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"Of course the work will be dangerous; and we won't authorise your gender reassignment until you've completed your contract. One year; that's all we want. One year undercover; starting from when you finish your training of course."

"After that we will provide you with a new identity," Sir Giles finished his cigarette and immediately lit another.

Michele's mind began to slow down and she began to think coherently. Except for the danger, what did she have to lose? If she turned down the offer, her life was fucked! If she accepted the offer she would get what she had always wanted.........and MI6 would pay...............and she would get a new identity.

"What's the catch..................beside the blackmail I mean?" Michele asked.

"Well you would be working deep undercover and; some of the work will, shall we say, be a little sordid. And dangerous of course..............but you will always have backup," Sir Giles explained.

"Sordid? Backup? What the devil do you mean?" Michele asked.

"I'm sorry that's all I can say for now. This is a one time offer and you have to decide now I'm afraid."

"It's a couple of years in Wandsworth prison and after that a life living as persona-not-grata.............or a year working undercover with us? You decide!"

Sir Giles stood up and walked over to where Michele sat at her desk. He dropped a single sheet of typed paper in front of her and placed a gold Mont Blanc fountain pen on the desk beside it. He drained the last of the bottle of wine into his glass.

Michele stared transfixed at the document before her as Sir Giles once more sat on the bed.

"Waste of time trying to read it; legal gobbledygook and all that. Sort of says what I've just said to you only in legalese."

He shot his cuff and looked at his Rolex.

"You have five minutes to sign or then I leave and the Bobbies come in and take you away. Don't suppose they'd give you time to change either...........Malcolm," Sir Giles sniffed and sipped his wine.

Michele burned with indignant anger but what could she do? She snatched up the pen and signed the document without even bothering to read a word.

"There! Is that all for tonight?" Michele fumed.

"Afraid not quiet old dear. Now that the preliminaries are over with I need to, shall we say, inspect the merchandise," Sir Giles smiled and stood up from bed.

"Just what the fuck do you mean by that?" Michele snapped.

"Well we are going to use your special talents as an undercover transvestite femme-fatale. We have already selected our first target for you. But I need to know that you look as feminine and sexy in real life as you do in your many little internet video snaps."

"I mean you look quite attractive sitting there in dark; but will you pass further scrutiny my dear?" Sir Giles grinned.

"What on earth do you mean?" Michele asked incredulously.

"Well you see old girl, in a nutshell, our intention is to have you travel to various countries where we have, shall we say, certain interests. You will travel in your male persona using false documents of course; and then we will have you transform into Michele and engage with the targets we have selected for you," Sir Giles explained.

"Engage? Targets? I don't get it?" Michele relied.

"Oh don't be na__ve dear; there are certain men who have a penchant for transvestites; all of the detail will be provided when you undertake your training."

"But first, as I said, I need to ensure you pass further scrutiny."

"Scrutiny? What on earth do you mean?" Michele looked nonplussed.

"Oh for fuck sake! I'm going to make sure you are attractive and feminine enough!"

"I'm going to have you do certain things that you seem to have no problems performing and talking about online; but have not yet had the opportunity to do in real life."

"What??????" Michele's head was spinning from the wine and from the extraordinary events that had occurred this evening.

"Oh it's probably best if I just show you," Sir Giles said and sprang from the bed.

He pulled Michele to her feet and before she could react he pulled her against hi

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