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Cindy is a slave. Her master abuses her for his pleasure.

Her nipples were swollen, her pussy ached for a hard cock as the hands of the attendants massaged her body. Her pleasure of the latex phallus teasing her pussy made the juices flow, the intense orgasm build. Her legs squirmed, rotating her hips to take the vibrator to her points of pleasure. Her body twisted, bound on the table, wanting the pleasure to bring her to orgasm.

The silence of her pleasure was broken by the loud snap of a finger. Even though Angela's mind spun with the events, she realized that the snap of someone's fingers controlled the action. The female attendants took the vibrator from her wanton wet cunt and left her side, leaving her only to herself, bound and surrounded by candle light, and unsatisfied.

Professor Ballard walked up to the table that help Angela captive. He stood at the end, above her head. His deep voice spoke, "Angela, you are doing well with the project so far, but we have many more things in store for you tonight." The soft ball gag kept Angela from answering the Professor. Her eyes told him she was willing to continue. The Professor could see that she was willing and walked away into the black corners of the room and the loud snap of the finger was heard.

As Angela looked into the darkness she saw the same beautiful tall red haired woman take a thick lit candle from a tall shaft that held it, illuminating the room and walk toward the table. She held the candle above her shoulder as she walked toward the table that kept Angela prisoner. The flame of the candle flickered as she walked, her body was esquisite, her firm, large breasts glowed in the warm glow of the candle. She walked alone to Angela's restrained body.

She held the candle high above Angela's body. Angela's eyes went from the candle to the red-haired voluptuous woman. Her green eyes penetrated her. The woman tilted the candle over Angela's naked bound body. The first drip of hot wax splashed on her right breast, followed by another to the nipple of the left tit. The hot wax against her soft flesh stung, burned for a flash of a second. The hot, white wax cooled as it slowly covered her breasts. It was like hot white cum splattering over her mounds of flesh, running down the side of her mountains of heaving creamy flesh. Angela's nipple covered with hot wax stood very erect, the clear wax cooled and turned her pink nipple white, though burning red under the white tip.

Angela watched the beautiful woman hold the candle above her body letting the wax drip one hot drop at a time on her wanton body. The wax covered her tits and the woman moved the candle down the body. The candle held high, Angela could see each drop as it left the hot burning flame and descended to her soft skin. The large hot splash of wax hit her belly button, filling it with the warm soft gooey wax. The wax was moving closer to Angela's pussy as the woman gazed over her body, enjoying her work as the pain of the wax was causing her. The first drop of hot wax hit the soft hairs of her blonde covered pussy, the next at the opening of her vagina. Angela's hips thrust upward with the short pain the wax caused. Angela's pussy lips were swollen with all the excitement and her erect clit was protruding from her cunt. The young beautiful woman, smiled as she guided the next drip directly to the hot engorged clit. The pain was almost too much to take, but the pain subsided as the

hot wax cooled around the love button.

Angela tilted her head and could see the woman lower the candle and move it closer to her pussy. The light of the flame glowed around Angela's cunt hairs as the woman moved closer. The red-haired beauty's tongue slowly slipped over the lips and teased the wax covered clit for just a second. The feeling was tremendous and Angela wanted her to suck her pussy and bring her to a climax, but instead the woman backed away and took the candle and moved it to her pussy, the flame stood tall, erect and the heat could be felt on her hot, wet, clit.

Just seconds before the flame would singe her cunt hairs

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