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The Date night continues.

We explore and find out about things, we are both new to this remember, you and Beth grew up finding out about each other I got you as a crushed adult who wanted to hide from life. Well guess what buddy the life you need is staring right back at you."

When I nodded I knew it wasn't enough so I held her close to me and said sorry. A word I used a lot around Joanne over the next few months, we stumbled and skidded along in our relationship. She was systematic in her dismantling of the wall I hid behind. Even the townsfolk were surprised when they saw me smile or laugh.


In my mind we were getting along just nicely, Joanne put me straight on that thinking when she stepped out of the shop for a moment and came back with a little white box in her hand and a fork.

"I've been giving this some thought. Oh eat up I read somewhere that you should never have a shock to your system on an empty stomach."

Joanne waited until I finished before she sprung it on me.

"I want you to invite Danny and his family here for the holiday weekend."

"Well that was a waste of good pie because that ain't happening."

For a moment she glared at me, and then sighed before she sat down again.

"I would threaten to shut you off for sex but your good at it and I would loose out as well. Look Mark, you haven't seen him since you walked away from Beth, you have cut your own brother off for something she did not him. At least pitch the idea to him and see what he says, please."

It was like Joanne was joined to me at the hip for the next hour, in the end she wore me down and I sent an e-mail just so I could get my own shadow back. What I got back made Joanne blush slightly but she still stood her ground.

'Already packed bro, got the e-mail from Joanne last night and the wife and her have been talking to each other most of the damn morning. I'm not getting any work done on the yard because she keeps coming out and keeping me up to date.'

The word ambushed was turning out to be Joanne's middle name. I watched her for the time it took to stop wringing her hands and find the courage to answer, perhaps this was one of those defining moments between us.

"You left your e-mail open last night so I just happened to find Danny's address and the rest sort of happened."

"Are you ever going to let any of this go?"

"Nope, you know my end game, I still have a traumatized daughter with a last name that she doesn't want, what's a mother supposed to do in situations like that?"

Even I had to laugh at her answer. I put a note on the shop window for the rest of the day telling folks that I was shut for the holiday weekend. Danny and his wife arrived Saturday afternoon he cussed me up and down for taking so damn long getting my head straight and finding the right woman to help me.

His wife was slightly more subtle about it but not by much, she just went into a huddle with Joanne and swapped secrets that slowly leaked into the conversation throughout the holiday. It was good to see them both and I was saddened to see them leave at the end of the holiday, Danny couldn't help but smile when he watched us wave them goodbye with my hand stuck firmly in Joanne's.


Since that weekend Danny's wife and Joanne always seemed to be on the phone to each other. E-mails still kept my brother and me up to date and both of us set about taking bets on Joanne's next move. It seemed my brother won the bet and it did get me wondering if his own wife gave him the heads up.

Joanne went for a walk between students and came back with two white boxes. Well if nothing else I was keeping the diner in funds for the apple pie that got sold out of that place. She sat down and pushed a box over to me and handed me a fork.

"What's on your mind, Joanne?"

"Well I've been thinking, you may want to hire yourself a lawyer."

As we sat and had our apple pie she told me what was on her mind.

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