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Long haired Amy's first encounter with my large member.

He flung off his shoes as he let his jeans hit the floor.

Every step was painful.

He pulled his feet through his pants and took off his socks since he was in the neighborhood.

All that left were his boxers.

Navy blue. Boring. Bland. Not unlike Danny. But the unmistakable print of his semi-erect cock bulged at the front.

He swore to himself. Punched a locker.

No amount of meditation would make it go down.

He stopped his tantrum for a moment. And pulled his boxers down.

It flopped out, gently pulsing over nothing in particular. A big vein ran up its top. Another source of insecurity. And its head, much bigger than the rest of it, swelled. Again, he hated it.

He looked in the mirror. Naked and alone. His dick sticking out from him, staring at the ground ahead.

He turned beet red and pulled his boxers back on.

His cock bulged uncomfortably, but he wasn't ready for the ridicule.

He turned to the door, the exit and strode as proudly as he could muster.

It led to another hallway, this one with a lone exit - a door to sunshine and nudity.

He walked the interminable distance to the light and stepped out.

Sunny Acres was about a city block wide. Grass. Trees. Plenty of lawn chairs. Several pools. A snack bar. Various games fit for playing outside. And a host of naked bodies, mostly around retirement age.

Danny flinched. His penis twitched. But Maggie was nowhere to be found.

"Nice legs."

He froze. If possible he would've jumped out of his skin.

He turned. Slowly.

Maggie was standing behind him.

Fully clothed.

His penis, thankfully, shriveled. But the red on his face was impossible to hide.

"Thanks, I guess. I'd love to see yours." The second he finished saying it, he hated himself. It was a subpar James Bond line. Not a Danny Russo line.

She cocked an eyebrow and blushed.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I mean why aren't you less clothed?"

"I was more nervous than I thought. Sue me."

He wished he could, honestly. She got to see him in his boxer-clad glory. That was at least something. And she was supposed to be Ms. Adventure.

"So are we going to keep standing here or walk around?" she asked.

Danny gestured her forward.

She led the way across the property.

The nudists already present gave them some glances. Particularly the still-dressed Maggie.

The ironic strangeness to that wasn't lost on Danny.

The first person they came across was a nice woman named Allison. A lifelong nudist in her 50s. As ordinary as your English teacher. It boggled Danny that such a normal woman would be a nudist, flaws and all.

Still, his penis did grow a little when he looked at her breasts. And that scared the hell out of him.

She asked the usual questions about interest, why they weren't naked, etc.

"And you. Why don't you let the little guy free?" she asked of Danny.

The blunt forwardness of the question hit him unaware. He was turned on, embarrassed and confused at once. He could feel the pouch in the front of his boxers fill.

"I'm still getting used to it." Nervous laughter peppered his every word.

Maggie was noticeably flustered.

The next fellow they met was named Joe. A shy man of about 65. His age showed but he didn't seem to mind. He only really said his name and that was that.

Maggie snuck a peek at his penis as it poked out from his chair. Not much to see. Almost like a thumb, really.

She wondered what Danny's looked like. And it wasn't the first time today she had.

Brett was a different story. 40 or so. Loud, belligerent. But well-meaning. He called the pair from across the yard.

"I think we have some intruders."

Danny shrank. Maggie laughed.

They explained themselves. He clapped them both on the back with big, impressive arms.

He must've been a bodybuilder. He was pretty well-defined but not as much as in his prime. His cock, Maggie noticed, was also rather small. Or small to her, considering her lack of experience. It looked a bit like a thin index finger.

That said, she kept sneaking peeks.

"So have you built up your courage yet?" he aske

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