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He is ravished by a stalker.


- Oooh, you want to really dominate me, Master! You won't leave me any chance!

Kira was smiling. She loved when a lover mastered her. She wasn't completely submissive like her friend Leena. She also loved dominating another girl or occasionally a man but her natural tendencies pushed her to submit. She adjusted her position so that Dhanraj's dick was just in line with her pussy. She started to slowly bear down onto his huge cock. She could have taken it whole in seconds but slowness clearly enhanced their mutual pleasure. When her pussy was pressed and spread against him, his shaft impaling her completely, she arched backward and started to rub her clit as she rode him hard.

Dhanraj reached up and began to pinch and rub her nipples as she squirmed against him. He had a good view of her body as their bodies were at a distance. She seemed her more and more excited as he just lay back and enjoyed watching her writhe helplessly.

It was fortunate for Dhanraj he had already spent himself several times into his quite willing slave. It helped him to delay his own climax. He didn't afford the same luxury to Kira. As soon as she cummed on his cock, he ordered her to start again frigging her clit while he mauled her breasts and twisted ferociously her nipples. He just needed to push two fingers into her ass hole to make her dance on his erect pole again.

When Kira stopped reacting to his tit mauling, he humped several times in a row, lifting her from the throne and making her groan and moan. He was now going straight for his own pleasure. She barely noticed his sperm shooting into her cervix, pulse after pulse but her cunt seemed to have a life of its own and drew spurt after spurt from Dhanraj. It seemed to revive her somewhat. Dhanraj felt Kira arching her hips up towards him, begging for more of his cum inside her pussy. When he was done enjoying her, he slid out, dropped her gently on the floor and stepped back. Fastening his pants back up, he enjoyed the sight before him : a beautiful wife, naked, really fucked out, used and abused, with cum running back out of her cunt and ass and dripping down her legs in a heap on the floor.

Dhanraj let her sleep for two hours. When he woke up, he patted her shoulder.

- Wake up, lazy bones! I would like you to dance again for me! I really enjoyed your first performance. Let's see if you can make it any better, now you've heard the music once!

Kira opened sleepy eyes until she realized the master wanted her to dance for his pleasure a second time! She was still groggy but she was proud he had enjoyed her first dance sufficiently to order her to present it to him again!

All her previous fears to deceive him, doubt on her abilities and hesitation about dancing in an unknown house to an unknown music for an unknown master just drifted away. She had just to submit to her master. The music suddenly filled the space around her. Her body, of its own movement, started to arch back and forth, linking together a long series of fluid and smooth body movements, with the only purpose of giving him pleasure and offering herself over to him. Everything was dancing around her, sweat was drenching her naked skin, breath felt tight in her chest, her heart was racing madly in her chest. She was lost once more in music filled frenzy. Just this time, the aphrodisiac she had taken earlier had ceased its effect.

Dhanraj sat perfectly still. He had taken his chin in his hand and watched her with burning eyes. Kira finished her show like the first time on her knees at his feet, her long hair sweeping the carpet and cascading on her feet. The music slowly calmed down, slithering around them. Her breathing returned progressively to normal, her body grew more languid and still. There was a last drum beat

Kira was still kneeling before him.

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