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She then shouted down "Just getting changed dear will be down in 5."

Poor Karen she was exhausted but pulled herself together enough to make tea and collapse with Andrew in front of the TV. Every time the phone rang she jumped for it before Andrew in case it was Mistress Jo-Anne.

Over the next few months Jo-Anne maintained the momentum of getting Karen to submit to her will. She did not push things but took it slowly and steadily. Taking Karen deeper with each step.

Karen was pushed to her physical limits at the gym which along with the strict diet plan Mistress Jo-Anne sent her caused her to lose weight and tone her body. Karen was enthralled with the results. This was a psycholigal step putting her in deeper debt to Mistress Jo- Anne. She had also been having Karen watch and read a lot of lesbian porn. She then encouraged Karen to ogle other women at the gym and send her texts describing who she found hot and why. Then she instructed Karen to take every opportunity to masturbate pretending she was in the porn videos with these women. During these sessions she had to leave her phone live and describe what she was doing to Mistress Jo-Anne. Unknown to Karen Jo-Anne was videotaping these conversations remotely through the phone as extra blackmail leverage.

Karen on instruction paid numerous visits to the sex shop and was now on first name terms with the staff. She now had to buy a lockable box to store her growing collection of dildos, plugs, vibrators, and now BDSM gear - nipple clamps, gags, bondage cuffs, spreader bars etc... She could set up her own shop.

She had a hard time keeping it all secret from Andrew. She could not however disguise her weight loss but he was loving it and thought it was for his benefit.

Mistress Jo-Anne then told her to overhaul her wardrobe. Lots of short skirts and tight low neckline tops. Out with all her comfy pants and in with lacy thongs. Out with tights and in with hold ups and garter belts. Her heels all became higher. Her make up more pronounced even slutty. Karen could not believe her eyes at the transformation from middle aged frumpy housewife to smouldering sex pot. Andrew did comment and began to suspect Karen was having an affair but couldn't work out when she had the opportunity so dismissed it and accepted her version she just wanted a change to hold off old age.

Jo -Anne was more than satisfied with his progress her plan was having on the submission of Karen. On her interaction with Karen she soon picked up that despite her actions Karen still loved her husband very much. Based on this knowledge Jo-Anne decided that there would be a second strand to her grand plan. This was to feminize Andrew into their very own sissy servant to look after her and Karen.

Her first step was to tell Karen that the only way that she could carry on loving her husband was to allow Jo-Anne to turn him into a sissy. Karen tried to resist this saying her husband was all male and would never submit. Jo-Anne too this up as a challenge and told Karen to just follow her instructions and see what happened.

A few days later a package arrived in the post. When Karen opened it she discovered an MP3 player and a number of micro sized speakers. The instructions form Jo- Anne were for the speakers to be set up around their bedroom and to conceal the player somewhere handy so she could start it each night. Karen followed the guide and when she looked she could hardly tell where the speakers were and she had just placed them. That night Karen and Andrew went to bed as normal. As soon as he was asleep Karen activated the play button on the MP3 player. This began to play a series of subliminal messages on a loop "Girls are sexy." "Girls are sexy because they wear panties." "You want to look sexy." "You want to wear sexy panties." "You want to be a girl." The following morning Andrew woke up and had a fuzzy head but could not say why. This process went on for the next month.

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