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Caught between a hot aunt & hotter niece.

"Then, um, maybe, we..." His eyes looked glazed and feverish now, and Janice felt a tremor of fear in the pit of her stomach. "Maybe we could just go behind those bushes over there and fuck?"

Oh, god, she thought. All she could think to say was, "No!" She pulled her arm away and started walking faster.

He kept pace. Then he grabbed her arm again, harder this time. "You don't understand, Janet. I really need to fuck you. Right now."

She pushed him off of her. "You didn't even remember my name!" she shouted.

He grabbed her again, this time around both arms. "Who cares about your name?" he shouted. "I just want to fuck you!" He started dragging her off towards the bushes.

"No!" She pushed away at him, but he just seemed to have a crazy grip. "Help! Police! Fire!" She really wished she'd taken a self-defense course all of a sudden, but who was going to rape her?

This man right here, that's who. He was dragging her shirt up over her head as he pulled her off the street, panting like a madman. Maybe he'd have a heart attack She wasn't going to be that lucky. She yelled again.

Salvation! One of the lights came on in a nearby house, and a man walked out still wearing his pajamas. He saw the two of them struggling in the early dawn light, and headed over. "What the hell is going on here?" he shouted.

Janice managed to get out, "He's trying to--" before the jogger covered her mouth with his hand. He pulled her close to him.

"I want to have sex with her," he said, "but she's playing hard-to-get. Bet that makes the sex even better, though..." She felt him rubbing against her through their clothes, and she felt sick.

"Well, forget it, mister!" the man said, grabbing at George's wrist. "She's not having sex with you," (thank god thank god thank god thought Janice,) "she's having sex with me!" (oh god oh god oh god thought Janice.)

"Like hell!" George said, shoving her to the ground and charging the other man. The two of them grappled, and Janice took the opportunity to get back to her feet. Maybe she could just slip quietly past them...

"She's getting away!" one of them shouted.

Janice started running.

The next few minutes were a nightmare. Well, the beginning of one, anyway. Both George and the other man kept chasing her, shouting about wanting to fuck her, telling her not to be such a tease...they made so much of a racket that other men looked out their windows, and once they saw her, they joined right in. Soon there was a half-dozen drooling men chasing her down the street, and Janice had no doubt that when they caught up to her, every single one of them would have rape on their mind. She couldn't run to the police--she'd just get raped by a policeman. She couldn't keep running forever, not when she just kept attracting a bigger crowd...

Suddenly, a car pulled up alongside her, and the door opened. A woman in her mid-40s sat in the driver's seat, beckoning to her. "Get in!" she cried, and Janice didn't have to be told twice, not with the mob behind her. She jumped into the car and slammed the door, and the woman accelerated away.

"Thank you, oh god thank you so much," Janice gasped out in tears. "They would have, they were going to..."

"Ssh, dear," said the driver, taking several lefts and rights in quick succession to lose the crowd. "It's OK now, you're safe now. I'm Barbara, and you are?"

"Janice," she sobbed. "Janice Muncie. I'm sorry, I'm just a little freaked. Those men back there, they wanted to rape me, oh was terrifying."

"I'll bet," Barbara said. She pulled into a deserted alley, hugging the wall on the passenger's side, and went into 'Park'. "You know what would relax you? A massage. I'm really good at giving massages."

Janice saw the look in her eyes. She opened the door, but it only moved about an inch before clunking against the alley wall. "Thanks, but no thanks."

Barbara unbuckled her seat belt and pressed her hand against Janice's crotch.

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