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A straight woman falls in love with a lesbian.

I have to tell you they were better looking than most of the women in the ballroom tonight." Robert admitted.

"I have to say I do agree. Our friend Carl had good taste even if it was with the wrong sex." Trevor smiled as he tried to suppress another outburst of laughter.

"Well with the matter of Carl and his girlfriends Ellie and Tammy fully discussed and our drinks served I would like to bid you two good night." Robert stood and took Lis' hand.

Lis stood and came face to face with the fact that this older diminutive black man was going to fuck her and she was going to gladly let him do it. Robert opened the door to their apartment and let her walk in first. The room was huge with a large bed located up a couple of steps at the far end of the room. There were bathrooms located on each side of the room.

"The other Apartment has two rooms but it's much too small. I like this one better." Robert casually commented.

"I can see why. It's so elegant." Lis answered nervously as her anxiety level spiked.

Robert didn't say another word. He threw off his jacket and undid his pants. He sat down on a chair wearing only his unbuttoned tuxedo shirt. Lis saw that despite his age the black man was in very good shape. He took the studs out of his shirt and placed them on the stand next to the overstuffed chair. The shirt fell away on each side and exposed an abdomen that still rippled with definition.

He leaned back and began playing with his cock. Lis had never been in such a surreal situation. This man had simply stripped down and it was obvious that he now expected the woman he had paid good money for to perform for him. Lis noticed that the man's penis was very unusual looking. The black member was uncircumcised with an ample amount of foreskin extending beyond the head. It was rather stubby looking not because it was short but rather extremely fat. While not anywhere as long as X or Kelvin it was at least average in length and so fat in the middle of the shaft that it looked like a small football.

"You realize that I have been waiting for this since the moment I saw you, don't you?" Robert was pumping his meat and pushing his hips upward.

Lis needed no more direction. She wiggled out of her dress and then her panties and bra. She thought about undoing her garter belt but figured the black man would tell her if he wanted her naked. She moved over to him.

"My God! You are magnificent! You're legs in those stockings!" Robert gushed.

Lis smiled and dropped to her knees. She took the bulbous member from the black man and stroked it. Robert groaned and leaned back in the chair.

"You're quite thick." Lis complimented him.

She wasn't just paying Robert a false compliment either. As she had observed from a distance his penis expanded at the middle of the shaft to an almost comical proportion. The erection looked like a balloon. Lis gently ran her hand over Robert tugging on the foreskin and exposing the head.

"My guess is that none of your country club boyfriends have a penis this thick." Robert estimated.

"No that's for sure." Lis replied as she gazed at the jet black prong.

"Then suck on it. You know that you want too." Robert said through a thick groan.

Lis leaned down and began sucking on Robert. The foreskin was like an elastic band where it wrapped around the head. She dipped her tongue into the hole at the top of the rubbery skin and touched his head. Robert moans became more urgent and he gently pushed down on Lis' head. Then as her head began to bob up and down on him, the black man began taunting Lis.

"Such a pretty white girl, that's it suck my black dick. You know you're addicted now. You were so excited dancing with me in public, letting everyone fantasize that the sexiest white girl in the room would end up on her knees in front of me. And now you're doing it, just another white slut giving it up to a black man. You white girls get prettier all the time." Robert said as Lis continued servicing him.

Lis just kept sucking.

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