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Part Three - History.

I'm rarely disappointed by her escapades. Last night, though, blew my mind.

I ate dinner, took a bath, turned off my lights, then took my customary place on the counter - the best vantage point. She hadn't arrived yet, so I sipped wine and waited for an hour, wondering if this would be one of the rare nights she arrived alone, or stayed at the man's place. What I saw was well worth the wait.

The front door opened, and she came in with her arms around not one but TWO men! Before I had a chance to react, a third man stumbled in behind her. I sat up straight to get a better view, unable to believe my incredible luck! She made out with each of the men, kissing them passionately, her hands massaging the crotch of his pants as his hands found their way over her breasts and under her skirt. The tallest of the three led her to the coach, where the blond sat in front of her and the shorter and taller guys - both with brown hair - sat on either side of her. Blond Guy parted her legs, lifted her skirt to reveal her bareness - no underwear, as usual - and probed her shaven pinkness with his fingers. Tall Guy kissed her deeply, while Short Guy pulled her dress down past her pert, full breasts and began to fondle and suck her large, erect nipples.

My hand found my clit as Blond Guy's tongue found hers. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and her back arched as his tongue flitted between her clit and her slit. She rubbed Tall Guy's crotch, unzipping his fly and pulling out his erect cock. She smiled saucily and said something which made him smile, and he kneeled on the couch to bring his penis within reach of her pink lipsticked mouth. She wrapped her mouth around him. He buried his fingers in her soft blonde hair, watching his cock disappear between her lips.

Short Guy said something that made her turn her head. They rearranged themselves so that she lay on her back, with Blond Guy down between her legs, Tall Guy standing above her face, and Short Guy straddling her ribcage. Her mouth found Tall Guy's cock once again, and Blond Guy resumed licking her pussy. She grasped her boobs, pressing them together. Short guy unzipped his jeans and pulled out the largest erect cock I'd ever seen! I gasped as he stroked it for a second, then pushed it between her breasts - it disappeared between them, its swollen purplish tip reappearing on the other side. He pushed it in and out between them while the breast flesh jiggled.

Blond Guy sat up, pulled his penis out of his pants, and rubbed it against her lips, slick with natural juices and his saliva. He pushed it into her. I saw her eyes flutter momentarily in the midst of sucking Tall Guy, and she slipped a hand over her clit and rubbed it vigorously. Tall Guy watched intently as Short Guy fucked her breasts, and I could see from his face and body movements that he was close to coming. Almost the moment that thought popped into my head, his pelvis bucked and he pushed his entire cock deep into her mouth. I trained my binoculars on her face, and could see trickles of whitish-clear fluid run from the corners of her pink mouth. After a moment he withdrew and lay on the floor, panting. Blond Guy watched him come into her mouth over Short Guy's shoulder, and this must have taken away every bit of self-control he possessed. His hips bucked wildly as he came deep into her pussy. Her manic finger motions on her clit became even quicker, and she closed her eyes and opened her mouth in a moan, come still visible on her lips and cheeks. Blond Guy pulled out, and his juices ran stickily from her flushed and swollen pink vagina.

Short Guy continued fucking her tits.

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