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Morgan finds out.

Still, that was really the only thing I missed out on. Given my length and girth I have never even given anal sex a thought, let alone been tempted to try.

But I digress, back to the now. What the hell was going on? What had led to this?

We had been here before-both children, Pam and myself to see the finished job Bill and Mary had made of their new house. He was one of these sickening characters who could turn his hand to anything, and had just about rebuilt the inside of the old house they had bought for a song. It was superb; I had to admit he really was very good. As DIY is not my forte I didn't begrudge it them at all. In any case they really were a very nice couple in all senses of the term. Mary had grown up a few doors away before we moved house. When she and Bill (they had never had eyes for anyone else to my knowledge) had been walking out they had been only too happy to baby-sit on the odd occasion we had needed it. It gave them somewhere to discreetly make out I guess.

So we had watched them grow up, been to their wedding, been to their house, numerous times and now I had just fucked the ass off her.

She kissed me again and said "Bill and I weren't the only ones who planned this."

Then she grabbed me by the hand and almost ran barefoot -- she seldom wore shoes indoors -- with me through the house. She placed a finger on her lips as we quietly climbed the stairs. When we reached the top we could clearly hear the sounds of lovemaking coming from their bedroom. We reached the door and my feelings were overwhelmed by the sight of Bill and Pam fucking. Pam was on top, one of her favorite positions Both were uncaring, their eyes unseeing.

As I watched mesmerized - I had never seen another couple fucking in the flesh, as it were - Mary stroked the growing bulge in my crotch.

Jesus this was hot.

At fifty years old my time to recover could normally be measured in hours not minutes, but here I was rising to the occasion again. Bill and Pam were naked. Pam was rising almost to the top of Bill's shaft and then plunging down, taking him all - she was leaning forward so that he could suckle her beautiful tits - she's no Pamela Anderson, but then I didn't care. She was - had been - all mine. Bill's penis wasn't as long as mine, but he was about the same size round and Pam - my staid wife was far gone, way beyond caring.

As I stood gawking in the doorway, my mouth wide open I have no doubt, I became aware that Mary, now naked, was undoing my shirt; in fact she had it undone and was now attacking my trousers with equal vigour. I half aroused from my state of further shock and stepped out of things to help, still totally taken up with the scene of sexual frenzy in front of me.

I was almost unaware of Mary taking my now rock hard penis in her mouth and sucking it all in, all the way into her throat - no one had ever done that before. The feeling was incredible, hot, cold, I can't describe the sensation - I was in total sensory overload.

Mary pulled me down on top of her and pushed me down between her legs. The beautiful entrance to her vagina was totally shaven, the smooth labia and her mons an almost fiery shade of deep, aroused pink. I couldn't help myself. I fell on her and ate her out like a thing possessed! The taste was exquisite - a mixture of her own wonderful honey and my own salty semen of less than ten minutes ago. Was it only that short time? My balls seemed full to bursting point again as I lapped at that wonderful hot, squirming cunt, Mary screaming as I brought her to a another crashing climax.

She rolled over and reaching back pulled me to her and into her from behind. As we fucked, Mary pushed hard back into me and I held her marvellous hanging breasts as she lowered her head to the bedroom rug to get a better deeper angle.

At eye level on the bed Bill groaned as he arched upwards into Pam who had cum just before him, her mouth open in that soundless scream I knew so

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