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Amir steps up to defend his boy.

You may think that this is a spur of the moment thing, but honey, you don't know this, but this has been on my mind for a long time." I arched an eye brow at her and she nodded.

"Do you remember when we first met and you broke up with me after a few months?' Of course I did. "Well, during that short time apart, my roommate Caroline introduced me to another guy Neal that I never told you about."

"Oh really?" I feigned astonishment, but truth was I did feel a little sick.

"Yes and well, he was a nice guy and we had a couple of dates. He was a black guy and I guess I never told you because I didn't know what you would think."

Things were becoming clearer to me now.

"So Neal and I were making out one night and -- tell me if this is uncomfortable for you and I will stop -- I was rubbing his crotch and honestly I couldn't believe what I was feeling in there baby. It felt like two cocks it was so big. I unzipped his fly and reached in there and what I felt was amazing.

But as you remember, Caroline had the worst roommate timing and she showed up right then making a clatter and turning on the lights in the living room so we had to stop. You called me the next day and of course I loved you so I came back to you and never saw Neal again."

I was stunned. "So you have been keeping this inside since that time?" I asked.

"Yes, yes, yes." She looked down at the table. "I thought I had let it go but when the internet porn thing happened it stirred it up all over again, and then Gretch's story was like a sign from God or something. I just have to do this."

"But baby please, if you tell me not to do this right now, I won't do it. You just say the word. Our marriage is so much more important than this. If you are uncomfortable or want to slow down, just tell me and we will work it out. I really want you to know that this is not about you or us, but about me and my need to feel a black man inside of me, to feel how a huge cock fills me up -- I hope that doesn't hurt you honey."

It's weird but the emotion I felt most at that moment was happiness at her honesty and pride in her self-resolve. "Well...I suppose I understand a little more now. I think it is hard for me to get my head around it but I see where you are coming from I think. Let's just go forward and see what happens." Truth is, I had already been planning our dinner for Friday, and I was a little excited to be a part of my wife's tryst. I was having fun watching it unfold. I even thought to remind myself to get some new underwear myself in preparation.

"I love you Steve," she said.

"I love you too baby." We kissed and turned our discussion to our preparations for our first dinner date with Jason.

Back to the present.

Jason thrust his ass forward and pistoned his cock deep into Katrin, letting out a groan that left no doubt he was coming.

Katrin had climaxed multiple times and was spreading her legs as far apart as she could to receive his seed.

He was pulsing, his legs shaking, as his come entered my wife, coating her pussy walls and oozing out around the base of his cock. After a few moments he slowly withdrew from her, leaving a trail of gooey come that connected his cock to her pussy briefly and then fell to the bed.

He sighed heavily and rolled to her right, and fell on his back and lay still, his cock losing its rigidity, now resting against his leg and glistening with the combined juices of he and my wife in the low candelight. Katrin let her legs slide to the bed and she lay there for several moments, her gasping slowly subsiding, her fists unclenching the sheets, her expression reflecting the violent orgasms that had racked her body. She took a deep breath, exhaled, and pulled her knees up off the bed, with her legs spread apart, showing me her conquered hole. It was my cue. I rose from my knees, climbed onto the bed, and crawled towards my ready bride.

I nestled my broad shoulders between her legs and felt the sweat on her thighs.

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