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"Tomorrow. I'm so scared that it's going to be too much for Austin and he is going to freak out." Ryan said as his eyes filled with tears.

Cindy stopped washing the dishes and pulled Ryan into a big hug. "Tomorrow is going to be a very rough day for him, for both of you. He is going to face something that he probably never thought he would. The good thing is you're going to be there with him and we will be here when you guys come back. He has an entire support group just waiting for him and for you." She said as she let him go.

"I just hope that I can be strong enough for him." Ryan sighed.

"Just be as strong as you can be for him. What you are doing takes a lot and everyone is going to see that." Cindy smiled.

"Thank you Aunt Cindy for everything. You don't know what this means to me, to us."

"That's what family is for." Cindy smiled. "What time do you guys have to be at the funeral tomorrow?"

"It starts at ten but Beth asked if we could come by a little before that." Ryan replied.

"Are your clothes ready?" Cindy questioned as she went back to the dishes.

"We just have kakis and polo shirts. Neither one of us have suits to wear."

"Hold on one second." She turned around and called for Josh. "Josh, do you think Justin's and your suit would fit Ryan and Austin?"

"Hmm. I'm pretty sure Justin's will fit Austin. They look about the same size, but I'm not sure about Ryan."

"To big?" Ryan questioned.

"No, to small. You're a little soft around the waist." Josh roared.

"Bite me Yankee." Ryan laughed back.

"I'm just kidding. I think it should fit. Do you have a shirt to wear with it because your arms are defiantly more muscular than mine."

"Nice save Yankee." Ryan chuckled. "I didn't bring any dress shirts just some polo shirts."

"I have an idea. You and Austin meet me in my room in about fifteen minutes." Josh said as he walked out of the kitchen.

"What is he up too?" Ryan asked Cindy.

Cindy shrugged. "Your guess is as good as mine."

"I better go get Austin and see what Josh has up his sleeve." Ryan said as he made his way to the back deck.

When they got to Josh's room Justin was there waiting for them.

"So Josh tells me that you guys need some dress clothes for tomorrow?"

"I thought we were wearing kakis and polo shirts." Austin asked as he sat on the bed.

"I think this calls for suits and ties. I'll start with Austin since you are close to my size." Justin got up and walked over to the closet and started rummaging through different colored shirts and matching ties.

"Austin can you stand up for me?" Justin asked as he walked over with a few different selections.

He started holding up different color of shirts in front of Austin to see which one looked the best. He settled on a dark maroon shirt with a lighter shade of red for the tie. "There I think that looks good."

"Now Ryan it's your turn. Come here and stand up for me." Justin asked.

He went back to closet and rummaged around some more before he returned with a new selection. He did the same thing until he settled on a dark burnt orange shirt with a black tie. "Okay I think that will look good on you. Do you guys need dress shoes as well?"

"If you have them." Ryan replied.

"Sure do." Justin said as he turned back towards the closet.

"Here you guys go. There's clean socks in each shoe for you." Justin said as he handed them the dress shoes.

"Ryan, what are you going to do about your hair?" Josh asked.

"What's wrong with it?"

"Well, nothing really. Just that it's always covered up by your hat. You're going to have major hat hair." Josh offered.

"See me in the morning. I'll be able to fix it up for you." Justin offered.

"Thank you guys so much. You didn't have to do all this for us." Austin said as he set the clothes down and gave them both a hug.

"It's no problem." Josh smiled.

"Well, Austin we better get to bed." Ryan said as he checked the clock noticing it was past ten.

They both said their goodnight and headed down the hall to their room.

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