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Good Boy and Charlie investigate his parents' bedroom.


"Wives." Jordan snorted.

Elunara tucked around to the other side of Grogek. "So, I asked Grogek, since I have two husbands and a wife, if he was going to have two wives and a husband, and he says to me... "Jordan is all the husband I need."

Jordan's mouth dropped open. "Don't YOU DARE!" Jordan shoved his finger at Grogek.

Grogek exploded into laughter. "That was worth the price of admission!"

"What's so funny?" Darguni cocked his head to the side.

"If our dads aren't at the training yard, does that mean we don't have to?" Bradly asked.

Grogek looked over the banister. "What do you think?" He growled.

Both boys took off like a shot. Elunara cackled. "Grogek, go torture your sons, I'll let Jordan get back to work after I'm done with him." She winked.

"Yes, love." Grogek cackled. "I have to... re-establish my dominance." He whacked Jordan on the ass.


Grogek walked out, whistling.

Susan shook her head. "This place is confusing."

Jordan slid his hands over Elunara's hips. "Now, what were you going to do with me?"


"Uh, yes?"

"Can you handle the kids?"

"Yes, of course."

"Good." Elunara grabbed Jordan by the arm, dragged him into his room, and shut the door.

Susan shook her head and opened the door to the baby's room. Tina was sitting in the bed with Lulu and playing with her. "Come on, let's get the baby fed."

"Where's daddy?"

"Down at the training yard already."

"I'm going!"

Susan snatched Tina before she could get very far. "No, you'll sit and eat, and IF you're good, I'll take you down there."

"FINE!" Tina crossed her arms.

Susan sighed as she got them both seated and started the process of feeding them. At the knock on the door, she gave Tina warning look, before opening the door. "Oh, hello."

"Uh, hey. Name's Gerald. Chrissy wants me to snag the table."

"More like she won't shut up." The other man snorted.

"Gods, she won't." Gerald jerked his head back. "This is Mark. Where's 'Nara?"

"Nara?" Susan looked back and forth.

"Elunara. I call her Nara because it pisses her off, but she won't do anything to me about it." He grinned.

"Oh! You're her brother. I'm sorry, I forgot for a moment." Susan blushed. "Come in."

"It's ok." They stepped in, and Gerald scratched the back of his head. "So, you're... the new wife?"

"Yes." Susan sat down and sighed. "Everyone..." She stared at the loud thump from the ceiling.

Gerald tracked the sound. "She's probably bruising Jordan to hell." He snorted.

Susan's blush deepened. "Well, anyway, everyone seems pretty upset over the whole thing."

"Because Grogek is the most faithful of the faithful." Mark sat down. "A woman could stand there naked, and he'd just stroll past her, never even realizing she's standing there."

"Why would she be naked?" Tina asked loudly.

Mark blushed. "It's... it's uhh..."

"Because she wants to catch a cold." Susan interrupted. "Some people think if they're sick, they'll get out of doing something they don't want."

"Does it work?" Tina blinked up at Mark.

"No!" He blurted. "No, not at all, then you're sick AND you have to do something you don't want."

"Oh. Well, that's silly." Tina went back to her cereal.

"Either way, it's weird." Gerald shrugged. "I don't know why people aren't used to Elunara's crazy whims by now."

"You were shocked too." Mark snorted and whacked Gerald's shoulder. "Besides, it's not Elunara's whim...its Grogek's!"

Everyone looked up at several loud thumps and a scrape.

Mark sighed. "I hate that I want to know what's going on in there."

Gerald whacked him on the back of the head. "With how often you participate, I'm amazed you don't already know."


Mark blushed and grinned. "Uhh, I've had my share of "experiences" with Elunara."

Jordan laughed. "Gods, I thought you had that bed secured."

"I did!" She winced. "We shore the supports clean off." She pointed. "Apparently, I needed more than an inch of thickness." She tapped her chin. "Perhaps it's the repeated usage... I need my board."

"Can I have my dick back first?"

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