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Morning Beautiful.

This time your body will be completely immobilized. This time my paddle will knock thoughts from your mind every time I strike you. This time your arousal will grow stronger as your mind sinks deeper into blissful obedience. I'm going to punish you for all the resisting you did earlier, and you are going to enjoy every moment of it. You're going to enjoy it so much that you will continue resisting, just to make me punish you more. Now wake!"

Crystal blinked her eyes and suddenly remembered the gravity of her situation. She needed to fight back against Domme's control so she could rescue her friend and escape. Crystal tried to stand but her body didn't move. Her arms and legs felt bound in place by invisible restraints. She flexed her muscles and tried to force her way up, but she didn't move an inch.

Domme let her struggle for a few seconds, then,

thwap thwap. Crystal felt two swift strikes against her ass, one on each cheek. These were warm up strikes without much force behind them. They stung just a little and reminded Crystal of her forthcoming punishment. She blocked out the pain and focused on figuring out what was holding her down so that she could break free.

Domme paused a moment to gauge crystal's response then she swung a little harder.

Thwap Thwap. "unggghh," Crystal moaned out in a mix of pleasure and pain. Her toes curled and her fingers clenched. She looked around, desperately searching for some clue that might release her, but her efforts were fruitless. It was getting harder to think of anything beyond the feeling of the paddle on her ass.

Thwap! Thwap! "Resistance is pain," Domme declared, swinging her paddle even harder. "But you enjoy pain, don't you slut?"

Thwap! Thwap! "Yes," Crystal thought, but she didn't say it. She didn't need to let Domme know how much she was enjoying this. She didn't need to tell Domme how much she loved being punished. She didn't need to vocalize how much she was enjoying being beaten into submission. Domme could see those things clearly, just by listening to Crystal's moans and watching her body react to the impact.

"Good Girl." said Domme, "keep resisting."

Crystal felt that familiar wave of pleasure wash over her, but this time she noticed something important. She didn't feel any sensation in her head, hands, or feet. In fact, she only felt it on the surface of her skin where she was covered by the jumpsuit.

"It's my clothes," declared Crystal, having figured out the trick. "Do you think you can control me with some high tech suit?"

THWAP! THWAP! Domme was no longer holding back. She swung as hard as Crystal could handle. Her next words carried the weight of undeniable authority and each one was punctuated with another painful THWAP!

"I, can, control, you, any, way, I, want! You, are, nothing, but, a, blank! obedient!! slut!!"

Afterwards she cupped Crystal's ass and felt the heat rising from it. She gently caressed and massaged, soothing the ache. Crystal moaned in pleasure and barely noticed Domme's whispered words.

"You've been obeying my commands since the moment you saw me. You're only resisting right now because I told you to resist. I told you to resist me because resistance is pain and you enjoy pain. You continue to resist me because you want to feel the pleasure of being punished again, and again, and again."

"That's not right," Crystal interjected. Her brain felt so foggy and her thoughts felt so far from her mind. But she continued to resist. She knew she needed to resist. "I'm resisting so I can -."

Thwap! Thwap! "Good girl. Keep resisting so you can keep feeling the sting of my paddle. Feel your mind go blank for me with every strike."

Thwap! Thwap! Crystal didn't understand how every hit felt so perfectly painful and pleasurable.

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