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Jim is a massage intern for the girls' soccer team.


His only reaction was a half smile with one side of his mouth that was more like a smirk. I knew he wanted some pussy, but he was expecting another blowjob, because that's all I'd ever given him.

I didn't say anything else right then, as I began to play with his nuts, rolling them around in my hand and lightly squishing them. I pulled on them, and fondled them like I'd found a new toy.

At the very same time, I was jacking his dick off with my other hand, while looking up at him. I had a nice rhythm going, and I knew he was feeling good. I had learned what he likes, and so when he reached for my face, I knew he wanted me to suck his dick.

By that time we were close to the point where I'd have to make my final decision. I went ahead and put the head of it in my mouth, and gave it a good working over. I licked and sucked it for about a minute, but when I began to taste his pre-cum, I took it out of my mouth before he shot-off.

When I looked at him and saw the question in his eyes, I gave him my best seductive look, and then I pulled him onto the bed with me.

He was lying there looking at me, and I could tell he was impressed with the way I'd worked him, and that encouraged me to take it to the next level, so I looked into his eyes and said, "Did you like that big daddy?"

All I got out of him was a grunt when he said, "Mmhmm," and my clit got hard again. I snuggled up to him, and he put those big strong arms of his around me. I could feel his heart beating and hear his breathing. I just laid my head on his chest while I let my fingers do the talking.

I laid hands on him, and I really liked the way his body felt, with his soft skin on top of hard muscles. I was ready to feel his weight on me, and to test-drive my new vagina, and so I kissed my way from his chest to his earlobe before I cooed into his ear, "Big Daddy, please give momma what she needs?"

Smitty didn't need me to ask him twice, and he took control of the situation. I giggled when he rolled me on my back and laid his thick muscular thighs across my lower body. He had an arm around my shoulders, and his other hand was playing with my breasts. I closed my eyes, and drifted into another world. When I felt his soft thick lips on mine, I opened my mouth and let him do whatever he wanted to me.

Our kisses were wet and sloppy. There were no dueling tongues, or battles being waged in our mouths, I was submissive. He didn't know it, but he was about to take my virginity, and in my mind I was giving myself to him completely. I was moaning and squirming because the things he was doing were feeling so good to me, and because I wanted to encourage him to take me higher.

The more I carried on when he touched or kissed my body the more he did it. After I'd had all the foreplay and attention I wanted, I begged him to fuck me.

But when he climbed between my legs and was about to put it in, I had a moment of panic. I started telling him over and over to go slow and take it easy. What I didn't know was, by that time I'd leaked so much pre-cum, my pussy was sopping wet, and extended to its full length. To my great relief when he stuck his dick in there, it really didn't hurt at all, and after we'd fucked for a while he was able to push is nearly seven inches balls deep.

Oops, I'm getting ahead of myself, so let's go back to how it felt when he first entered me. It was the strangest mixture of sensations I'd ever felt. He was literally sticking his dick into my penis, and as his dick slid in and out I could feel every inch of it rubbing what was now my inner walls. The sensations weren't as intense as they'd been when it was still my dick, but it still felt good physically.

But when he was thrusting and withdrawing the emotional satisfaction of his dick entering my pussy, stretching me, and filling me was other worldly.

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