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"When do you want that to happen?"

"Dunno. I have a problem, I don't get passionate when I'm having sex."

"Young guys have a lot to answer for, don't they?"

The trainee didn't appear to know how to answer that. Perhaps she didn't understand the question.

"Please pull it out for me."

She'd bent over to undo his belt. The kid had perfume on and with a tit brushing his cheek Caesar was up hard, rarin' to go.

"God, I've never seen one that big."

"Does you mom allow you to use that word?"

"No, I'm sorry. Please don't tell her."

"There's no problem. It's one of the words I'd like you to use when you are around me."

"What's the other one?"


"No, I mean what's the other word I am to use?"

"Oh, as in Oh God!"

"Why would I use that expression around you?"

"Let's wait to find out, huh?"

"You're funny. Look, don't get angry but you are a bit smelly and need a shave. We were taught how to bed bath patients last week. I'd like to shave you and then bath you before using the lube and then changing your dressing."

"Right, there's a basin under the kitchen bench and my towel is in the bathroom."

"Where will I find a pile of towels?"

"I only have the one. I practice economy in living so I can spend my money on booze and wild women."

"You're not joking are you?"


"You are funny. Remove your shirt please."

The trainee returned with everything and Caesar told her to strip off.


"I'm nude so you should be nude. Actually when you trained for bed bathing you wore gloves and a thick apron, didn't you?"


"Well where's your apron? Go back soaking and your tutor will kick your ass."

"No likely. We work in a safe environment."

"You feel safe here, don't you?"

"Yes of course."

"Well get your gear off."

The trainee began to strip. May I leave my panties on? They are nylon so will dry fast."

"Yeah, so leave your stockings on as well. That way you'll feel almost fully dressed. You hold rather a lot in that bra, don't you?"

"Yes, I love my breasts. They are so soft. Want to feel?"

"Oh yes. Mind if I use both hands?"

"Not at all. Oh my goodness. Look at your pecker now!"

"It's call pre-cum. Please do not be afraid."

"I won't. I'll hold the mirror while you shave. You like my breasts don't you?"

"Yeah baby, they're the best."

The trainee giggled and she flushed, the mirror shaking.

Caesar almost blew a couple of times as she slowly completed bathing him and he watched her nearest tit sweep over his chest, nipple hardening, as she washed him lower down. He stopped thinking about the swollen-lipped pussy waiting for him and only just managed to avoid ejaculating.

After she put everything away it was just so easy for him. Caesar asked her to rub on the lube. She did that so wonderfully and inspecting the architecture of his dick as she rubbed. Her breathing became ragged.

"Okay, step over my lap and face me."

Holding up her tits (the sight of that almost sent him through the ceiling), she asked, "Are we going to fuck?"


"Oooh. It's against regulations for me to become that involved."

"No sweat, you're not going to tell anyone and neither will I."

"Don't I need to take off my panties? My brother and his friends always say I must."

Caesar pretended not to have heard that. "Pull your panties aside darling. Now watch my hot stick go it. I think of this as one of the wonders of life. Does it feel too tight?"

"No, lovely in fact. I can feel the veins of your cock moving along the walls of my cunt."

Caesar urgently diverted his mind to think of shooting through the cop's vehicle antennas and then they coming in and beating him stupid. That worked very successfully; he only just avoided shooting the lot into the sweet young thing and she hadn't even moved.

She waited, appearing to want instructions. He waited until he felt the urge to blast semen really subside.

"Okay little darling, all ready?"

She nodded and was told to begin bouncing up and

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