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Lisa has an unusual reunion with her childhood plaything.

The six-foot-four, sexy-as-hell chocolate stud muffin is originally from the City of Atlanta, State of Georgia. He transferred to Northeastern University's MBA program after graduating from Morehouse College in his native Atlanta. If I knew Black guys from the United States could lay pipe like that, I would have tried one a long time ago.

Marcus Lucien is as fine as they come. Tall, with dark brown skin, a face that male models would envy, and the dick of a porn star. That eight-inch, uncircumcised magic stick is buried almost balls deep in my asshole. I try not to scream as Marcus continues pounding his dick into my asshole. Marcus grunts as he fucks me. He's so fucking dominant and I love it. Truly dominant men are rare these days. Now, I don't think a man who hates women or doesn't respect them can be a true dominant. He's only capable of being a bully or an abuser. A true dominant is a man who is confident in himself as a man, accepts his dominant nature, and respects the women who allow him use of their bodies. No misogynist can ever truly excel in the world of male dominance in BDSM. Why? Simply because in BDSM the submissive is the one in control. Every dominant master or female dominant out there knows it. It's basic, almost elementary stuff in the world of BDSM. Stuff that is common knowledge, really. Whatever makes a true dominant, Marcus Lucien has it in spades. I knew that the first time I laid eyes on him.

Marcus Lucien lives in an apartment close to my uncle Salim Tilahun's house in the suburb of Milton, Massachusetts. His parents are hard-working and church-going Haitian immigrants. Marcus himself was born in the town of Cap-Haitien, Republic of Haiti, but raised in the City of Atlanta, State of Georgia. Marcus Lucien looked at me the way a hungry wolf looks at fast food when we first locked eyes. He was visiting my uncle. They'd become good friends since Marcus moved into t he apartment next door. When he looked at me, I honestly felt naked. And I didn't mind. I knew that I wanted Marcus and that when we finally hooked up, it would be the bomb, as they say in the hood. And let me tell you, the brother from Atlanta did not disappoint. We hooked up in the basement of my uncle's house, and he proceeded to wreck my ass. And I loved it!

Marcus Lucien pinches my tits and smacks my face as he continues slamming his thick Haitian cock into my tight Ethiopian booty. I gasp in shock and look at him, still stunned by his boldness. Marcus smirks and shrugs while his big dick continues stretching my asshole. It's so deep inside of me that I feel like it's about to split me in half. Marcus asks me how it feels to have his big cock in my ass. I grit my teeth, refusing to answer him. Marcus thrusts even deeper, and I whimper as I suddenly feel it. His dick is so deep inside my asshole that I almost expect it to come out of my mouth. Of course that's impossible. What does come out of my mouth is a scream. I'm screaming, a loud and shrilly sound that I barely recognize as coming from me.

What the fuck? Is this really me? The one and only Mistress Ethiopia? Getting fucked in the ass in a dark basement like some random slut by a well-endowed Haitian-American stud? I've fucked guys bigger than Marcus Lucien with my strap-on dildo.

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