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"Ah, the guests have arrived. And just in time."

"Guests?" X asked. He looked up at Tech who sat smiling in triumph at him, and then said with her most quizzical look, "What was that?"

X glared at her again. Guests. That was something he had not imagined. Just the thought of other people seeing him like this, in this humiliating condition, was stomach churning. With a few simple words Tech had managed to entirely kill the appetite that had been building slowly in X over the last few days.

Guests. Who could they be? Would he know them? X had a thousand questions to ask, but he knew already no answer would be provided. He sat on his knees, and suddenly felt pain explode around him but only for a flash.

"I did not say you could sit down, my lovely. You shall stay just as you are, on your hands and knees like a proper pet. We would not want my guests to believe that you are human, now, would we? Appearance is everything, and I have no intention of being humiliated in front of my friends by such stupid behavior. I will warn you now, just this once" Tech said looking at him coolly "that you shall not utter a single nonsense gibberish of yours. For one, the won't understand you, and two, I will gag you. If I gag you, I will not be giving you lunch, so keep that in mind. If you behave yourself like an admirable little pet I shall be very kind and you shan't want for anything. Do you understand?"

X found himself nodding his head before thinking. Regardless of the sickness he felt in his stomach the thought of not eating for another day was maddening, especially with the smell of food filling his head. He couldn't help himself. X wanted desperately to eat, and eyed greedily the chicken breasts that where stacked on a nearby tray. But before he could make a move in the direction of food the door to the hall suddenly opened and in walked the expected guests.

There were four in all. Each woman distinct in her own way reflecting many things, not the least of which was X's taste in women, as surprisingly X knew each one of them, intimately. There was Dina a pretty Greek girl of medium build. She was followed closely by Carey a striking brunette with a smallish waist and rather well endowed with breasts larger than that of any other girls in the room. Jia-Li came in dressed from top to bottom in vinyl and carrying with her what looked like a riding crop. X had dallied with her once a few years ago when he was trying to broaden his cultural appreciation. And last put certainly not least was Emma, a striking red head who looked very much like Lila. Her hair was straight falling to her shoulders, almost curtaining the smallish face with a hawk-like nose, and emerald green eyes.

Tech stood as they entered and greeted each in turn with a quick peck on the cheek and a polite bit of small talk as they each walked towards the table. None of them seemed to notice X where he was on the floor, which was possibly the only relief X was given after the realization that each was a woman he had known. He also had to consider the fact that with each of them he had ended the relationship in much the same way in which he had finished with Tech, simply leaving out of boredom with no explanation.

The women sat down around the table and Lila began the task of dispensing drinks to the throng, while the women talked quietly, X listened to the conversation, mostly about the various events that were currently taking place in what he considered to be his community. None of which he had heard of making him realize a bit more the predicament he was in. Perhaps Tech had not been lying to him about the term of his engagement and he really had been out of circulation for more than a month. Oddly, X could not help feeling a strange sense of anger at those whom he considered to be his friends. That he could be gone so long and not one single person had taken any kind of notice.

"Oh, no, I think it quite remarkable that you have already trained him to be so obedient, Tech, I would have thought it would take months to take the fight out

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