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Every night, her daddy spanks her for the day's infractions.

Inka's smile widened again and she leaned forward, just enough to brush her breasts over Chu's own pert mounds, and run her tongue along Chu's mouth. Chu hungrily extended her own tongue to meet Inka's as she fought to keep her hands from pulling her closer, knowing that patience was always the way to approach Inka.

Inka shifted again, this time her lekku caressed Chu's breasts as she ran her tongue over her toned stomach and down to her neatly trimmed pubes, smiling at the neat V-shape that mirrored the V of the pubic area. Moving her hands softly against Chu's legs she pushed her thighs apart, wide enough that Chu was completely open to her. Inka revelled in the groan that issued from Chu's throat as she pushed her tongue inside Chu, stretching it as far as it would go, before pulling back out and upwards, running it flat over Chu's clit. She nibbled and sucked eagerly at Chu's clit as her lekku moved their way down, one now playing gently across Chu's stomach and the other moving further down to snake over Inka's shoulder and move into Chu's pussy. Chu gasped, her own lekku now tingling and writhing. As Chu's moaning increased Inka quickened her pace, thrusting more vigorously, deeper each time, as she worked Chu's clit, feeling it twitch against her tongue and lips. Just as Chu was on the verge of cumming, Inka pulled back, slowly withdrawing and moving up Chu's body, placing her mouth against her friends, letting her have a taste. Chu smiled, despite being denied her release.

"Why did you stop?" Chu asked breathlessly between Inka's kisses. Inka smiled but said nothing as she moved from her position on top of Chu and to her side. Now laid lazily against her friend, Inka stroked a free hand and her lekku over Chu's body, snaking her hand down so that the heel of her hand rested against Chu's clit as she pushed her fingers into Chu's wet pussy. Chu's breathe quickened and she ground herself down on Inka's hand, the hand moving rhythmically faster and faster, harder against her clit until she finally came.

Smiling, Chu stretched out on the bed as Inka removed her hand and brought it up to her lips to taste. They both laughed lightly, the sort of tinkling laugh that came naturally to their kind and made them appealing to so many other races. Chu sighed with a smile and stretched herself out on the bed, feeling the rough sheets for the first time. The dwelling was small but it had everything Inka required. It wasn't the luxury that she had known, but the overall conditions were much better, Inka was better off than she had been, despite the lacklustre surroundings.

Chu's attention was taken from the bed and back to Inka when she got up from the bed and walked to a window, pulling the curtain slightly to one side, letting a little more light in. Chu watched her intently, she had always admired the grace that Inka possessed, above all the fellow Twi'lek of her acquaintance. "You seem happier here..." Chu noted.

Inka nodded. "Yes, it is a better place. I enjoyed the opulence with the Corellian smugglers... but that was all." Inka smiled at Chu, glad she was able to provide for her friend a little of the haven she herself had found. As Inka returned to the bed Chu pulled herself up so that she was kneeling, able to slip her arms around Inka as she stood beside the bed.

As the Inka moved closer to her Chu could feel her own body arching eagerly toward her friend. Chu ran her hand down from the shoulder and around the curve or Inka's breast. "You have a beautiful body." Chu sighed, she was marvelled every time by it. Over the years her own had become hard and toned, still feminine but so trim from her training that she no longer had the voluptuousness she once had, and still admired in Inka. Her eyes still wandering over Inka's body, Chu finally moving closer as her hand settled on Inka's hip.

Inka smiled and placed her hand at the small of Chu's back so that she could effortlessly pull their bodies back together, as she moved to kneel on the edge of the bed, so that their bo

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