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Amy and Ayesha's adventures in London.

Everyone else had cleared out. Most of the people there knew Ted pretty well, and had no intentions of getting in the middle of anything!

"What the fuck am I going to do?" Tonya thought out loud. She sat and pondered her situation for a few minutes, and decided to head home. Mom might be there by now, and maybe she had some ideas.

When she walked up to the front door, Her Mom's car was absent from the parking spot it normally occupied in the driveway. "Shit! Wonder where she's at?" Tonya slumped her shoulders, and entered the house.

Tim wasn't downstairs. "The little perv is probably up in his room yet whacking his carrot!" Tonya reached into the cupboard, and took out a bottle of vodka she'd bought a few weeks before. She poured a water glass about half full, and went to the fridge for some orange juice. She topped off the glass, and gulped it all down. She set out to making a second drink, then a third. "Who cares if I'm drunk? I don't have to work tomorrow, and by tomorrow night, I'm pretty sure Ted will have killed me" Tonya said out loud before she realized Tim had walked into the kitchen.

"What the fuck are you dealing with Ted for? You smoking crack or something?" Tim asked.

"No, I needed money for 2 days to cover my car payment. Ted told me He'd lend it to me until the next payroll, but then they garnished my wages, and I haven't been able to pay him. That was 3 weeks ago!"

"Oh my God Tonya! You mean you've owed him money for 3 weeks, and he hasn't shot you yet? Christ! What do you have on him?"

"Nothing, that's the problem, but he said if I don't pay him back by tomorrow, He's going to knock some teeth out"

"Well, how much do you owe him?"

"$200.00. And I don't have any more than the $50 on me from last pay."

"Yep, you're fucked alright!"

Tonya found herself slightly tipsy, and before she could think about what she was saying said "Tim, you don't happen to have enough to loan me do you?"

"Actually sis, I do have some saved up.'

Tonya felt her hopes brighten

"But I'm going to want something for it"

Her hopes were quickly diminishing!

"Ok, I know better than this, but what do you want?" Tonya asked.

"You know, I think maybe a blow job might get you a loan" Tim chirped.

"You fucking pig! You want a blow job; get it from your girlfriend!"

"You're right! You want a loan; get another one from Ted!" Tim replied.

Tonya knew he was right. This was going to be sick, giving her own brother oral sex for a loan, but what else could she do? Maybe Mom would lend her the money until she got the tax thing straightened out?

"Where's Mom?" Tonya asked. "She should be home by now. "

"Mom called, right after you left, and said that she was going out with Bobby after work, and you know when she goes out with him, she usually stays over there for the night."

Well there went that idea for Tonya. She needed the money for Ted in the morning, and Mom would probably be going straight to work from her boyfriend's house.

'So, we have a deal?" Tim asked.

"I don't know Tim. I mean, that's pretty sick. Even for you!"

"Well, it's your call. I'm going to my room. If you change your mind, I'll be waiting."

Tim headed up the steps, and closed his door behind him. He didn't think Tonya would go for it, but what the fuck? She was hot! Yeah, she was his sister, but who cares anyway? All his friends used to kid him about how lucky he was to have a sister like Tonya. Tim heard plenty of comments like 'if that was my sister, I'd be hammering it' ever since Tonya started to develop. After seeing her, and her friend skinny dipping the summer before, He wasn't opposed to the idea himself!

Tonya poured another drink.

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