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His first real life encounter with an online Mistress.

Cathy's cousins arrived, and finally I told her 'Look, the phone is around somewhere, you'll find it when you get back." As planned, she reluctantly left without it.

I got to the phone and turned it on. I really felt like a spy or something! I went to her texts, and sure enough, Kent's texts came up first. I texted him "Come over."

In just a moment, he texted back "R u going 2 mall?"

I replied "???" Then he called, which I completely did not expect. I turned the phone off in a panic. For a few moments, I sat there, not knowing what to do. I turned the phone back on. Missed call, and another text, saying "Is yr mom there?"

I decided to wait. If he came, fine, and if not, I could try another day. I turned the phone off again and put it on the counter in Cathy's bathroom. I had just about convinced myself that it was a sign, I should not try to fuck my daughter's boyfriend, when the doorbell rang. I straightened my hair and opened the door.

"Why Kent, how nice to see you!" I said, acting a little surprised.

"Oh, hi Mrs. Anderson. Is Cathy here?" he said.

"No, she's gone off to the mall with her cousins."

"I thought she was, but she texted me," he said.

"Sometimes she is such a scatterbrain," I said. "She forgot she was meeting her cousins, and then she couldn't find her phone. But come in and let me give you something cold to drink."

"That's alright, I just better go." Oops! Not how I planned it!

"You come in for a minute, I insist. It's hot out there! Did you ride your bike over?"

"Uh, yes ma'am, but it's not so hot."

"It is, and I wont take no for an answer. Just for a minute. Besides, I have a teeny favor to ask you."

"Oh. Um, sure," he said, and came in.

"I'm going to make some lemonade, or do you want a coke? The favor is, can you take off the cover of our air unit? Sometimes there is a terrible smell, and I just want to make sure that nothing has died in there." I am proud of thinking this one up on the spur of the moment!

"Sure," he said. "Do you have a screwdriver?"

I made the lemonade and brought it out to him just as he was putting the cover back on. It was hot out, and he had sweated through his t-shirt. "There's nothing in there Mrs. Anderson," he said. "I don't know what was causing that smell."

"It was only once in a while," I said, handing him a big glass of lemonade. "Maybe I will have to call someone in. Now how about a quick swim?"

"I don't have a suit," he said.

"You know, I think there is an old suit here that Cathy's dad left, it should fit you. I wanted to go in for a swim, but I hate to swim when there is no one else home. Too dangerous. We'll have a little swim for about 15 minutes, and then I will let you go. Okay?"

"Sure," he said.

I went and got the two suits. "I found an old one of my own with it!" I said. "I haven't worn this one for years. I hope it still fits!" I gave him the men's suit, and we went off to change. I changed in my bedroom. It was hard to squeeze into the top, but it was worth it! My boobs completely bulged out on top. I looked like a complete slut. I checked out my crotch in the mirror, opening and closing my legs. Without the lining you could just make out the outline of my crack, but hopefully it would be clearer when the suit was wet.

I went down to the pool, and Kent's eyes bulged when he saw me. "Got him," I thought to myself. Out loud I said "This suit is way too small. I've really gotten fat since I used to wear it."

"Oh no, Mrs. Anderson! You aren't fat at all!" said Kent.

"Nice of you to say so! C'mon, I'll race you three laps!" We jumped in the pool and did a few laps. We climbed out laughing.

"You're a good swimmer!" Kent said to me.

"For an old lady?" I joked.

"Oh no, you're not an old lady!" he said. "You are a very good looking woman!"

"Thanks Kent," I laughed.

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