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Being a stable girl was more fun than I expected.

Fuckin' eh. And it was really hard to concentrate and enjoy this moment, because I nearly jumped every time I heard the boards upstairs squeak.

"I wasn't thinkin-!" My pitch went up a notch as his hand swiftly pulled down the neckline of my shirt and push-up bra, grasping my nipple in his mouth. My jaw hung open in disbelief as he sucked and lightly bit the tip of my breast. A shiver of intense feeling ran down from my neck to my crotch, almost like a lightening bolt.

Steps. On the stairwell.

"Shit! Fold the laundry, and zip up your fly!"

We immediately separated and made small talk about the basement spiders with the intruder, one of my mum's friends. Whether she suspected anything or not is up to grabs, but chances are she wouldn't have cared much. I folded towels as steadily as I could as she took up a basket of laundry. Adrenaline raced through my veins, making it hard to think straight.

"Christ... that was way too close." I muttered as she closed the door.

He got that shitty grin again on his face, the one that amused me so much, and walked over behind me, grinding himself into my ass. I could feel the handjob I'd been giving him was working.

"You know, I do have to fold the laundry." I teased, running my finger up his length.

"Yeah, we do." He grimaced as I gave him a swift stroke. He bent down to pick up a shirt.

"Wait... don't. I'll do it. Your hands are all grody." Laughing, he stepped a few feet back into the corner. He took out his cock further from his jeans, and began pumping it himself.

"Well then... let's see if you can fold the laundry with me, jacking off, right in front of you. How long can you resist?" He teased, stroking it faster. I gawked at him, slightly. I more fully realized his size, and started to imagine myself on him, tying him or me to the bedpost and fucking him like crazy. I tried to fold a few more. I tried. I could just hear him moaning and... oh goddamnit. I could feel my lubrication trickling down my thigh. He was driving me crazy and knew it.

I finished the last bit, walked over and grabbed him. My hand slipped around a bit on his precum that has dripped on the shaft--I purposely avoided the top of his cock, saving the most sensitive part for later. His uncut tip glistened with more beads of arousal as I pumped faster.

"Tell me when you're about to cum, so it won't get everywhere."

"You won't have to worry about the mess if it's in your mouth." He half-whispered, half-moaned to me in my ear. I stood there, debating for a moment, and then, still standing, bent down and took the crown into my mouth.

Hearing his slow moan egged me on more as my tongue traced the engorged top of his cock. I realized that the taste wasn't any different than that of my own skin, and painstakingly took him further into the warm crevice. His hand wrapped around my head, pushing me farther and farther as I felt his tip hit my throat and slide down. I kept on taking him in until his circumference wouldn't fit into my mouth--my near lack of gag reflex was one thing I'd teased him about while we were apart, and it drove him crazy.

"That's it...Uh, that's... that's good." I know that he'd been waiting for this for a long time--we'd talked about it countless times, and how eager and how curious I was about giving a blowjob. His head leaned back, and I started to build up a rhythm as I slid up and down his cock.

I felt his hand guiding me in the right directions, and a few times he hit just the spot in my throat which provoked a gag in me. I'm sure that in any other situation, we would've just laughed, but the only thing coming from him was the occasional moan and encouragement. After a bit, he stopped.

"Get on your knees." He said breathlessly.


"I want to see your eyes. I want to see you look up at me. You're beautiful." His hands slid around the back of my head, tangling in my soft curls. He'd always loved my eyes and their deep shade of emerald.

Blushing more, if that was possible,

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