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After long week at work, wife has an unexpected plan.

Without really thinking about it, we end up sitting together. I feel his arms around me and it feels right.

"Jasmine, please, let's go to my room. I need to love you. Please, let me hold you and love you. Let me show you what it is just to be held and cherished." Without letting myself think about it I get up and let him lead me to his room. When we get there I remember the fire and realize that it had been out before we left the beach. "Jasmine, please, take off your clothes. I would love to see you naked and waiting for me in my bed. I long to fee your body against mine. You have nothing to worry about though. I will not pressure you to do anything that you do not want to do."

"Can you turn your back? It has been so long that I must admit to being a bit shy." I feel a blush stain my cheeks as I admit it.

"No problem, Jasmine. I fully understand." Turning toward the fire place he gives me the privacy that I had requested. Quickly I take off my clothes and climb into the bed. Turning back toward me I see a smile on his face. "Are you ready?" Mutely I nod. Smiling he starts to remove his clothes. I already knew that he has a very muscled chest because he will go without a shirt on the beach during the day. His legs are also very muscular. It is no wonder that he could shadow me on my ride into town and I never knew it. When he starts to pull the waistband of his trunks down I have to admit to being very embarrassed, so I close my eyes. I hear Jeff chuckle, but it is not a jeering laughter. It is more kind. I feel him get into bed and turn toward me. Opening my eyes I look into his and I see nothing but kindness.

"Jasmine, tonight we have no agenda. If we end up making love, then so be it, but all I am looking to do is cuddle with you." Snuggling up to him I can feel his hard body up against mine. I tense up. "Jasmine, please, relax." His voice is so soothing and his hands that are touching me are so gentle that I feel myself start to relax and I must say that it feels good.

Turning toward him in his arms I snuggle up to his chest. Feeling him sigh I look up at him.

"Jasmine, I want to kiss you." I reach up to meet his mouth as it comes down to mine. When our lips meet it is like nothing I have ever felt before in my life. It is almost like an explosion. His hands start to caress me with more passion than I have ever known. Rolling us so that I am on the top is no problem for him. "Jasmine, I want to love you. Please put me in you."

"No, Jeff, you need to do it. I have never done such a thing. Please, Jeff, please make love to me."

Without missing a beat he rolls us so that I am on the bottom. With one last questioning glance, he raises himself up and I feel him positioning himself. Slowly he presses his cock into me. I am glad that he did it slowly, because I have never felt someone that wide before. When he gets all the way in, he stops.

"Jasmine, are you okay?"

I look up at him and nod. "I'm fine, Jeff, but you have got to be the largest man I have ever had. Please love me, Jeff."

With those words he pulls out and presses back in, all the while watching me. When I get use to his size I nod my head and he picks up the pace. Even though he is slamming into me, his eyes never leave mine. At the slightest wince from me, he immediately stops. When I nod again, he gently starts thrusting back into me again.

"Jeff, I won't break. Love me in the most physical way you know how."

Stunned, Jeff stops in mid thrust. "Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you. I know that if I take you like that, you will be hurt."

"Jeff, I want to be yours tonight. Do what you want with me. I want to belong to you totally."

"Jasmine, I don't just want you for tonight.

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