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The world below.

The man focused on my nipples: making little circles around my nipples, gently stroking the areola, pinching them ever so slightly. The woman had one finger on my nipple and the other hand on the underside of my breast, teasing it in languid strokes as the finger on my nipple slowly increased its pressure and speed. The result of so much stimulation to both breasts was intense, and without thinking, I began to gently rock my hips back and forth - as much as was possible given my strapped-in state.

"Dr. Adams," I heard Dr. Morgan say, "please take note of the subject's response to the breast manipulation. Dr. Schafer, you should probably start the genital manipulation now."

As I felt the artificial saliva being added to each nipple, Dr. Schafer's gloved hand lightly toucher my inner thigh and I moaned. She was going to take her time, I could tell. She stroked the crease of my thigh from top to bottom, and then slowly worked her way in toward my cunt. Her fingers massaged my labia and then returned to my thighs, following the same pattern and adding to my desperation. Then I felt her thumbs meet in the center of my cunt and pull it open, as the fingers on my breasts began flicking and pinching the nipples in coordination. I was on fire. Another moan escaped me and I thrust my cunt as much as I could onto Dr. Schafer's probing fingers.

"Time for a bit of a breather," Dr. Morgan said. "Dr. Adams, please take Ms. Anderson's measurements in this highly aroused state. Ms. Anderson, I'm sorry to interrupt, but I'll need you to rate your arousal again, on a scale of -"

"TEN," I said loudly, panting and cursing Dr. Morgan in my mind for his scientific cock block.

He chuckled. "Okay then. As soon as Dr. Adams is done, we'll get right back to it, but there's one element we need to add in. You mentioned on the intake form that you have a very active imagination and that you create vivid fantasies, or relive intimate moments, when you masturbate. So we're going to ask you to do the same - except that you're going to be telling these stories out loud."

As horny and desperate as I was, and despite the fact that I no longer cared about so many strangers watching me in the throes of my arousal, this request sent me into a mild panic.

"Ms. Anderson, did you hear what I said? No need to be shy. I'll ask you some questions to help you get into it, okay?"

"Okay..." I said, half-heartedly. I felt Dr. Schafer's fingers on my thighs again and sighed. "Okay."

"Now, why don't you just tell me about a particularly arousing memory, something that you revisit frequently when you masturbate. Where did it take place?"

Dr. Schafer's finger effortlessly slid inside my cunt and I struggled to pay attention to the new task I'd been given. "Uh... I guess one I think about a lot... it was in the office at my boyfriend's house."

"Okay. And what was the context of this sexual encounter?"

"He works from home - my boyfriend - and I was over there that day because it was MLK Day, or something, I don't know, but I was off work, and so he made me come over in office clothes, but like, slutty office clothes, and stay around as he worked."

"And what did that entail?"

"You know, no panties, short skirt, the buttons on my shirt were only done halfway. I was wearing a lacy bra."

"Okay, so tell me more about the day."

I moaned as Dr. Schafer added another finger inside me and began slowly pumping them in and out. The fingers on my tits were squeezing the hard buds of my nipples.


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