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Continuing your first-time lesbian fantasy.

I remembered that while I'd cum, my sister was still just as horny as ever. She'd indulged me, now it was my turn to help her. Plus I really did want to hear about what she did. I was seeing my sister in a new light now. Not just the older girl who picked on me as a kid. But as a woman. And a sexy, sensual woman at that. I knew it was not a normal way to think about a sister, but then we weren't normal sisters anymore.

"My pussy juices is still on your face," I said wryly, "I don't think I am exactly out of my depth in asking." Lily giggled (it was such a cute little noise, I'd missed it).

"Well...I mean yours is not the first ass I've ever licked. Not even in the first dozen," Lily said starting slowly, "And your little friends with their watersports video? Yeah been there before," she said, talking a little faster as she warmed to telling me about it. My jaw dropped.

"Seriously? You've...drank piss? What was it like?" I asked. She was clearly happen to see that she shocked me, giggling again.

"Oh it doesn't taste very good, I will be honest. But it was damn sexy when I was doing it. But it is definitely more fun to watch someone else drink yours," she said.

"Who?" I asked and my sister shook her head.

"I am not a tattle-tale," she explained, "But she IS in the sorority. And she was one of the ones shaking her head and acting mortified when that video was on yesterday." My sister said and now it was my turn to giggle.

"What else?" I asked.

"Anything I can think of and can find a willing partner to try, I will give it a go," she explained carefully, "That was another thing. I stopped thinking about it like my body was controlling me against my will. I recognized I wanted to try these things, so why not embrace it? Some things turn out to be fun. Some things don't. But you can't really judge it without trying" she explained.

"What's the dirtiest thing you've ever done?" I asked. I felt my own arousal starting to rise again. Talking about my sister's sexual history was, for some reason, a real turn on. I felt my face flush, my nipples harden, and my pussy start to grow wet again. I saw Lily's eyes briefly look down at my chest, seeing me grow excited, but then she looked back at my eyes.

"Promise not to tell anyone?" she asked conspiratorially. I felt my heart flutter.

"Of course sis," I said, feeling dirty calling her by that cute little nickname. But it did feel like little sisters, sharing dreams and secrets during a sleepover. It felt dirty and right at the same time.

"So when I first started here at the sorority, I didn't even know that I was into girls. But then, during initiation, you know...I started to realize that I was. But at the time, I thought I was bisexual. Like I was still into guys too, maybe even more than girls. But I didn't want to get in a relationship with a guy, it just seemed like it would be too hard while I was in the sorority.

"So anyway, one night I was out at a club getting drunk. Anyway, I accidentally stumbled into the men's room instead of the women's room. I saw the urinals but didn't care. I just walked into a stall. Now this was a dance club that the girls go to sometime. It is like nothing but straight girls and gorgeous, gay men.

"So I am in the stall, peeing and I notice a hole in the stall.

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