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New rivals and old enemies.

Sandy's flesh felt cold and lonely where Cindee's knowing hands were caressing her moments before, and she longed for more contact. She reached out and grabbed Cindee's satin lapels and pulled her onto her slight frame. Cindee gasped at the action, but followed with a wicked smile. She arched her neck to kiss the soft swells of Sandy's breast, grazing her tongue along the delicate fabric which encased her. With Cindee's concentration solely on her lover's chest, Sandy was able to reach down and run her fingers along the firm softness of her neck.

The two women simply caressed each other for a long while, taking the time to acquaint themselves with the other's touch. Cindee paused from her exploration of Sandy's chest long enough to reach back and unclasp her bra, letting the heavy weight of her breasts fall free. Sandy's skin tingled where her lover's fingers glided across her skin, and when she felt the wet heat of Cindee's mouth on her nipple, she moaned softly. She felt the pink nodule peak into a rigid spike as Cindee's tongue flicked the sensitive flesh back and forth. Sandy tangled the fingers of her left hand further into her heavenly tresses as her right focused on the removal of her tight blazer. When she finally unfastened the top button, it was as if she could not remove the rest fast enough. She wanted to see the bronzed beauty of the sexy woman's body.

When Cindee's top finally slid off her form and onto the floor, Sandy opened her eyes to drink in the sight of her friend's black satin bra. She was as dark and sleek as Sandy was fair and soft. She reached down to Cindee's left breast and pulled the nipple out through the top of the bra. Her skin was flawless. Sandy longed to suckle the ripe peak, but Cindee's body language was making it clear that Sandy was not the one orchestrating the lovemaking. When she felt Sandy's head aim towards her own chest, Cindee moved herself away, teasing her lover mercilessly.

"Don't move." Cindee commanded sternly, but with tenderness in her voice. "I want to please you first."

Sandy surrendered to Cindee, as if finally receiving permission to just lay back and enjoy the ride. She felt the cheeks of her ass clench tightly as Cindee's hot breath brushed her knees and her thighs. Without awareness of her own moves, Sandy gently guided Cindee's head slowly between her legs. She felt her pussy lather up as Cindee's breath came closer and closer to her core, maddeningly slow. Cindee's commanding hands clasped the hem of Sandy's silk skirt and began to inch it slowly northward. The subservient Sandy arched her back and raised her hips slightly off the edge of the table to facilitate the undressing. She smiled at Cindee's sudden intake of breath when she saw the white lacy garter belt holding up her tan hose. She always made sure she wore the sexiest undergarments she could find. It made her feel beautiful and sensuous. Sandy was especially pleased that her lover was appreciating the delicate lace as well.

"You are so beautiful." Cindee murmured as she leaned in to sprinkle wispy butterfly kisses on Sandy's inner thighs. Sandy lay back against the cold table and leaned into the pleasure that was slowly overtaking her. She arched her pelvis towards Cindee's face, eager to feel the other woman's tongue in her most intimate folds. But Cindee wanted to prolong her seduction. She nuzzled Sandy's buttocks and thighs with her nose, alternately licking the soft skin from her knees to her ass. After what seemed like hours, she ran her index finger under the elastic band of Sandy's G-string, and proceeded to pull the flimsy material down the length of her legs.

"Oh, God.

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