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We took to the stall and immediately started making out, our hands exploring each others' bodies to the fullest. I slid my thong off and bunched them in his pants pocket, and rubbed his hard cock over his pants. We were moaning, momentarily forgetting that we needed to be quiet in case someone came in. I put my finger to my lips to shush us both and pulled his cock out of his pants. I stroked him, and his fingers went up my skirt, rubbing my clit hard. I moaned quietly into his mouth, and then pushed him to sit down on the toilet.

I pulled my skirt up and turned around to shake my ass teasingly at him. He grabbed it hard and started fingering me from behind. I started trembling, the pleasure almost too much to keep quiet, and I was almost too tipsy to care if I was.

I sat back and maneuvered my ass to slowly sit down on his hard cock, my pussy practically dripping onto him. We both couldn't help groaning lowly as I sat down all the way, feeling him fill me up completely. I started bouncing fast, grinding myself on him. He wrapped an arm around me and began rubbing my clit. I spread my legs to either side of him and allowed myself to focus on nothing but the pleasure. We kept quiet, surprisingly.

A man came in, and I quickly stopped bouncing on his dick, wanting to hold still until the man had left. My boyfriend, however, had another idea. He grabbed my hips and forced me to grind on him, lifting me up and down just a little. It felt so good, I covered my mouth with my hand to hold back the moans.

The man left shortly after he came in, and I started bouncing hard again as soon as he was gone. I couldn't take my hand away from my mouth, it felt way to fucking good to keep completely quiet. We were in the throes of pleasure when another man came in. I slowed down, but didn't stop bouncing up and down.

Next thing we knew, however, we saw two feet stop in front of our stall door. And he knocked. "Bar security." A gruff said from the other side of the door. We froze instantly. "Look, we know what you're doing in there, and I gotta kick you out. Get yourself dressed and come out." He didn't walk away from the stall door, just stood there waiting for us.

I was pulling myself off my boyfriend, but he grabbed my hips and slammed me back down on his dick. "Let's invite him in, instead." He whispered in my ear, and moved me up and down on his own. I continued bouncing up and down, and leaned forward to unlock the stall door. I swung it open slowly, and stared right into the bouncer's eyes as I continued to move myself up and down.

"We'll leave right after, we promise," I began. "But how about you join us first?" I winked and let the pleasure show on my face as I continued to ride my boyfriend. He stared at us in shock, not knowing what to do. "What's the harm?" My boyfriend called to him. The bouncer took only half a heartbeat pause before squeezing into the stall with us, closing the door behind him.

Damn, he was already getting hard. I felt him stiffening beneath my hand as I rubbed him through his pants. I pulled my shirt up to expose my tits to him, and he touched them while looking at me riding a cock in front of him. I took his hardening cock out of his pants and softly stroked him. I momentarily thought about condoms, but the thrill of it all tossed out that thought. My boyfriend continued to rub my clit while forcing me down on his cock hard.

I felt the orgasm bubble up inside me, and I was stroking the bouncer's now-hard cock fast when it exploded over me. My boyfriend hit his climax at the same time, reaching around to cover my mouth with his hand as we both came. I moaned loudly into his hand, unable to stay quiet, and unable to focus on anything around me. When my orgasm subsided and I came to, I was still stroking the bouncer. My boyfriend hoisted me up and off of him, and the bouncer grabbed me to spin me around. He pushed on my back to bend me over, and I grabbed onto my boyfriend's shoulders for balance.

The bouncer wasted no time at all before shoving his entire

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