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Alexa sets me up with Mei to lose her virginity.

With a frightful cackle, she dipped her fingers into the bubbling potion that still glowed with the violet aura surrounding Gretel. Moving closer to the prince, her voice rasped out, "Come in, come in dear boy. It is cold outside and you will become ill." Slowly, she moved closer to the portal, her long nails dripping on the floor. Once near enough, she rose her hand and shook it at Hansel. As the ooze landed on his skin, it shimmered. Hansel suddenly felt himself immobilized. He stood as still as a statue as the old hag chortled out her glee.

He was much older than her typical prey, but she was never one to turn down a meal. Also, the boy was filled out much more. He would make a better meal than the girl at present. Walking over, she poked him with a single long fingernail. "Just a little for you. Not much fattening up needed here." Giggling with childish glee, the witch reveled in her trap. "Two little birdies almost ready for the pie."


One week. That is how long Hansel had been locked up within the cage that swung in the crone's kitchen. While he did nothing but sit all day, the hag tempted him with morsels and treats. He had refused to eat anything until the witch had threatened to chop of little Gretel's fingers and toes one by one while he watched. Not wanting to cause the girl any more strife than she already had, he eventually complied.

Gretel, on the other hand, had been put to the task of cleaning the cottage. The witch also took great delight in having her small morsel cook and bake the things that she would use to fatten up Hansel.

It was Gretel's ingenuity once more that saved them both from a fate in the oven. As Hansel was fed, he would place the food into his mouth and eat only so much as was required to survive. The rest he would knock down into the crevice between a work bench and the wall. Every night, after the snores of the witch reverberated around the cottage, Gretel would sneak off of her little pallet by the large wood oven and collect the bits. Tossing them into the fire, they burned up quickly without a trace.

The witch, however, was quite upset. Peering at Hansel with her poor eyes, almost filmed over in a layer of murky white, she spent a good deal of time each morning pinching and poking to see if he had fattened up any. Of course, with their ruse, he did not. Gretel, though, underwent a dramatic change. With some good food in her stomach, she regained her color.

Late at night she would sit next to Hansel and tell him stories of her home, the farm, and the wild requests her mother had made of her. At these tales, he had become enraged, promising her that when they got out of this current predicament he would ensure that she would never be sent into the forest like that again. Filled with a warm glow at his words, she smiled. It was clear to Gretel that talking to this handsome man made her feel funny inside. Then and there, she decided that she would marry him some day. Surely he would take her away from this life. And when they were all grown up, they would be able to live Happily Ever After.

Hansel, in turn, told her of some of his tales of being a boy. Teasing the hunting hounds, begging his father for a horse that later reared up and tossed him. All the while, he was cautious to keep the fact that he was the heir away from her. He built up his tales as though he were just another lord. After being cooped up in a cage with only Gretel as his companion, his prejudice of the girl faded away. He found her mind quick and intelligent, and he did not want their closeness to be aborted by the knowledge of who he really was. For the first time in his life, Hansel pretended to not be a prince.


There was a single flaw in their plan.

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