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A wife's first affair and her husband watches.

" Dee said and noticed the way Gian tensed in the seat in front of her.

"Because Gian wasn't always the perfect boyfriend you know today."

"What do you mean?" Delia said before Gian revved up his bike.

"Arriverderci, Asshole" Gian threw over his shoulder as he swung out of the parking lot.


"So something like that happens and you are just not going to tell me?" Delia asked.

"That's the plan" Gian said as he walked her to the door.

"So is that your brother or something?" Gian scoffed "No, but he likes to call himself my big brother."

"Are you guys close?"

"Not really"

"Well, what was he so frustrated about?"

"I don't know."

Dee stopped to pin him with a glare "Liar! He called you reckless and you called him an asshole. Just tell me why your dad doesn't want us to hang out in south beach...and why haven't I met him before...and why--"

"Dee, your questions are making my brain swell." Dee giggled but decided to give it a rest "Sorry, Gian."

They had finally reached her door and he waited for her to pull out her keys. "I just want to thank you for playing knight in shining armor for me tonight. I thought I had it under control but I didn't."

"It was nothing, it's not like I was going to hang around and let them harass you." Dee got on her tippy toes and hugged him. As Delia pulled away she went to kiss his cheek and it was at that moment Gian turned to look her in the eyes. Delia planted a small kiss on the edge of Gian's lips. It didn't take long for them both to realize what happened. Gian's heart flipped in his chest. Delia looked at him with surprised gaze. It was as if she was waiting for his response.

Gian lifted her chin as he closed in on her and planted a small kiss on her lips. They were full and soft and he wanted nothing more than to draw her bottom lip into his mouth to taste her but he wasn't sure how she was going to react. He pulled away his eyes pinning hers.

"The first one was an accident" She said recovering, her voice was shaky as she continued "The second was all you. Gian thanks for the great night."

Delia went inside and she threw herself onto the couch. That night had been long and fun...mostly, but Gian left her with a bunch of questions. What did that kiss mean? It wasn't an accident by any means but could it be likely he'd be interested in her. People kiss people all the time and relationships never sprout from it. In high school Delia had made out with her good friends both male and female because the party was bumping.

"Who knows?" Delia said to herself as she headed toward her room.

"I do," Denise sang just outside her bedroom when Delia passed.

"Dee, I did not know you had secret lover." Denise said.

"That's because he's not," Dee said defensively, "We're just friends."

"It sounds like somebody is being a little obtuse. Come in we haven't had girl talk since high school."

"Three years ago," Delia said as if it wasn't long enough. "Besides every time I walk into your room I feel like I'm walking into some sort of fetish dungeon."

"How?" Denise said on a laugh following Delia inside.

"You have a silicone breastplate hanging off of your headboard." Delia said looking at the replica breasts in horror.

"Oh that? Spoils of war," Denise said as if it were perfectly normal. "I and my bf went to this drag queen strip show and Miguel call himself throwing himself at my guy. I got angry snuck into the dressing room and stole his breast plate. Teach that bitch to keep his hands to himself. It was so funny watching him try to perform with that bird chest of his."

"Why were you so threatened, I mean Steven doesn't strike me as the bisexual type."

"No, I was dating Danny at the time and I've always had my doubts about him. Anyway, we're talking about you and that sexy slice of man butter you had dropping you off at this witching hour."

Delia took her time to look around her sister's room it had been a while since she'd been inside and even longer since they shared the room.

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