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Now you should get inside and fix the salad and dessert."

She nodded and went inside. I turned and began to place the steaks and corn on the grill.

I watched my sister through the patio door as she prepared both the salad and baked a frozen pie. Mom and dad arrived about five minutes before dinner was ready. After dinner we played a game of hearts that Danielle ended up winning. After the game my parents went into the living room to watch TV. So Danielle and I went downstairs to the room where our pool table was located. Usually our parents didn't come down there, they would just open the door and call to us.

There was also another table down there, that we could play cards on if we wanted to. Danielle and I often had done that in previous years. There was also a couch and a TV in the room as well. We played two games of pool with us each winning one. For the third game I made Danielle a bet. If I won we would play a game of strip poker, if she won she could name the game we would play next. I won the game easily sinking the eight ball on the break. Danielle smiled and we went over to the card table. We made sure we each had on the same amount of clothes. Danielle had a blouse, bra, skirt, panties, and sandals. I had my shirt, shorts, underwear, socks, and sandals. We made the rule when you took off a piece of clothing it had to be an outer piece and that you had to stand up to remove it.

I dealt the first hand and ended up with two pair to Danielle's pair of Aces. She kicked off her sandals. She also lost the next two hands, causing her to take off her skirt and blouse. I lost the next three hands, removing my sandals, socks, and shirt. Danielle lost the next hand and stood up, she reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, her magnificent tits came into my view again. She also lost the hand after that and stood up and pulled down her panties.

She had shaved her bush off when she taken her shower that afternoon. Danielle came up to me, so I licked her bare slit. I pulled off my shorts and underwear exposing my rock hard cock to her. Danielle positioned her pussy right over my dick and sat down on my lap. She slowly moved up and down.

After five minutes of this, the door to the upstairs opened and our mother yelled down, "We're going to bed kids, don't stay up too late."

"We won't," I said.

The door closed and Danielle began to move up and down again. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I lay her down on her back on one of the couches and got on top of her. My dick sank back into her pussy and I began to slowly thrust it back into her. She moaned out loud, and pulled me in even tighter to her body. I quickly reached a peak and filled her with my sperm.

"Oh god, bro, if you keep this up you're definitely going to get me pregnant."

"That's the idea, isn't it, sis."


"Well remember you still have one outfit to show me."

"I know."

"Well bring it to my room tonight along with yourself. I want to give you one more load of sperm for your womb."

"I'll be there."

"Okay, honey. Let's go upstairs."

"See you in your room in about twenty minutes."

We both quickly redressed and the headed back upstairs. I went into the bathroom and quickly pissed. I went back into my room and stripped off my clothes. I lay down on my bed. A few minutes later Danielle knocked gently on my door.
"Enter," I said.

Danielle turned the knob and walked into the room. She was wearing a very sheer pink nightgown.

I smiled at her as she closed and locked the door behind her. She turned and faced me. Her breasts were nice and full. Her pussy slit was still visible.

"You like?"

"I like very much. But now take it off and join me in bed so that I can fuck you."

She quickly pulled the nightgown over her head and climbed onto the bed with me. I flipped her over and slammed my hard dick into her wet pussy.

I started to pound in and out of her at a very fast pace.

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