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Three friendly couples experience intense feelings.

This was bumper to bumper, lane-changing, rush hour traffic.

Still, the hesitation was only momentary, thanks to my thoughts of Karey getting off every day in this kind of traffic. I'd just have to keep it discrete. After all, in my Ford Truck I rode above most of the accompanying traffic,

I began fanning my semi-erect cock surreptitiously through my pants as I glanced nervously left and right. I realized that if I positioned myself behind the drivers of the cars to my left and right- almost in their respective blind spots, I would be pretty safe. But I also realized that this level of stimulation was not going to get the job done in time.

"God damn it, Karey." I muttered as I quickly unzipped my fly and fished myself out into the open air. The song was already nearly half over and it was going to take some serious self-flagellation to reach the desired goal- although it was never really about just the physical stimulus- and I was aware of that old familiar tension that somehow made this so exciting, and would be the single biggest aide to coming in time.

I was very conscious of not moving my right shoulder and telegraphing what I was doing to anyone behind me, so I grabbed my dick the long way rather than around the girth, and began a combination drumming motion and miniature jerking.

With a thrill I realized with the excitement of the race and the added thrill of being out in public, I was probably going to make it: I could feel that familiar old tingling at the base of my cock.

And then I heard a horn honk briefly from my right. I had forgotten my spacing, and a blonde woman in a huge red truck was hanging out her window and smiling over at me. I was mortified, but she smiled and winked and actually clapped her hands. She made a motion for me to roll down my window, and I did, too ashamed to not comply and figuring I ought to take my medicine like a man.

"Pull over in that parking lot up there." She called, pointing to a strip mall up ahead. "I'll let you in ahead of me."

I was flabbergasted, and started to shake my head, when she held up a badge, still smiling.

"Oh, holy fuck." I groaned.

I pulled into the parking lot and stuffed my well-deflated self back inside before she pulled up beside me. She honked again, and I got out of the truck to see that she was waiving me into her vehicle. I frowned- this was not how an arrest or even a ticket would play out, but since I was at risk for a charge of public lewdness at best, I went over and climbed up into her cab,

"You were pretty hard at it there." She said. She was probably fifty years old, though it was hard to say. She had the omnipresent wrinkles of a life-long sun worshipper, and she was still deeply tanned. Her blonde hair was sun-bleached and faded, but her eyes were a lively piercing blue, and flashed merrily.

I couldn't meet them for long though. "Yeah. See, there's this song....." I let my words trail away, knowing how feeble that excuse would sound.

"Relax. If you were a pervert you'd have been waiving it around for everyone to see. You just have to learn the rules of this game."

I glanced across at her. "Aren't you a cop?"

She giggled, and sounded surprisingly girlish. "Retired from the Sheriff's office. My name is Kathy."

Which implied she still had some pull as far as getting someone arrested.

I introduced myself and took the plunge. "So what are these rules?"

She smiled again and pulled open the console/arm rest. "You just have to use the right tools. This is my favorite, for example." She pulled out a string of plastic balls that were attached by a chord that ended in a cigarette lighter plug-in. She dug a little deeper "But this is what my boyfriend likes."

She pulled out a black felt bag and shook out what looked like a long innertube with the same electric chord attached.

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