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A young man's quest for love.

'Rebecca, are you okay?' Mom called out.

Rebecca nearly died of embarrassment. She hurried out of the bathroom to get dressed. In her bedroom she made a fateful decision. She used to always wear a one piece suit. But her mom, as a surprise, had bought her a bikini.

She had been too embarrassed to show her mom, but she was determined the show the boys what she looked like underneath the baggy clothes. She put the bikini on and then put a pair of shorts on top of that. The shorts were tight enough to ride the contours of her bottom. She looked at herself from behind in the mirror, and loved the moon-like globes of her ass cheeks distending the shorts.

She put a t-shirt on and sandals and ran out of the house without a towel. The boys were kitted out in their usual rags, shorts and dirty t-shirts, but they were beautiful in their bronzed skins. They chatted as usual about some movie they wanted to see later, and they asked Rebecca if she wanted to see it too.

'Maybe,' she said, thinking that it was high time they paid attention to her instead of whatever adventure film they were interested in. The atmosphere changed dramatically when Rebecca stripped down to her bikini.

The boys grew silent and watched her descend into the water. When she leaned down to splash water on her arms, her breasts swung forward and the boys' mouths dropped open. Rebecca started to wade into the water and the boys came too, their hard-ons distending their trunks. They swam around, their bodies touching casually, but deliberately. Mike, the bigger one, came up behind Rebecca and brushed his dick against her leg. Rebecca jerked her head back and smiled at him.

Mike drew closer and then Terry came up too, and brushed against Rebecca's erect nipples. Rebecca decided she would give them both blow jobs, if only they would take the initiative. Rebecca let them press their organs against her.

Mike pressed his organ against her ass, and Terry pressed his chest against hers. His erection was touching her belly button through his swim trunks. Mike took the straps of her top and slid them down her arms.

The cups began to come off and for a brief moment they caught a glimpse of her bullet shaped breasts glinting in the sunlight, when clouds suddenly gathered and a light rain began to fall. Terry kissed her passionately on the lips and she leaned back right onto Mike's hard on. Mike took her breasts in hand and began to caress them. The rain fell harder and they got out of the pond and headed to an old wooden cabin nearby. The only light in the cabin streamed in through the uncovered windows. There was a bed inside, and Mike gave Terry a conspiring smile.

Mike kissed Rebecca and slipped off her top. Terry took off his shorts and Rebecca was surprised at how erect his dick was. He lay on the bed and Rebecca followed it. For the first time she touched a man in his most intimate parts. She was transfixed by its strange shape, the way it sprouted from his body like a twisted root, red and pink, alive yet stiff, she traced its stiff outline with her fingernail. Then, surprising herself, she took him in her mouth. He filled her mouth completely with its strange meaty taste, and she fell in love with it, and showered it with wet kisses.

Mike pulled aside the fabric covering her cunt and put his head between her legs and licked her labia. She took two fingers to part them and showed Mike her clit and Mike took to sucking and licking it like a motherfucker. It felt so good, she felt tremors rattling her abdomen almost immediately. She gasped when his tongue began to lap the wet insides of her pink chamber. Her lips, both pairs, slobbered all over the men. She slurped on Terry's turgid cock and then slathered his balls, all soft and fuzzy they were, and she wrapped her tongue around his manhood until his hips started to buck. He started to groan and he came in her mouth.

It was delicious, and she sucked every last drop of his hot and salty come into her mouth.

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