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Medically confirmed! Adam is irresistible to women.

My eyes are fixed on your huge cock as inch after inch enter me. You are about halfway in as I am more filled than I have ever been before.

"I can't believe I'm so full and you have so much cock still to go! Fuck, this dick is the biggest in the world!"

"That's right baby and you won't feel another man after I'm through with you" you snarl back.

I love you manliness and how you take control. I have an orgasm from your dirty talk and half of your 14-incher in me.

Suddenly, you grab me by the waist and impale yourself completely in me. Your cockhead must be up my stomach. The feeling in unbelievable and I scream in ecstasy. Your massive balls slap me repeatedly on my upturned buttcheeks, they are becoming red from the pounding your bullballs are giving them. You masterfully fuck me senseless with your rock hard monster cock for what seem like ages.

Cathy is rubbing my clit as your cock pummels my insides. She jacks off your gigantic shaft with both hands on the upstrokes. The fucking is noisy, juices slushing around, my cunt vibrating with climax after climax, your pre-cum and my juices oozing out like a torrent. After thirty minutes of merciless pounding, you finally grunt and your cock grows even bigger and harder inside me.


"Tell me where you're going to deliver your massive load stud," asked Pat.

"Oh my god Brad, I can't take it any more you're splitting me in two you big stud. OH FUCK you're killing me with that thing," yelled Pat.

"That's OK baby I can't hold back any longer I think I'm going explode so get ready because this is going to be big," I replied.

"Oh shit pleeeease cum before you split me you big stud!!" screamed Pat.

Cathy was enjoying every minute of this huge fuck as she finally saw Pat get what she deserved, a cock that not even she could handle. Cathy had slipped around to the front of Pat who was still bracing herself against the wall as I firmly held her hips pulling her back on my rampant hardon. When I looked Cathy had taken to sucking Pat's nipples and massaging her big tits. This sent Pat over the edge as she screamed in ecstasy at the treatment we were giving her.

"Oh fuck Brad please cum, I can't take it any more," whimpered Pat.

"Where Pat? Where do you want me to unload this cum cannon?" I asked.

"All over me Brad, cum all over me plaster me in your hot cum," pleaded Pat.

I continued to pump Pat's pussy a few more times before pulling out and positioning her in front of me. Pat grabbed my cock and started furiously wanking it and slurping the cum now oozing from its massive head.

Cathy joined in and soon there were three hands wanking my huge cock.

Oh fuck ladies here it comes I yelled. But before they could prepare themselves the first of many shots departed my cannon landing on the pretty little faces of my two big cock sluts.

Oh fuck he cums like a geyser, look at him cumming yelled Pat reeling as shot after shot impacted her face, tits and stomach. Yeah good isn't he replied Cathy now grabbing hold of my cock and aiming fair and squarely at her massive 44 inch tits.

What an awesome sight seeing these two big titted beauties covered in my cum. Cathy grabbed my cock and ran it all over Pat's face who was now licking her own lips to taste my cum.

"Well ladies how was that??" I asked.

Pat replied that she was now a big cock slut and that nothing would ever satisfy her again.


As Cathy and I both begin to recover from the awesome sight of your massive cum-cannon plastering both of us with load after load of thick cream, your rampant hardon demands more attention.

"I want you to take me up the ass now you bull stud!" I demanded.

"I thought you'd never ask" replied Brad.

Before letting you impale me with your gigantic fuckstick, I must make sure you are truely well lubricated.

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