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A Christmas love story.

Kissing her again, and still touching her, he was becoming very uncomfortable in his jeans. He asked if she'd mind waiting while he changed into shorts. She blushed and said no. Suddenly, Iliana didn't want to wait. She asked Kai to lock the door. When he looked at her he saw something in her eyes. Iliana asked him to stay, keep kissing her. Now was the time to tell her, Kai thought. Kai tells Iliana he's getting very aroused and needs to get out of his jeans.

Iliana asks him, "Can you change here?" He asks if she's sure. When Iliana nods her head yes, Kai goes and locks the door, dims the light, and removes his jeans and shirt.

Sitting back on the couch, Kai takes Iliana's hands and places them on his chest. Feeling his bare skin, Iliana jumps as though burnt. She eases her hands back onto his skin and begins to slowly feel his chest, shoulders, neck and then down his chest to his belly. Stopping where his underwear begin, she looks him in the eyes. He sees her question, he feels it. He begins kissing her again, his hands sliding down her back. This time on their way up, they slide beneath her shirt. Feeling his hands on her bare skin, she moans quietly. Hearing this part sigh part moan, Kai knows Iliana is getting aroused again. He moves his kiss down her neck making her gasp. He stops. She pulls his head back to her neck. Kai eagerly begins again, kissing and sucking Iliana's soft neck. Moaning as he reaches her pulse, she begins to pull away. Realising he's found a sensitive spot, he pulls her closer and really sucks and licks til she's squirming and sighing.

Sliding one hand towards her front, he brings it up to cup her breast. She gasps again. Again Kai stops. Uncertainty fills her eyes. As Kai begins to move his hand away, she puts her own hand there to stop him. Searching her eyes, Kai silently asks if she's sure.

Iliana looks at him, shakes her head yes and says, "Please."

Kai decides now is not a good time to mention he's a virgin. She might really get scared, thinking he doesn't know what he's doing. He unbuttons Iliana's blouse, revealing a beautiful, skin colored lace bra. Seeing her nipples straining through the material, he rubs his hand over one. Watching her respond with a gasp and a sigh, Kai moves to the next one. Iliana asks if she should take it off. Kai says only if she feels comfortable enough to do it.

Deciding she wants to give her virginity to Kai, Iliana stands, and shocks him by removing her blouse and skirt, revealing a matching lace thong. Seeing her creamy skin, taut stomach and full breasts, Kai's erection grows harder. Knowing he'll explode on impact, he tries to calm himself. Iliana looks at him, questioningly. Kai, knowing he can't hide it much longer, tells her he's a virgin. Iliana, shocked at first, smiles. As Iliana goes to sit next to him again, he tells her to stay standing. Kai stands, giving her a complete view of just how aroused he is. He tells her he'll probably cum before they get very far. Knowing this could take awhile, Iliana asks if she could stay the night. His hands on her shoulders, Kai asks if she's sure. She says yes.

Agreeing, Kai tells her he needs to calm down and get dressed. Shocked Iliana asks why. Kai wants to let Judd know she's fallen asleep and will be staying. Iliana replaces her own clothing and gets in the bed.

After dressing, Kai goes out to the patio where the guys are getting pretty wasted. One asks if Kai got lucky. He replies that while he'd like to, he didn't. She's asleep and if Judd has no problem with it, she can stay the night and Kai would get her home next morning. Judd's fine with it. Kai stays on the patio a bit longer, tells everyone goodnight, and heads to bed. They all know where the guest room is.

As Kai returns to his room, he realises Iliana will probably be shy all over again, so he'll have to work at remaining calm while arousing her.

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