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Amber and her Daddy have a week alone to play.

I'm not sure how much time passed as we worked on collectively finishing our rum and wine, but every time I finally managed to get my erection to go down I would notice Stephanie still sitting almost right next to me, those fantastic tits seemingly floating on the bubbling hot tub water. I also noticed my brother's blinks seemed to last longer and longer, his eyes staying closed for minutes at a time.

I remember thinking I should help him out of the water and into the house, and as I started to stand up Stephanie pouted no, she wasn't ready for the fun to end as she pushed down on my thigh to force me back into the water. I also remember thinking it odd that her hand never left my thigh, she left it resting right above my knee. We kept talking for awhile, Joe occasionally opening his eyes to add to the conversation but mostly drifting off.

As we talked Stephanie's hand started moving, slow circles at first, then gradually moving up my thigh. She never missed a beat in the conversation, other than raising her eyebrows when her hand finally circled it's way up to what was now my throbbing erection threatening to burst the button holding the front of my trunks together.

When she reached said button she slid her hand slowly over the waistband, and like i mentioned earlier it never occurred to me that what was happening was wrong. All I could think of as that hand undid the button holding my trunks together and reached down to grip the shaft of my cock was that this felt amazing! She started stroking slowly, then whispered in my ear be right back cutie. "Come on Joe let's get you upstairs into bed."

A few minutes later I was sitting alone in my brother's hot tub hard cock still out of my undone trunks wondering how the hell the night had turned out this way when Stephanie stepped back outside, and I couldn't help but notice she had lost her bathing suit! "Now where were we?" she asked as she slid back into the water, kneeling in front of me. "Oh yea, lets lose these trunks" she said seductively, pulling them down past my feet and officially freeing up my cock which she grabbed right away. "You're a little shorter than your brother is but definitely thicker. Look I need both hands to wrap all the way around it!" I could have done without the lesson on my brothers anatomy but It's hard to argue with the big breasted woman working both hands up and down your cock.

"I've noticed you staring at chest for years you know." She asked "Would you like to see them wrapped around your dick?" I nodded emphatically. I sat up on the edge of the tub and she wrapped her massive tits around my dick using her hands to slide them up and down my cock, going faster and faster than slowing down to drool down onto my cock. All i could do was lean my head back with my eyes closed and moan in ecstasy.

I could feel myself starting to tense up as I got closer and closer to cumming when all of the sudden she pulled away. I looked back up at her and she asked me "So how about it big boy, are you ready to slide that monster of yours into this nice wet pussy?" And I had never wanted anything more in my life than to do exactly that. But two thoughts occurred to me. First was that I was so close I probably wouldn't last a minute before finishing and Second, this was my brother's wife! I just couldn't bring myself to take it that far. I explained this to her and she smiled understandingly before telling me "That's fine but I won't be robbed of the cumshot I have been working for all this time!"

Before I could object any further she grabbed the base of my cock and aggressively forced her mouth down over my cock.

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