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Daniel's first day at work.

I couldn't stay silent any longer.

Yea! I'd like to know what is going on too! What the hell did you two just do! And why can I hear everything that is going on!

Josh and Casey both froze like they had just been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Carrie! that you?

Yes, it is me and I want to know what the hell is going on!



I was floored. What had happened? Why was Carrie linked with us? And most importantly, why can't I break contact?

Um, well shit, um I'm not sure what happened... um Carrie how long...

The whole time!

WHAT!!! Oh fuck! You mean you saw the whole thing?

Saw it! Hell I felt the whole thing! Both times!
Carrie was angry and getting more pissed off by the minute.

Wait a minute, Felt it? this was nuts, what the hell was going on. Is this because of my opening a link? If so I was stupid! Why had I ever thought it would be cool to link up while having sex?

Casey spoke up, "I'm sorry Josh I should have told you about this before we started, but I wasn't thinking about consequences at the time."

Carrie and I both sounded perplexed as we asked together, What?

Come on Carrie, you know we have a bond. Josh, me and Carrie have a bond that we can feel each others feeling through, but I had never realized that we could send such physical feelings through, until last night.

Carrie piped in, Wait, so Casey are you saying... she was going form pissed to afraid, and concerned.

That I felt everything you two did last night? Yes I did! I felt every stroke, every caress, and the love you had for each other was so thick I could have cut through it with a knife! I wasn't sure I could even look at the two of you this morning... but everything seemed... ok. I'm not sure why! So, I acted like nothing had happened. This is because of our link I know it Carrie!

Oh Casey... I didn't know you could feel... I should have known something was up the next morning when you didn't speak to me at breakfast. That doesn't explain why we are able to talk to each other now, or why Josh is in our heads too!
Carrie had calmed down now and was contemplating the ramifications of this. I wasn't sure they were going to like what I'm about to tell them.

I'm afraid that this is my fault guys!

Carrie thought, Look Josh let's figure out why we are linked like this and then when you get back we can talk about what happened between you and Casey!

No Carrie, that is what I'm trying to tell you! You guys are not doing this... I am!


I have always had this ability, although I'm not sure how I have linked us like this, and I can't break the link now. I've been trying.

Wait, what do you mean? You have always been able to do this?
Casey asked. Carrie was just as perplexed by my confession.

Think about Casey! I know what the other team is going to do before they come at us on the field. I made night and day transformations in the way I play ball, with a tiny bit of training you gave me before the football tryouts. I make straight A's at school without studying. What I'm trying to say is, I can read minds! The men in my family have always been able to do It.

So you mean you have been reading our minds this whole time!
Carrie asked a bit frightened.

No no! The only thing I hear without trying is when someone broadcasts their thoughts, and that only happens in times of strong emotion. I don't make a habit of diving in peoples heads. It is not something we want to advertise, and we don't invade anyone's privacy if we can help it. Also you guys are a bit different, I have kept my mind closed around you two the whole time.

Casey piped in, So then how did this happen?

I found that if I link with someone while having sex, it ties our emotions, feelings and the sensations together into one massive orgasm. I was only trying to heighten the experience for both of us.

So that is what happened? I knew I

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