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Emma's world threatens to fall apart.

They had become fast friends discovering that they had many things in common, but had kept the relationship flirty, but platonic. Zoe trusted his judgment so much that she had asked him to stand at her side as her Man of Honor, she didn't have many girlfriends that understood her as much as him, when she married her high school sweetheart.

Four hours into the shift, Sawyer found himself leaning on the railing overlooking the rotunda with a fresh cup of coffee. So far they had broken up two fights, apprehended a shoplifter and ran off a group of per-pubescent boys from the lingerie shop for ogling the models in the mini fashion show it was hosting. Zoe was backed up to the railing resting on her elbows, with a foot cocked up, watching a group of teenaged girls going into a fashionable clothing store. He tried to ignore the way it made her already large breasts jut out even more.

Sawyer felt his chest tighten when he saw a younger woman holding the hand of a little girl who appeared to be no more than 5 years old. At first glance the girl looked and moved so much like Ann-Marie that he had to look a second time. The pressure eased as the little girl looked up at him and he saw that she was similar in looks, but she wasn't Ann-Marie. She smiled up at her mother as the woman talked to her.

Heaving a deep sigh, Sawyer drained the rest of his coffee. "What's for lunch?" He asked his partner. Her eyes darted back and forth, watching the crowd.

"Its your turn to decide, I chose yesterday." She reminded him with a smile.

After shooting down several of his suggestions, they agreed on the food court, where they both decided on over-priced greasy burgers and fresh cut french fries.

They were deep in conversation about her post graduate plans, when he felt the familiar buzz that made the hair on his neck stand up. Over the years, that little gift had saved his life as well as those of his friends and comrade's more than once, it wasn't something he could identify, just a feeling. He looked around, scanning the area, but nothing appeared out of the ordinary. Sawyer left the table, leaving his food and began searching the mall.

Nothing jumped out at Sawyer as he rounded the high class woman's boutique. Zoe followed behind, asking again what was going on. He ignored her as he moved deeper, his eyes constantly darting back and forth. As they rounded the corner to the entrance to Sears, Sawyer heard the distinct sound if a weapon's action being worked. Sawyer stopped abruptly, and grabbed Zoe's arm as she started around the corner. Sawyer pulled her back as he peeked around the corner.

There he saw an older teen taking the goth wardrobe to the extreme, he was tall, thin with ghostly pale skin. His badly dyed black hair was bowl cut. He wore black skin tight jeans tucked into oversized black combat boots, black T-shirt with some unknown band name that looked like it was written in blood, covered with a black trench coat. The boy was holding an AR-15 variant attached to a friction sling, and appeared to be having trouble working the action.

Sawyer recognized the kid from a few days ago, he had been taking pictures and sketching the mall claiming to be working on a school project. He turned to Zoe. "Call 911, we have a problem," he said as automatic gunfire erupted from another part of the mall followed by screams. Sawyer's heart dropped, but found himself moving on the teen. He was in the kid's face grabbing for the rifle when the teen looked up.

The kid tried to pull the rifle away from Sawyer, but he gave the rifle a hard shove towards the kid, smashing the rifle against his face snapping his head back and shattering his nose. Blood sprayed outward, but Sawyer was already moving, twisting the rifle and lifting the kid over his hip. The kid landed on the tiled floor his breath and blood exploding from his mouth. Sawyer quickly handcuffed him and pulled the rifle free.

With practiced hands, Sawyer dropped the magazine, tapped it on the his boot heel before seating it properl

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