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A male sub serves his mistresses and is double penetrated.

Again he tells her to touch her tits and Margie begins to play with herself as people of all ages, male and female, walk around behind her oblivious to what our new friend is watching right in front of him.

He asks how much time is left and I tell him three minutes which he then tells her to cover herself and turns to me and asks, "If I really get to be in your shoes for 15 minutes, shouldn't I also get to expose her to someone else?"

"Yes, but rule number three is having a controlled environment which this is and you don't have enough time to go find another one." I tell him. It amazes me how a mans mind works and with only a minute left he waves to get the attention of the janitor, an elderly black man emptying trash cans, to come over to our table.

He quickly tells the man that this beautify blonde has lost a bet and if he tells her to expose her tits she will have to do it, but he only has 30 seconds to decide.

I could tell this black man has lived a hard life and my guess is he didn't trust white men but that didn't seem to matter because looking down at Margie he said, "I'm sorry you lost a bet sweetie, but let's see them pretty tits of yours right now!" I watch as his eyes light up as she exposes her full creamy white breasts and bright pink nipples to him, as well as, few other guys that could see her as they exited the restroom. Margie was on display and I love it.

The next day, Margie gives me a kiss goodbye as our neighbor, Nick, bends over to get his morning paper keeping his eyes on her the entire time. Today he sees her naked body exposed underneath her see thru nighty, everyday she lets him see more and more of her.

I know Margie teases him continuously ever since he moved in three months ago. He is a divorcee and Margie makes it a point to wait a few extra seconds before closing the front door ensuring he gets a good look. I walk away smiling thinking about his clear view of her tits and pussy, and that he would probably kill for the chance to fuck her.

I left for work and to arrange for my girlfriends' rape, something I never thought I would be doing and come to find out isn't as easy as it sounds. As it turns out no one really believes you when you say it's a "safe rape." I was starting to think I may have to choose some gang-members after all.

I manage a small grocery store and there are a lot of choices to choose from with the sort of people I see in and out of here everyday. At one point my boss came in and I knew he would jump at the chance to fuck Margie. His name is Mr. Patel and he is Pakistani. He and I don't get along very well and even though I tell Margie to leave the store whenever he shows up, somehow he always manages to corner her so he can check out her body.

Margie has never said anything to me but I think he has touched her and then threatens my job if she ever told me. I decide as a last resort I could choose him even though he is not a stranger, it could help to advance my career.

Four days have passed with no luck and I was getting desperate with only three days left when two clean cut guys came into my store, they looked maybe eighteen or nineteen years old, both had short haircuts. Both are white, the guy with black hair had on blue jeans with a long sleeve pullover shirt and the one with blonde hair was wearing jogging pants and a sweatshirt.

I could hear them talking about leaving for boot camp and trying to decided how they were going to spend their last night in town. I knew they were a perfect choice and after we talked for about an hour and they saw a picture of Margie, I had convinced them to rape her.

It is 3:15pm and I knew Margie will be getting home from the gym in about thirty minutes so I tell them we have to move fast.

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