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Nothing can destroy a poem quicker than poorly handled rhyme.

I rolled over, too, except I didn't worry about leaving my top behind.

"Really?" she asked, glancing at my nudity.

"Who's going to see?"

"Then why wear anything at all?" she asked. I noticed her hard lemonade bottle was nearing empty.

"Want another?" I asked, standing and holding out my hand for her empty bottle.

"Sure," she said, knocking back the rest.

I stayed topless as I went inside to grab two more hard lemonades. When I came back out, I noticed Ruby had decided being topless was a good idea, too. She had her eyes closed and looked so beautiful. "Here you go," I said, holding one bottle in front of her. As she opened her eyes and took the drink. a drop of condensation dripped on her chest. "Oops," I said, automatically wiping away the stray drop without thinking about it. I raked my hand across her chest before realizing what I was doing.

"Having fun?" she asked with a tiny smirk.
"You feel like I did when I was your age," I said, noticing her playful smirk and how she watched me as I walked around the foot of her lounger. Setting down my strawberry flavored hard lemonade, I tugged at the sides of my bikini bottoms until it fell away.

Ruby's eyes went wide with surprise as she stared directly at my bare, shaved pussy before she managed to pull her eyes back to my face. "Go Mom," she giggled. "You do this a lot?"

"Do you see any tan lines?" I asked, leaning over and tugging on the sides of her bikini bottoms. Because she hadn't double tied it, it came undone with a single tug. "Are you going to be shy in front of me?"

"I guess not," she said, pulling her unneeded bottoms from beneath her and dropping them next to mine on the patio.

Acting as casually as I could, adjusted my lounger a bit before laying back down and offering my naked body to the sun. I couldn't stop thinking about what she had said earlier. "Is it true you've never had an orgasm with another person? Can you get off when you do it yourself?"

"Mom!" she complained in a pained tone.

"Sorry," I said, backing off a bit. Between the hard lemonades, feeling the sun on my naked body, and having my daughter naked, too, I was in quite a state.

It took her a while before she confessed, "It's not as if I never get off, but it only happens when I do it myself, that's all."

"Then do that more often," I suggested, biting back a giggle. Fuck, I was getting tipsy.

"How often do you do it?" she asked, turning to her side, sipping her drink, and looking at me with innocent eyes as if she had asked how often I sculpted my eyebrows instead of something as intimate as how often I got off.

Apparently, it hadn't occurred to her that there was no way she could embarrass me talking about sex. "Is it because I'm your Mom or because I'm old that you think I don't do it anymore?"

"You're not that old," she said.

"More than twice your age."

"Yeah, but you still look hot," she added as her eyes flickered briefly over my nudity. "You always have."

"If I tell you my number, you have to tell yours." She shrugged as if it didn't matter. "If I'm not seeing anyone, then two or three times a day," I admitted without shame. I'll give her credit for controlling her reaction. Her eyes went wide for only a piece of a second before she caught herself.

"Guess I know where I get my sex drive," she said. "Have you already done it today?"

"Once in bed this morning."

"I can't believe we're even talking about this."

"Now you have to tell me," I reminded her. Ruby rolled her eyes and drank from her hard lemonade instead of answering. "Have you gotten off today?"


"No or not yet?" I pushed.

"Maybe not yet," she said with that cute smirk of hers.

"Can I watch you do it?" I blurted out without thinking.

"Mom!" she objected, nearly doing a spit take with her drink. She managed to swallow before eyeing me and asking, "Can I watch you do it?"

I'm blaming three hard lemonades on an empty stomach for what I did next.

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