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Daughter tells Mom a shocking secret.

In the full light of day he was able to appreciate her tits even more. It was frustrating that she demanded he twist and pummel them, because he wanted to appreciate their natural shape and beauty. He alternated his abuse with gentle caressing in order to sate his own requirements, his cock responding more to the shape of his sister's hanging boobs than her fruit fucking.

He moistened the fingertips on his right hand by putting them in his mouth and then coated one of Margot's nipples with his sticky saliva. It stiffened and she shifted her attention downstairs, leaving the banana sticking out of her stuffed hole and fingering her clit instead. As her moans got louder and more frequent, David applied more pressure, tweaking her slippery nips and flicking at the underside of her boobs with his other fingers.

When she finally came, the contractions within her pelvis slowly forced the banana out of her wet pussy, and as she finished loudly climaxing, it hit the kitchen floor with a thud. There was silence as Margot caught her breath and wrapped her robe tightly around her.

"Can't leave you for five seconds, can I?" David's eventual silence-breaker.


"Stop apologising. Can we make that a rule? No apologising any more."

Margot turned her neck to be greeted by the tent pole in David's shorts pointing at her face. She quickly turned back in embarrassment.

"I shouldn't be giving my brother hard-ons. I'm fairly sure that's a given."

"I've got the clips all ready. So maybe you won't have to. You can just lock yourself in that room from now on. Hopefully you'll have enough that you won't... need my help."

"Yeah, about that... You're going to have to go out and buy me something. And you're not going to like it..."


David hated shopping at the best of times, but upon returning home with a selection of vibrators and sex toys he agreed with himself that that was the worst, most awkward shopping trip ever. The fact that he and the assistant at the "romance" shop were talking about his "girlfriend" when David knew they were actually talking about his sister made the whole thing even worse.

He had locked Margot in the house, leaving the movie room set up so that if she needed to, she could just go in, press a button and start the playlist on shuffle. As he unlocked the front door and entered, it was clear from the noise of the subwoofer that she was taking advantage of the set-up right now. They had both agreed it would probably be best if David stayed out of the room and left Margot to her own devices. The only problem was that she currently didn't have any devices. He would have to deliver them to her...

He knocked and got an excited invitation to enter. He was expecting a sight, but he got more than he bargained for: Margot was bent over on her knees in the middle of the room completely stark naked, tits dangling, face close to the screen, one hand reaching underneath her prone body, furiously fingering herself.

"Oh thank fuck. Bring me a vibrator."

"Why don't I just leave them for you to..."

"Take one out of its packet, stick some batteries in, and hand it to me... I need to stay on the brink."

David obeyed, trying not to let the erotic display distract him from the task too much, but his sister's tits, swaying as she rocked back and forth, were almost hypnotic. He opted for one of the smaller ones -- more due to his own embarrassment. When he was finished, he gave the device in his hand a quick test. Margot leapt up at the sound of the buzzing and snatched it from David's hand. She sat on the floor up against the base of a sofa, her legs splayed far apart, and pressed the end of the vibrator against her clit. Her eyes were closed as she moved it around slightly, trying to find the sweet spot. When she found it, her eyes flicked open and she concentrated on David's porn.

David hadn't even acknowledged what she was watching yet; such was his attentiveness at his sister's efforts.

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