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A walk inside the city quickly turns to a night of enjoyment.

Lori asked my wife how it felt and Honey answered said it felt really good. To my surprise Lori put her hands on Honey's hips and helped Ray move my wife around on Ray's stiff meat.

Ray looked over at me and laughed saying to come on over and join the party. Lori gave me encouragement too as she told me to come on over and get behind her. I got up off the bed and moved behind Lori putting my arms around her and cupping her breasts in my hands.

Lori told me to move around the side of her and she reached up and grabbed my hands and placed them on my wife's buttocks. Lori told me she wanted me to feel how powerful Ray was as he screwed Honey. I could feel Ray's thrust's into my wife with each stroke. I could see my wife's pussy as it was stretched tight around Ray's shaft.

Lori told me to get behind her and put my penis inside her pussy. I got into position behind Lori as she bent herself forward while I held onto her hips. I pushed myself inside Lori with no problem. She was so wet watching my wife getting screwed by Ray.

Lori told me to move forward as she stepped up to hug Honey from behind. I started a slow even pace screwing Lori as she leaned over to kiss Honey on the lips. As much as I had to drink tonight I couldn't believe what I was watching.

Honey started to kiss Lori back as she continued to move around on Ray's shaft. Ray laughed and told me to look at these two kissing. Ray said we should go sit this one out and watch them. I herd Honey say to Ray not to stop screwing her as she kissed Lori.

Honey surprised me by pulling Lori toward her face and sucking on her breasts. I didn't let up screwing Lori as she started to moan as Honey licked on her boobs. They kissed again as I watched Lori's tongue enter my wife's mouth. My wife's actions were really surprising me even more as I watched them share saliva. I don't believe Honey has ever been with another woman.

Lori whispered in Honey's ear and they both laughed as my wife pulled herself off Ray and walked over to the other bed. Lori was right behind her as I slipped out of her pussy.

Ray laughed again and wanted to know what this was all about as we watched the woman kiss on the bed. The two were kissing as they made their way down on the bed until they had their faces in each others pussy's.

Ray said he wasn't going to be left out and told me to follow him. Ray got up and moved behind Honey. He told Lori to move her head so he could get inside Honey. Ray pushed himself inside my wife and told Lori to keep licking around her pussy. Ray motioned for me to do the same with Lori.

I was a little hesitant but moved around into position so I could screw Lori as my wife licked her pussy.

Honey waited for me to get inside Lori and went back licking her pussy around my penis. I could feel my wife's tongue as it moved in little circular motions touching my penis as she licked Lori's pussy.

Ray said it felt good and could feel Honey's pussy tightening around his penis even more while being licked.

Maybe it was all the liquor I had tonight because the only thought I had was how good it felt screwing Lori with my wife's tongue moving around next to my penis. I reached down to gently stroke my wife's boobs as she worked on Lori's pussy with her mouth. I could feel Honey's body jerk each time Ray would thrust inside her pussy. Honey's boobs were shaking as I rubbed her nipples.

I think Ray was more shocked than I was because he thought I was touching my sisters boobs. I started to move my hand away but Honey grabbed a hold of me and held it in place on her boob. Honey than reached down and put her hand on Ray's thigh as if to help him screw her.

Lori broke away from licking Honey's pussy and said to Honey that they should lay on the bed side by side and let the guys screw them. They both got up and moved to the head of the bed with Ray taking his place on top of Honey first.

I waited for Ray as he got himself into position with Honey on her back and her legs up in the air waiting to be mounted by Ray.

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