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She undid the remaining buttons and let the dress fall to the floor.

She stood there in matching blue bra and deep lacy thong, together with pale blue hold up stockings. She ran her hands across her stomach and decided she needed to lose some weight and take up some exercise...she smiled to herself...how many years had she been saying the same thing. She removed her bra and stood looking at her breasts that she had always considered small. Then she remembered the recent compliments about them. She circled her breasts with her index fingers; each circle getting smaller a she neared the nipple. She was amazed as she watched the nipples become erect just from her touch.

As she caressed them more firmly she thought of his touch, that very first time after they had been out for a drink. His look of astonishment when he realized she was not wearing a bra. He had run his warm hands up her back then around to her breasts. He then caressed her breasts as she now did before taking each nipple into his mouth and sucking them. He had teased them with his teeth. A shiver of excitement ran through her.

Her hands stroked the skin above her breasts up to her neck. She lifted her hair away from her neck and she stroked the right side of her neck, her shoulder and down her arm raising goose bumps as she did so. She repeated the exercise on the left side, experiencing the same effect.

She ran her hands down her body to the top of the thong, she traced along the top edge turning as she did so. She looked over her shoulder at the reflection of her bum. The blue lacy thong and the blue hold up stockings framed it. She stroked her buttocks as she did so she thought of him again; the way he used to stroke her bum as he walked past her at work.

She again turned to face herself, the smile remained, her nipples still erect. She ran her hands over the material of her thong, down between her legs. She could feel dampness there. She then slid her hand into her thong; stroked her pubic hair before exploring further; the lips of her pussy lightly caressing them; her clit rubbing it feeling it harden beneath her touch. She removed her thong making it easier to stroke her pussy and clit. She inserted one finger into her pussy, oh now she was really wet.

She removed her shoes and stockings, standing naked before the mirror, many thoughts going through her mind. On the verge of tears, due to a past she wished she could change, he came to her rescue. He clouded her thoughts, his texts, his touch, his kiss, his compliments and his warm naked body close to hers.

His texts; it had all started with them texting jokes to each other. Then one week he had been away from work and was going camping on the beach. She had text him on the Saturday morning and he had replied about half ten in the evening. The texts started much as usual with them talking about the missed opportunities to make sandcastles. As the evening progressed, he told her of all the things he would like to do with her. She was surprised as he was 12 years her junior and she had not believed anyone would fancy her. They had text until half three and then she had not been able to sleep as she was so aroused.

His touch; the time that came to mind was the first time as they'd sat together in a club chatting. Oh, he had said what he would like to do but she did not really think he was serious. That night he proved that indeed he did fancy her as they sat and chatted he'd stroked her back beneath her top and caressed her stocking clad legs beneath her skirt.

His kiss; oh how she remembered the first time he kissed her; the same night in the club. His smile as he held her close as they danced. He then leaned forward and they kissed, she had been afraid to make the first move in case he had rejected her. Never had a single kiss made her feel so wanted. The following kisses, ever more passionate, turning her on.

His compliments; too many to count; so many to remember. The biggest compliment of all was the fact that he wanted her.

His warm naked body; after an age of stolen moments, he fi

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