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Sis gives peeping brother more than a show.

Followed by pairing off to our original couplings to fuck our proverbial brains out.

A typical night would have us back in one of our living rooms with some soft sexy music on. All dancing together, changing partners, group hugging followed by Kerry and Torrie splitting off to experience Sapphic love. Once afterwards I was on top of Kerry fucking her like no tomorrow and Torrie crawled over and started licking Kerry's clit and my cock at the same time in what was an incredibly erotic moment of extreme simulation. The friction of my rapid movements and the electric buzzes of Torrie's tongue licks put Kerry and I into an orgasmic fireworks of shared orgasmic delight.

But as I was saying at the club our paths were moving in different directions. Increasingly Fred and Torrie were moving towards other couples, more established and experienced in the lifestyle. They started going by themselves. Later we noticed other couples were giving them knowing winks and intimate hugs and kisses that belied liaisons of a sexual nature.

Seeing our discomfort Torrie phoned us one night to explain that Fred and her had talked and decided they wanted to go up a level so to speak. They were willing to share themselves, as she put it, "completely" with other couples. Finally she admitted that yes, they had gone home sometimes with other couples and on two occasions had split off and engaged in fucking other people. Hardcore, full swings were something Kerry and I didn't want to do, but I couldn't help myself. Seeds of jealousy and a territorial feeling enveloped me. The jealousy was for Fred getting to do what I secretly realized I wanted to experience and to be shed of Kerry's limitations. The territorial feeling was more dangerous for I realized that in my mind, I was becoming quite attached to Torrie. Her touch, her smiles, her gazes would energize me. I was obviously having a crush on her.

Torrie asked if it changed things between us, but Kerry and I said no. But I knew it was a lie. For Kerry she didn't want to explore further and I think deep down she could see my attachment was growing. Yet she didn't say anything. The next couple of trips to the club we didn't end up going home with Torrie and Fred.

One night several months later we were invited over to Joe and Samantha's, two long time friends of ours. Sitting around, drinking wine, the conversation was getting more and more risqu__. Joe suggested we play truth and dare. After a few timid rounds, Samantha asked Kerry if she had ever been with a woman. When Kerry said yes I thought Joe was going to faint. Samantha pressed for details and Kerry shared the story of our experiences with Fred and Torrie. You could see Samantha was getting quite turned on. Seeing this could develop I tapped Joe on the arm and motioned him into the kitchen.

Once there, Joe was perplexed. "Why did you do that, Jack?"

"Because let Kerry take over. Now shhhhhhhh!"

Sure enough there wasn't any other conversation taking place back in the living room. But there was rustling of bodies moving and mutual moans of satisfaction. Motioning Joe to go slowly we tiptoed back around the corner and there was my wife, now down to panties only, hoisting Sam's legs in the air as she slowly lifted her panties down and off past her ankles. Kerry then dove into the other girl's crotch and starting lapping at her pussy. Sam started cumming almost immediately. Once her shudders had passed she turned to Kerry and asked if she could go down on her. Kerry just moved back to the other corner of the couch and spread her legs and Sam then leaned in, ass high in the air and took her first taste. "

She looked back at Joe and said, "Joe, it's always been my fantasy to be fucked while I'm eating a woman."

Joe didn't need to be told twice and in no time he had shed his clothes and was entering his wife from behind.

Kerry was quite turned on at the sight and looked

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