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Travis opens up to Morena who lets her walls down (a little).

"I know you mentioned you were a good girl, but you really have a naughty side to you."

Austin grinned at Kaitlin as he joined the teasing.

"You're our naughty girl, aren't you?" he asked. "You want us to play with you until we're satisfied, right?"

I moaned at their words, tugging at Kaitlin's hair behind her neck. She breathed against my neck, peppering small kisses against the exposed skin.

"Answer him," she said in a whisper at my ear.

My gaze zoned in on his cock teasing my entrance, and I felt my body warm.

"Yes," I said, the word quiet as his cock slid an inch deeper.

"Louder," she said. Her fingers traced my stomach and found my nipples, pinching them hard. I gasped at the tender pain.

"Yes!" I said, louder. "Please, fuck me!"

His dick twitched at my words. "Trust me, I can do that," he said.

Kaitlin's fingers released my nippes, circling them with a gentle touch. With her hands on my chest, she settled further into the pillow, using her grasp to pull me harder against her and widening our tangled legs further for Austin. He used the movement to slid his dick deep, reaching a depth Kaitlin's fingers hadn't reached. I moaned as my pussy stretched around his cock, loving how full I felt. I grinded my hips into his, matching his deep thrusts. He gripped my hips as his dick slammed into me, pulsing at each thrust. Kaitlin's fingers continued to play with my nipples, pinching and flicking them when my hips met Austin's. She whispered erotic words in my ear as I watched Austin fuck me. She coaxed Austin to fuck me harder, wanting to feel my body convulse in ecstasy against her. I felt her wet pussy rub against my ass.

At the peak of my orgasm, I felt Austin slip out of me, my pussy contracting at the loss of him. Kaitlin's deft fingers tugged my hair back over my shoulder as Austin tugged at his dick. Cum burst from the head, coating my chest. I moaned as the wet cum slid against my breasts and torso. Kaitlin untangled herself and slid from behind me. Her mouth followed every drop of cum on my body, licking it up with quick strokes of her tongue. As she cleaned my body, I watched Austin recover from behind her. His hands slid across her back and down her ass, widening her legs for him. I felt the moment his hands touched her clit as she moaned against my stomach. He met my gaze and smiled at me as I watched him bring Kaitlin closer to an orgasm. He smacked her ass hard as she bucked against his fingers, her task of cleaning my body long forgotten. Crying out, she fell on top of me, her hips raised in the air for Austin.

As her orgasm finished, she settled deeper down onto me, and Austin pulled his hand from her pussy. He took each finger deep into his mouth, groaning at the taste of her. With my hands still tied, I brought them down from above my head and wrapped Kaitlin in a hug. Austin tugged at the knot, releasing my trapped wrists and allowing me to relax. Satisfied, he settled next to us and wrapped his arms around us both.

"How was that?" he asked, rubbing his hand along Kaitlin's spine.

I wiggled my hips beneath her, satisfied by the tingle that radiated in my tender pussy.

"Incredible," I said. "Both of you are."

Kaitlin raised her head to smile at me before leaning over and pressing her lips against Austin's.

"He definitely knows how to fuck a girl into bliss," she said.

Austin removed his arms from around us and rolled off the bed, heading towards a door different than the one we had entered. I heard the sound of running water and assumed he was cleaning himself off. Kaitlin turned onto her back, her body still close enough to rub up against my own. She rested an arm over her eyes before shifting her head to face me.

"Can I ask you something?" she said.

I shrugged an affirmative, unsure of what her question would entail.

"How do you feel about anal?"

I raised an eyebrow. Was she suggesting that we-

"I mean, have you ever done anal with a guy before?" she continued.

I nodded, twistin

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