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A mother's revelations of her secrets to her son.

The sweater and shirt underneath fit Caleb like a second skin.

"So that'll work, won't it?" she asked him, cringing a little. "I know it looks like old people clothing."

Caleb plucked at the sweater and shrugged a shoulder, saying nothing.

She gestured to a chair. "Take a seat and I'll look at your cut. Obviously it's still bleeding. Is that the only cut you have?"

"In a manner of speaking, yes," Caleb said after awhile, his closer presence wreaking havoc on her nerves. She put the lid back over the stew pot and wiped her hands as she turned to the table. She unlatched the emergency kit lid and set it back, taking inventory of what was available. Her father often stocked the kits and even with his lax visits the habit hadn't waned.

"Let me see the cut," she told him, plucking up gauze, swabs, and alcohol. Then it struck her fully what he had said.

"Wait," Peyton told him, watching as his hand froze a few inches from his face. "What did you mean by that?"

Caleb's ice green eyes grew cold within a second, his face guarded.

"It's nothing," he responded carefully, his voice firm. For a second, Peyton felt as though he was pleading with her not to press the point.

She didn't, especially when blood began to slowly make its way down his forehead. Gently she took the rag from his hand and dabbed away the blood, unscrewing the alcohol with the other hand.

"This will sting," she told him as she retrieved a cotton ball and sealed it over the lid of the pungent bottle, wetting one half of the cotton as she tipped it over.

"It's not a big cut," Caleb reasoned, though his knuckles turned white when she removed the rag and pressed the cotton to his skin. To his credit, he didn't jerk back or make the smallest sound. Peyton had a sick feeling in her stomach that he was very used to sealing off his emotions. Either that or he was very good at playing off bravado, but she knew better. This wasn't just bravado. This was insensitivity; someone desensitized to pain itself.

Quickly she covered the alcohol and brushed sealant over the cut, glad that it didn't need stitches. She was more than capable for the job, having stitched up her father a few times in her mother's absence, but it made her ill to do so.

After the sealant dried she applied the gauze to keep his hair away and any leakage from escaping. Once that was finished she checked his fingers and saw the broken nails were worn down to the nub.

"Nasty habit, nail-biting," she told him as she threw away the cotton ball and put everything she had used back in its proper place.

Caleb said nothing.

"May I ask what you were doing on the Overlook?" she pressed as she stowed the kit in the medicine cabinet, turning the lock in place once the doors were shut.

She turned to see Caleb was examining his fingers, his damp hair falling in front of his face.

"Going home," he said quietly, curling his fingers so they formed two large fists.

Peyton hesitated. "But you were dangling from the cliff, Caleb," she said quietly. "That's at least ten feet from the road."

Caleb's eyes shot up to greet hers, the dark look within them foreboding. "I said I was going home, so that's what I was doing," he practically growled at her, standing up quickly.

Peyton stepped back, her breath catching in her throat. "Okay," she said quickly, giving in. "You were going home, I got that." She gestured to the chair again. "Sit. The stew should be ready in about fifteen minutes. Surely you're hungry?"

Caleb swallowed and sat down slowly, his face becoming wary.

Peyton mentally kicked herself. She was a complete stranger trying to dote upon him. Of course he was wary, he had every right to be!

"I'm Peyton," she told him, holding out her hand. "Peyton Gray."

Caleb took her hand in his, not breaking eye contact. "Caleb Vaughn," he responded. The second their skin brushed, Peyton felt an instant fire shoot straight through her, all the way down to her toes.

She smiled and ignored the way her skin tingled at his touch, releasing his hand at the same time he did her

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