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A rare medical condition makes his half-sister insatiable.


We had all been thrown together for at least a while, but we didn't realize what close quarters we were going to be in until the first night in the shelter. Maybe half an hour after we had all said our good-nights, we heard the wet sound of passionate kissing coming from Ruby and Davi. Eventually, she let out a moan, and we realized they were fucking, right in front of us. There was no moon that night, so we couldn't see anything, but the sound of their bodies slamming into each other, and her pussy sucking his cock inside of her, didn't leave much to the imagination. It didn't take more than a minute of that before I had a rock-hard erection. I reached for Sara, and her pussy was wet as well. We had talked about sex, and how, with no birth control, we should hold off until we were rescued. But I started to finger her damp slit, and felt her hand wrap around my cock and start stroking me. As soon as I heard Ruby cry out in the throes of orgasm, I shot my load all over the sand. I turned my attention to licking Sara's snatch, which was now dripping wet, and by the time she came, she had given up on keeping quiet. Her screams of ecstasy must have sent Davi over the edge, because before they were done, he was grunting and no doubt shooting a dose of sperm into Ruby's waiting cunt. I drifted off to sleep in Sara's arms, to the sounds of Ruby's moans as Davi's cock plowed into her all over again.

In the morning, we all acted as if nothing had happened, and went about our day, gathering food, exploring the island, and keeping busy. But the scene repeated itself the next night, and the next. I overheard Sara finally talking to Ruby about it:

"Aren't you afraid he'll get you pregnant?"

"Honestly? I'm pretty sure he got me on the boat. At this point, whatever happens, happens."

"Have you been together long?"

"Together? He worked on the boat! I met him two weeks ago!"

"And you let him maybe get you pregnant?"

"Shit, it's not like I planned for that. But once he started fucking me, I just lost control. I mean, you've seen him in action. If you were about to come as hard as I've been doing, would you ask him to stop and put on a condom?"

Sara didn't answer. I expected her to chastize Ruby's carelessness, but she seemed lost in thought. That night, the clouds parted, and the moon and the stars were bright enough that we were able to watch the two lovebirds in action. As sexy as Ruby was with her clothes on - a short skirt, a bra, and a torn tank top were all she had to wear on the island - she was twice as sexy without them. We all watched as she got onto her hands and knees, big fleshy tits hanging down invitingly, and wiggled her nice round ass for her lover. Davi slid his shorts down his legs, revealing a massive cock. I had a decent 6-incher, and had never been insecure about it, but his had to be almost twice as big as mine, and so thick Ruby could barely get her little hand around it.

But she wasted no time guiding it into her pussy, and Davi started slamming into her, slowly at first, and then as powerfully and determined as a stallion mounting a brood mare. The rest of us made no pretense about giving them any privacy; across the shelter, Siobhan was lazily fingering her cunt as she watched, wide-eyed. Sara was doing the same thing, right in front of me. And anyone looking in my direction would have seen all six inches of my dick standing straight up. I reached for Sara, to start fingering her pussy as we had every night, but she turned away from me, and backed her ass up against my rock-hard cock.

"Just pull out," she whispered.

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