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Jason is allowed to touch Cecilia for the first time.

Instead of immediately sucking my tits, he let me pull his vest off. "Is everything rented, or is the shirt your own?" I asked.

"Everything that matches is rented. Everything white is mine," he answered. "Why do you ask?"

I ripped his shirt open, and buttons flew all over. One fell between my tits. "I didn't want you to lose your deposit because of your woman." I stressed the last word again.

Rick retrieved the button and tossed it over his shoulder. "Two can play at that game," he said, and he pushed me onto my back. With my bra out of the way, he tugged my dress off. He grabbed the waistband of my underwear with both hands and tore it above my left leg, leaving me naked for all practical purposes, and he ran his tongue between my cunt lips.

"Oh, shit, yeah," I moaned in anticipation.

"Let me get caught up," Rick said. He sat up and prepared to take his pants off, but I put my hands up.

"Leave 'em on," I said. "In fact, I should've let you keep your shirt on. I want you to do me in your tux, or at least the pants."

"Whatever my lover wants, she gets," Rick said. He got off the bed and put the jacket on. While he did that, I tossed my underwear into a nearby wastebasket. When he got back on the bed, he was holding his tie. He put it between my legs and made a slow sawing motion near my pussy. Before long my lips had separated, and the tie was pressing between them. Occasionally, he licked my clit when his hands weren't in the way. After a couple minutes of this, he was able to use his hands to control the tie, leaving his mouth free to suck on my tits.

"Oh, fuck!" I yelled. I could feel myself tremble.

"Tell me what you want," Rick said.

"You! Inside me!" I shouted. He straightened up and I repeated, "But keep the pants on as much as you can."

Rick pulled them down to his knees and then did the same with his underwear. I splayed my legs, and he moved between them. "Here goes," he said. I felt his cockhead run between my lips, followed by the shaft, in the same kind of motion as the tie, but when he pulled back, he got it inside my cunt in a single push.

"This is amazing," I groaned. "A man in a tuxedo is making love to me, and he's still got the tux on. What a fantastic sight!" He slowed down to hear this, but I urged him on. "Fuck me harder, Rick!" Rick hummed the 007 theme. I felt his cock thrust back and forth inside me, his pants colliding with my thighs and the zipper touching me just below my pussy. The last of these wasn't an erotic sensation on its own, but knowing what I was feeling made me shiver. "Tell me what you see," I said.

"I see the lips that I want to kiss every night," he said. I made a show of puckering them. "I see your breasts heaving, and I want to love them. I imagine them giving-" He stopped.

"Yeah?" I hoped he was thinking what I was.

"Giving me that same feeling that some guys get from autoerotic asphyxiation." I could tell from his tone that wasn't really what he meant to say, but I let him continue. "I see your belly going in and out, and I want to fill it."

"My stomach or my womb?" I asked.

"Whatever pleases my lover," Rick answered. "Which did you have in mind?"

"Sometimes one, sometimes the other," I said nonchalantly.

Rick continued. "I see your bush, trimmed so carefully it would command the respect of any topiary artist."

"Would you like to taste what's in my garden?" I asked.

"Later. I see your pussy lips separating as my cock goes in and coming back together as I pull out of your inviting womanhood."

"My womanhood wants more of your manhood," I panted.

Rick bent over and put his arms around me. I could feel the sleeves of his jacket against my arms and his cock getting thicker inside me. "Oh, God, Marissa, I love you so much," he shouted. "I wanna fill you up."

"I want it too!" I assured him. I put my hand on his bare butt and pushed.

"I'm coming, Marissa! I'm coming! Oh, God, I love you!" After the first shot entered my womb, he whispered, "I want to marry you."

I tried to lighten the mood.

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