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An account of a sample of Medieval sex stories.

I said that would be fine. Then Andy told me Tony had bought a Snow mobile and he would be over in the morning to pick me up. I said "Great." and hung up.

I closed off part of the house and took a nap on the sofa. It was warm and I was tired even though I had done little this day. I quickly drifted off into world of white. I was in a long flat field all covered in white, not snow but just white. I was dressed in a thin night gown it was so light I could see right through it. I was looking around and heard the sound of a brook spilling over rocks. I could not see it so I walked toward the sound.

There I saw the creek with swiftly moving water bubbling along. I was on a bank a few feet above the water. I looked up stream to see a young man standing knee deep in the free running water. He was naked. He had a beautiful body all muscular and well tanned. I could not take my eyes off him. He turned. I sucked in my breath as I saw his long cock in full erection. It was as beautiful as the rest of him.

He smiled taking his wonderful cock in his hand he moved it back and forth, waving it at me while at the same time he seemed to be beckoning me to come closer.

I did not move my feet or legs but I was some how gliding toward him. As I got closer I felt the warmth of him rise up and it sent a tingle through me. I was so hot I felt the wetness form along the lips of my pussy. My nipples got hard and I watched as he moved this foreskin back and forth. Covering the head of his thick hard cock and then letting the monster of a tip pop free for my enjoyment. He was teasing me much to my delight.

His lips did not move but in my head I heard him say "Come to me my darling, come suck my cock. Let me fill your mouth with the nectar from my balls. Come feel my cock swell up in your mouth, know that you are so sexy you make me aroused and I want to cum for you. Come taste me taste the sweet nectar of cock.

I was so close to him, I started to kneel before this god of a man. I wanted his cock in my mouth. I wanted to taste his semen, I wanted him to take my head in his hands and hold me while he fucked my mouth until he shot my mouth full of cum. I cried out "Oh, god fuck me. Fill my mouth."

I jerked awake sitting up so fast I nearly fell off the sofa. Shaking the cob webs from my head I blinked to saw a shadow across the room.

There smiling at me was Tony. He smiled and said nothing. He did however have his pants open and he was milking the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. His cock was long, thick and ribbed with muscle. The massive tip was as pointed as a spear. Tony sat looking at me smiling and just milking his wonderful cock.

I thought "Mom no wonder you seem so pleased and happy."

My eyes were fixed and unwavering. I was still so hot from the crazy dream my pussy was wetting through my panties. My nipples were hard and hurt from lack of attention. I needed so much to be touched; I wanted to feel a man's hands of me. What had brought this on I have no idea. But I was ready for what ever was going to come my way.

The terrible idea of my mother's husband; sitting across from me showing me his cock never popped into my aroused brain. All I wanted was to touch that cock, suck on the pointed tip and make him cum with my mouth.

I don't now who moved first but the next thing I knew was that I was naked from the waist down and Tony had his cock in me ramming me like a jack hammer. I was getting a royal fucking and I was spurting cum around his cock wetting everything. It was like a river over flowing its banks there was no way to stop it. I mumbled "Oh, fuck oh fuck, fuck me."

I had come twice when I felt Tony's cock swell and begin to pulsate. I screamed "don't cum in me." I could still get pregnant and I sure as hell did not need another child at my age.

Tony pulled back, sucking his cock out of me.

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