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The actual chapter 7 of the story as Sarah gets a bad call.

the panties,

sissy paula (left cheek) and property of MISTRESS CAROLYN on the right cheek.

Yes Mistress Carolyn i will do that.

When you get to the seamtress have her call me slave.

Yes Mistress Carolyn.

i went to the store after work Thursday.

The dress was easy to find and so were the panties.

The hard part was the stemtress.

Once i got there and told her what i needed done and gave her Mistress Carolyns phone number.

She just smiled, picked up phone and gave her a call.

i don't know what all was said. but soon i was between her legs licking her hot hole as she did the panties.

Once she was done she sent me on my way.

Friday morning i got my task for the day.

The task was to get dressed in my new items, and then go to the adult book store, go to booth 7, then knock 3 times then 2 more, then 4 times.

If i was late there was a penalty to be paid.

A larger item ion my butt and another 2 weeks in the chastity belt.

i headed out the door at 9 a. m. i had 1 hour to get there, i thought that was plenty of time since the store was only 20 minutes away.

First the car would not crank, then after about 15 minutes it started. I was on the road and about 10 minutes pasted, the tire went flat on me. oh no there aint no way i will make it now. i hurried along trying to change tire. i had 25 minutes to get there.

When a car pulled over.

May we help mame.

i tried to use my feminine voice to speak.

i am almost done guys thanks anyway.

You got us all horny with the way you moved your ass while you were fixing that tire.

We need some relief and its your fault were this way you teasing slut.

You have 2 choices. Suck all 3 of us off, or we will stripe you naked and take your car.

i got on my knees, and opened my mouth.

Damn my luck.

i sucked them all off and they left me there on my knees.

i was 20 minutes late getting to the store.

my heart pounded as i did the code on the door.

Slave your late, and i dont want to hear any excuses.

Take down your panties sissy.

Yes Mistress Carolyn.

I am going to put this big fat dildoe up your sissy hole, it will remain there for 1 month.

Yes Mistress Carolyn.

Now weres that key?

Got it, This is going to hurt like hell, I got an extra large one for your late ass.

Please Mistress i tried to get here on time.

To bad you didn't make it.

Over now and reach back and spread them cheeks.

After i lock the belt back on your going to be kneeling in front of this hole for 8 hours.

Umphhhhh ummphhhhh ouch.

Shut up sissy slut and take it all in.

It will be in there for one month, i will be giving you enemas every other day to keep it clean back here.

Plus I think you would be wise to go on a liquid diet.

There its in now sissy.

Ok its bondage time for you my little sissy.

This will keep your mouth on the hole till i get back.

Hands behind back sissy.

there these will hold you just right.

Now for some head gear and the leash.

The leash goes throught the hole and you will be bound to this hole for 8 hours, no telling what will be touching your lips.

Oh and i am planning a party for tomorrow night also

This clip board will be in other room with instructions for invites and what all they can do with you for the next 8 hours.

Ok my cock sucking sissy its time to serve all the horny men.

I will be back in 8 hours, if i don't get held up in traffic, or find a stud that will keep me occupied, and cause me to forget about you here on your knees with big fat black cocks in your mouth.

That right mostly black men come here my little sissy.

I just may have to remove that belt tomorrow night if enough big fat cocks show up.

Bye bye sissy.

i could not see the cock as it pressed against my lips.

my mouth opened to invite the cock in.

It was a fat cock.

My mouth stretched wide to accomidate his thick rod.

He pumped his cock in and out forcing it all the way down my throat.

i gagged some as his load filled my mouth.

i was on my knees sucking cock after cock all day from around 10:30 a.

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