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At the zoo.

.. just the two of us?"

Charlie smiled, "That sounds great."

"Then I suggest you get out of here and let me finish brushing my hair, mister."

"Yes ma'am." Charlie replied, kissing her cheek.

Miley let him get to the bathroom door before stopping him, "Charlie?"

Charlie turned, looking back to Miley's reflection in the mirror.

"I love you baby." Miley told him, thinking about Olivia's words earlier that morning. "You're my man, and I'll always be there to take care of you."

"Take care of me?" Charlie asked.

Miley nodded, biting her lower lip as she smiled. "Wear those leather sandals we got you? Those will be perfect for the beach."

"Okay." Charlie grinned, then vanished.

Miley looked back to herself in the mirror. She no longer saw a teenaged high school student in the reflection. Instead, she saw a young woman responsible for her man. She loved Charlie, she could feel it in her heart. Thoughts of spending the rest of her life with him entered Miley's thoughts for the first time.


Lake Jackson was a half hour's drive from Charlie's house, a large body of water situated on the northwest outskirts of Tallahassee. Miley let Charlie drive her BMW and he parked at one of the public beaches.

Charlie glanced aside at Miley in the car as he turned the key off. She looked so adorable, dressed in a pair of 'Daisy Dukes' and a pink bikini top that clung to her small breasts. Her curly black tendrils were tied back under a big floppy hat and she wore a pair of big movie-star sunglasses. "This was a really great idea." he smiled.

Miley smiled back, thinking Charlie looked equally as yummy. He had a pair of baggy swim trunks and a white tee shirt on, and he looked so cute in his baseball cap. "Pop the trunk."

Fetching a basket containing towels and lunch, the young couple walked hand in hand towards the sandy beach. It was a beautiful day and there were quite a few people already enjoying the sand and water, including one person Charlie recognized all too well.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me..." Charlie said as he and Miley walked across the sand.

"Well... if it isn't White and his dork-loving girlfriend." Brock said, the muscle-bound linebacker approaching from a group of other kids Charlie and Miley recognized from school. "You still going out with this loser, Miley?"

"He's not a loser, Brock. He's twice the man you are." Miley frowned, then added, "Actually, he's three times the man if what Darla told me is true about you're little boy-pecker."

Brock scowled, "Darla doesn't know what she's talking about. Ever heard of shrinkage?"

"Get lost Brock." Charlie dared, "We're not interested in an intellectual conversation today."

"What'd you say, White?" Brock approached threateningly.

"You heard me." Charlie replied.

"I should kick your ass dork!" Brock threw his arms forward, pushing Charlie backwards until he landed on his back in the sand.

"Leave him alone!" Miley yelled, trying to push Brock away.

But Brock was too big and strong; with one heave of his arm he shoved Miley aside. She fell backwards as well, landing hard in the sand and crying out with a yelp.

When Charlie saw Miley go down, rage filled his eyes. Adrenaline started pumping through his veins, an adrenaline that lent him strength. He pushed himself up and rushed towards Brock, hand balled into a fist. Charlie hit the bully square in the face, bloodying Brocks nose instantly. Charlie hit him again, across the side of Brock's cheek, knocking the linebacker down.

Adrenaline can lend a person an almost unnatural strength in times of stress, and Charlie was filled with both as he knelt over the fallen Brock and hit him again. "Leave us alone you son of a bitch!!!"

"Charlie!" Miley screamed, getting up. She scrambled to take hold of Charlie and pull him off Brock.

"Stay away from us!!!" Charlie yelled, swinging again and grazing Brock's chin as Miley pulled him back, her arms around Charlie's shoulders.

Brock lay dazed in the sand, face

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