop this," she said. Her features looked haggard and she had a faraway look in her eyes.

He leaned in close and pressed the flat of the blade against her shoulder.

"I am going to take everything in the house, and for now that includes this," he said, waving the knife at the two of us. "Now," he said, taking hold of my hair again, "suck." And he wrenched my face toward her right nipple.

I didn't do it immediately. I kept my mouth and my eyes clenched tightly shut. He seemed to expect this because he calmly pulled my head back and placed the tip of the knife under her boob.

"I see. Maybe you'd be more comfortable if it wasn't attached to her. You can go to it or it can come to you, but one way or another it's going in your mouth."

He released my hair and turned the blade of the knife upward as if preparing to sliced. I hesitated another moment before Mom said, "It's ok. Let's just get him out of here quickly." My head fell forward and I took her breast between my lips.

I didn't do much with it at first. I didn't want to seem like I was enjoying any of this, so I just sort of held the end of the nipple between my lips. Eddie quickly realized I was stalling, and he brought the knife back to rest on her boob.

"I didn't say to kiss it, I said suck it!" he leered.

I blinked, unsure of how forcefully to proceed even in the face of his threat. Mom, whose hands had never left their position behind my head, settled it by very slightly, almost imperceptibly, pulling me closer to her. With that tiny encouragement, I opened my mouth wider and took her nipple into a deeper kiss. My lips closed around it and sucked it in, and my tongue flicked across it and swirled around it. I closed my eyes again, and my hands, which had balled into fists as soon as Eddie re-entered the room, relaxed and returned to their place on the small of her back just above her large rump. I could feel her breath quickening again as I sucked away on her boob, and once again my hands started softly kneading her flesh, inching their way lower. Eddie gave me little sleazy encouragements, and kept asking Mom how she liked it, but of course neither of us replied. After a couple of minutes he told me to suck on the other one for awhile, and I reluctantly, slowly let her reddened tit fall from my lips and moved my mouth to the other, my hands now practically cupping her ass.

After a few more minutes Eddie pulled my head back again and told Mom to hold her hands up. He cut the tape from her wrists, and a look of relief washed over Mom's face as she assumed we were being released. But Eddie had other plans. He had me lift my arms over her, and she quickly dismounted from my lap. Before she could move to the edge of the bed, Eddie waved her back toward me with the knife.

"Unzip his pants," he said sharply.

The blood instantly drained from Mom's face as the words hung in the air.

"Please don't do this. Don't make me do this," Mom said, surprising both me and Eddie with a little lunge in his direction. "You can do whatever you want to me. Just take me into the other room and you can do whatever you want. Don't make me do this." She was clinging to his shirt and her hands started going lower, fumbling with his belt as she spoke. Eddie just laughed, grabbed her wrists and turned her back around toward me.

"We might just do that, but you're

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