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Lost and Found, the conclusion to Adam and Amy's love story.

Her hand palming her crotch was almost involuntary. She watched in fascination at the two in action. How long had they been lovers she wondered?

Laxmi's incessant grazing of her sensitive spots on his unrelenting cock caused her to orgasm. She howled without restraint and screamed out Lokesh and Chinayaa alternately as her pussy melted down on him.

"You animal! You insatiable monster! Your cock is so hard in spite of my pounding it like this! Oh, my goodness. Give me, give more. After this you come on top and fuck me till you cum!" she pleaded as her body was wracked with uncontrolled pleasure.

Seema's ears reddened as she heard these descriptions of her friend. Lokesh's attempts to get Laxmi's attention were in vain. When he put his fingers on her mouth to quieten her she merely sucked them lustily. And none of this was lost on Seema. It was wild and raunchy sex. Unrestrained.

And finally, when her orgasm subsided Laxmi slumped forward. His cock was still quivering inside her. She knew she had to finish him, too. And that included consummating her own desire for her womb to be drenched.

She rested her head on his shoulder, towards the side where Seema was and that was when he noticed her. He remained embedded up in her pussy and she wiggled to enjoy the spongy hardness inside her.

She kissed his shoulder tenderly, her doe like eyes locking on Seema as she made soft-love to Lokesh.

Lokesh was a bit panicked for Seema was a family friend too and might spill the beans of his dalliance to his mother. He shook Laxmi to coax her to get off.

In a surprisingly athletic move she raised her leg over his head and swung over to face Seema. Unashamed -- no, proud of her breasts she displayed her body in full to the young woman. In one hand, she held Lokesh's reddened cock firmly, tamping down the possible release of its cum wastefully.

In any case, Lokesh was in a hurry to jump up to explain his situation to Seema. But with Laxmi sitting sideways in his lap he found it impossible to get up. "I can explain!" he stammered.

"What can you explain?" she asked laughingly, which was to his relief. "That she is a service engineer? Or a saleswoman who happens to be sitting on your lap?"

"No, we just ....." he said lamely.

"We were just fucking?" asked Seema, mockingly.

Laxmi fell back on the bed to watch the two friends argue. Playing with her own nipple which seemed to need some serious attention, she lay with one knee up. She pressed her thighs together as she felt lingering ripples of pleasure.

"Where did you find here?" asked Seema teasingly. That itself was a bit of a relief to Lokesh for he thought he could now manage her from here. But as he opened his mouth to say something, Seema crossed a boundary. "How much is she charging?" she asked.

Laxmi sprang up at that, eyes all fire and looking absolutely beautiful in that avatar. "If you had fucked him he wouldn't need to pay any one anything," she said.

"And how do you know I have not been fucking him," shouted Seema.

"I could feel it when I took him just now!" smiled Laxmi disarmingly. "And I can see it in you that you have not been fucked either!" It was a challenge.

"Oh, I have!" said the younger woman as she tried to bluff her way out.

"Then fuck him and show me!" said Laxmi spontaneously.

Seema went red and protested. "I am going to do nothing of the sort," she retorted.

"But you can, you know. You are beautiful," said Laxmi soothingly closing the gap between them. She stroked the girls face and said," There is nothing wrong in pleasure, you know?"

"But I can get into trouble," stammered the bewildered girl. The older woman seemed to be consuming her with her eyes.

It took Laxmi but a moment to slip her hand around the girl's bare midriff between the short t-shirt and low-slung jeans. Seema shivered at the soft touch of the work-roughened hands.

"Laxmi, leave her!" said Lokesh, ever-protective of his friend.

"For whom? For you?" asked Laxmi playfully, laughing.

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