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High school sweethearts find a new chance.

"Oh, don't stop on my account," she said. "I kind of like watching."

I always loved her husky voice, especially the way it let the s's slip out between her lips.

I could see her face reflected in my screen on top of the shots of her sexual abandon. She kissed the top of my head as her fingers rested on my shoulders before sliding down to my nipples. There they pinched and pulled, rolled and teased me to another erection. Her lips were close to my right ear.

"I want to see you taste your cum," she said. No longer a whisper but a very motherly statement. Kind of like when she "asked" me to do the dishes or rake the lawn.

When I hesitated. She pulled my nipples a little further than before, pinching them harder than before.

"What's the matter? You're jerking off to my photos, the least you can do is bring that lovely cum covered hand up to your lips and lick your sperm from your fingers."

I think I was shaking at this point as I did what she asked.

"Mmmmmm, now doesn't that taste good?" She paused. "I've always loved the taste of cum whether fresh from a cock or from a pussy, my own or someone else's. But I really, really love watching you do it."

I could see her reflection wink in the screen in front of me and I could feel my lust grow within my balls.

She reached around me as her tongue and lips nibbled on my ears and her hand followed my fingers to my own G spot before traveling further down toward my anus.

I was in total shock, both at being caught, at the photos of her fucking my van-full of friends, and at her moves toward incest. All three made my cock grow into the biggest cum-dump I had ever experienced.

I was beyond horny and she did not let up.


"Shhhhhhh," she said. "For a moment I thought watching you take pics of me fucking your friends was the hottest thing ever, but this?"

I just about came another time right then and there.

"Oh don't worry my little boy, mommy's going to take care of everything and we're going to have such fun together." She pressed her fingers through mine, lubing them with my own semen before finding her way to my hole.

I gasped and arched my back. I raised my ass up from the seat giving her better access to my hole.

"Oh that's it my little boy. Raise your little pussy hole for mommy to explore. You enjoyed watching me fuck those boys by the pool, now let mommy help you cum again and again."

Just as I was about to explode, she stopped.

She stopped everything.

Her hand pulled away from my pussy hole, as I now thought of it. Her lips moved away from my ear, and her body pulled back from the screen.

I turned to her about to ask what I did wrong, anything just to get her back to doing what she was doing.

She put one of her delicious fingers to her lips and motioned me to silence.

"You didn't do anything wrong. I just want to build your anticipation for later"

She smiled a wicked smile as she lifted up her T shirt to show me her gorgeously round and perfect breasts with those two little quarter shaped aereolas an those two perfectly raised eraser-tip nipples. The same nipples I used to nurse from.

She knew exactly where my eyes were pointed. She reached down and played with her nipples, rolling them and pulling gently on them.

"Oh don't worry my boy you will be doing so much more than suckling on them in the very near future and for a very long time. That and so much more. But right now I want to see you stroke yourself and cum one more time for me. Then I want to watch you taste your cum in as sexy a way as you can."

Right then and there my cock began to cum alive with my creamy white milk. It covered the back of my hand and my fingers with a slick goo. A goo that I raised to my lips and begin to tongue.

"Remember, slow and sexy."

I ran my tongue through my fingers, licking my knuckles, curling around my palm and the back of my hand.

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