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Does Anna really leave?

" She popped her hip to the side. Tom blushed and started contemplating his naval. "You know you've got to be the only man who doesn't like looking at me in my underwear."

"I'm the only guy who's gonna have to go back to his fianc__e look her in the eye and tell her that all I did was help you pick out a few outfits." Tom repeated. While the words came out of his mouth it became obvious that he was a few more miles up a certain creek than he'd realized a few minutes before.

Jesse stepped into a floor length strapless red sequined dress with a slit half way up to her armpit. "She's not going to believe you." Jesse put her foot on the bench beside him revealing her leg through the slit. "What do you think she meant when she said 'do whatever you want' and then threw your box of condoms at you when I was dragging you out the door to come shopping?" Tom blushed hotter than before. He hadn't really been thinking anything more complicated than 'avoid the fight' at that point but in hindsight it the danger was obvious. Why couldn't she have just said 'fine' he knew that was code for 'don't you fucking do a thing you stupid sonofabitch'. Crap. "Besides we both know what a prude she is, that's what this was all about you know."

Tom's stomach dropped to the floor following the dress Jesse had just slipped out of. She was humming as she half walked half danced over to the rest of the clothing she'd picked out. "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?" Jesse sang wriggling into pink mini-dress that did more to display her ass than conceal it.

"Huh?" Tom looked up. Jesse either didn't hear him or pretended not to. It was difficult to tell which, it was difficult to keep anything in his head straight while the curvaceous beauty spun across the floor striking several poses in front of the mirror before playfully blowing a kiss.

"Don't you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?" She slid the dress back down and off looking over her shoulder at Tom.

Tom couldn't look away from her. He wanted to. He wanted to be able to go back to Kayla and tell her honestly that he hadn't been tempted by her, not one single bit. He was a poor liar though and she was a fantastic dancer swaying back and forth squatting to the floor before popping back up. Jesse was watching him with her coal black eyes and smiling. "Don't cha, Don't cha?"

Jesse danced back over to Tom sitting down in his lap. She ground her hips against him until she found his cock trapped between her ass and his thigh. "Don't you wish your girlfriend was raw like me?" She was practically purring in his ear. Jesse reached back grabbing Tom's wrists and brought his hands to her body. His left she slid along her thigh, higher and higher until his fingers brushed against the lace of her panties. The other she placed on her smooth belly gliding up so he could cup her smallish breasts. Even if Tom had wanted to stop Jesse he wasn't sure what he could do. There wasn't a part of her body that didn't seem like it was built for sex. "Don't you wish your girlfriend was fun like me?"

Jesse's past as a cheerleader, ballerina and gymnast were things she usually flaunted with back flips and high kicks. Today she just demonstrated her flexibility when she lifted her leg straight and rotated in his lap until she was straddling him. Her hips continued their forbidden rhythm. "Don't cha?" She whispered into his ear before gently biting his earlobe. "Don't cha?" Her tongue slowly traced his inner ear making him shudder. Jesse raked her nails down his chest smiling just like the cat that ate the canary.

She was still humming the lyrics when she leaned backward until her hands touched the floor.

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