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Stuck between two female fitness trainers.

Once she had his pants undone, she immediately pulled his cock out, which was already standing at attention for her. She stroked it sensually and kissed the head at the slit. Rob sat down in a chair close to them and kicked off his pants and underwear. She licked up and down his hard shaft, realizing it was bigger than she had first thought. Her tongue trailed all over his shaft until she finally slipped it into her waiting mouth. Her head bobbed up and down over it, her tongue teased the head while it was inside. She used her teeth to graze against it. She wanted him all this time, hoping that they could hold back, but it was inevitable...they were going to make love tonight.

Rob had slid his hands down her back and over her shoulders repeatedly, messaging her as she paid attention to his 7 __ incher. Once in the middle of her back, he unclasped her white, lacy bra and released her cream coloured breasts. It was his first time seeing them like this and he couldn't hold back anymore. The moment he touched her tits, his cock exploded in Becky's mouth. At first, she was able to swallow the first jet, but when more began to come, she pulled off, allowing the rest to spray her lips and cheeks. Watching this only made Rob more sexually motivated to have her. Hardly getting soft, he held her hands and helped her up. Now standing, he wiped the jism off her and picked her up in his arms.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply as they made their way to the bed at the other end of the room. Setting her down on the edge of the bed, Rob kisses and licks his way from her face, across her neck and breasts, briefly stopping at each nipple to suck and get them erect, and moved down her stomach. Tonguing her belly button, then down to her neatly trimmed mound. He pulled her white lacy hi cut panties off and started to run his nose through her light haired mat, then continued down along the left side of her pussy, just barely touching her skin. Becky lays back and runs her fingers through Rob's short reddish blonde hair, enjoying the sensation she was feeling. He rubbed the inside of her left thigh and then moved back up and lightly crossed over her wet pussy lips to repeat the same thing to her right thigh.

Finally, he moved back to her love axis and kissed her lips, pushing his tongue through them to taste her juices. He then used his fingers to peel them open and had a clear view of he sweet hole and clit. He heard her breathe in gasps and knew what to do...he flicked his tongue over her clitoris and made it appear from its hood. He devoured her in every place, taking his tongue from her clit, along her slit and into her love canal, then back up. He pushed a finger inside her and she moved her hips up to him, begging for more. A second finger went in, then he surprised her by putting a third. Pushing them in and out, he began to suck on her clit like she had to his cock. Her eyes began to roll in the back of her head and suddenly, he hit her g-spot, tickling it with his fingertips. That was all it took as she screamed and moaned her climax. Her pussy began to spit out her cum and he pulled his fingers out and replaced it with his open mouth, drawing all her juice into it and sucked.

Once Becky stopped convulsing, she pulled herself up to the head of the bed and opened her legs wide. Rob stood and crawled up on the bed. No words were needed as they knew what each other wanted, like they had rehearsed this scenario many times. No need of guidance was needed as Becky was well lubricated and Rob was once again hard...but would she be able to handle his thickness, 3 __ inches around. Arms around one another, they kissed in passion as his cock head penetrated her depths. She pushed up and nearly had the whole thing inside, making her shout out a cry of desire. Rob took that as a hint and shoved his manhood deep inside.

Instantly, they began to move as one, banging their crotches into each other, grinding and fucking.

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