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Black college student falls for Black woman.

[The Challenge; Olympic Marathon, Gwen and Duncan reveal the secret that he cheated on courtney with Gwen via song, and the challenge becomes a tiebreaker, Cody vs Tyler, the group take a break on the plane, gwen is feeling terrible about what she's done, heather has kissed alejandro, and she is trying to seduce him, it is working]

Gwen heard noises coming from the elimination room and slowly moved closer. As she got closer the sounds became more clear, and her breathing became more heavy. She slowly peaked into the room to find Heather trying to seduce Alejandro. Her heart skipped a beat.

She slowly backed away from the door, as she was slowly walking backwards, she gasped as she tripped over a small stick on the ground. Heather heard the noise and stormed out of the room to see what was happening, she had a mixed look on her face. She looked angry, but she also looked shy, nervous, and was blushing intensely.

She looked down and blushed even harder, but that blushing slowly turned into anger as she screamed at Gwen to mind her own business and go back to Economy Class! Gwen then quickly got up and darted back to Economy Class.

Gwen quickly ran back to economy class trying to forget what just happened, but it wouldn't go. It was always in the back of her mind. Bothering her. Distracting her. She kept running and eventually missed the door to economy and just kept going toward the first class seats. She finally caught a glimpse of reality and realised she missed the door to economy class. She took a deep breath and slowly started walking back.

Heather slowly turned and walked back to the elimination room, knowing Gwen would no longer be a threat to her plan, as she reached the curtain she pulled it back, a small grin appeared on her face, she had Alejandro, all to herself. She turned to look at him, he had a very bland look on his face as he was lost in thought as to what Heather was planning. But of course, there it was, the tent, the thing heather had craved since day one. She couldn't wait any longer, so she pounced on him, she planted her lips on him, panting like one of the many wild animals she encounters on Camp Wawanakwa.

He fidgeted but soon he accepted it, and just lay her as her tongue explored his smooth spanish mouth, his mouth was so soft and warm... Almost hypnotising... She needed more as she ripped his shirt off, looking at his hard muscular exterior she began to sweat as a feeling of lust passed through her she began to lick his abs as he grunted, he pulled on the back of her top and ripped it right off, exposing her big large breasts and they flew out and smacked him in the face, he loved the look of them, they were big and wet with small pink nipples in the center, he couldn't help but suck on them, she groaned with pleasure, how could something so wrong feel so right?

She yanked at his belt, which came off with ease, she then smacked the belt against his face to show dominance, and ripped at his pants, creating a small, rounded hole, his 11 inch member poked through the hole, she poked at the tip with her finger, causing Alejandro to shiver, and then just wrapped her lips around it, this was the best feeling alejandro had ever felt, he grinned in delight as she began to go lower, she had almost gotten half of it in her mouth, and Al just groaned.

She startled at his moans, but she quickly got used to it and lowered her head. She started sucking hard as Alejandro moaned intensely. She bobbed her head up and down, forcing her head all the way down his long shaft. He had a strange look on his face, like he was in some sort of trance or illusion. She bobbed her head up and down and then started to glance up into his eyes. This pushed him over the edge until he finally exploded in her mouth. There was so much cum that she actually started coughing. This just enraged his flaming cock even more.

Little did Heather know is that Gwen snuck back to the door and was peeking through the glass, watching the hole with with her fingers in her d

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