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Lynne enjoyed her vacation with Leif.

One handed her a package and told her to put on the outfit while the other opened the bottle of wine and filled three glasses. She said she tried to go to the bathroom to change but they insisted she do it right there in front of them. They also insisted she drink the entire glass of wine.

They assured her they would not hurt her and told her the first night would be fairly tame. She said she told them again that what they were doing was wrong and that they should leave the memory cards and get out before more damage was done. They just laughed and told her it was probably time to get started. Lisa told me she felt sick as they looked at her. They made her strip slowly and then start to play with herself and she went through the motions but she said she knew it was not very convincing. After some time, she told them it was icky what they were doing and she could not be turned on, so they should just let her go. At this point one of the men said, "Well, we're not going anywhere, so get to work. Maybe you need a little motivation". At that he undid his pants and pulled out his own cock. She told me she could tell he was already turned on and when he pulled at it, it got bigger. Really big. He said, "Don't worry, I'll stay over here. But you will at least watch me while you play with yourself and if you don't come by the end of the hour, maybe I will let you go. " So Lisa said she went back to diddling herself as she had been before the break, but she did keep her eyes on the man, and he jacked off while he watched her.

"Sweetie," Lisa said to me, "I don't know what happened but I stopped thinking about everything that was going on and just watched his cock grow and twitch while he stroked it, and I started to get turned on. At one point he told me how fine I looked and that he had already beat off to the movies he'd seen and that I was much better in person. Well, I'm not sure what else went on, but in a short bit he came and they let me dress and go". She paused and seemed shaken. "I don't know what they have planned next, but you need to figure this out so I don't have to do this any more." With that she collected herself and got ready and off to work at school. I sat there trying to make sense of what she said. She didn't mention that she came hard herself or that she liked it, or didn't like it. I do know it scared her.

I had two days to work on this before Friday night would arrive with Lisa's next ordeal. I called the office and cleared my calendar, citing a family emergency. ( I didn't have to lie about that-we had one)!

They had given her no inkling of what would come next or even where it would take place. We knew there were at least two perpetrators, that they were male and American, that they knew who Lisa was, that they did not seem like killers but they were determined bad guys all the same . But age and identity were otherwise unknown. I resolved to go back to the Marriott right away and learn all I could.

At the Marriott there were few clues. I waited for housekeeping to get to the room to clean it, and talked my way in with the maid, but there was little inside . The wine bottle and wine glasses were gone and the lingerie was gone too. No cum-soaked tissues, nothing. The hotel would not tell me who had rented the room either. I asked all the staff I could find if they had seen two men together, dressed casually in long sleeve casual shirts, around the grounds last night. One groundskeeper told he had seen two men dressed like that enter the hotel from the rear and he remembered them because they had greeted him very warmly and wished him a great day. He guessed their age to be early twenties, give or take.

From the Marriott I went to the church and under the guise of general curiosity asked the youth minister about the weekend at our desert house and the guests who had come.

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