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Coffee and a treat could go too far.

Then she broke the kiss and said, "Thank you Bill" turned and started toward the door. He had been rewarded for his gallantry in walking her home and now it was time for her to go to sleep.

Bill was not having any of that by a long shot.

He walked quickly past her, turned her toward him and began to try to kiss her again.

She said, "Stop it! It was very pleasant tonight. Don't spoil it!" He said, "You cock teasing bitch. You have been giving me signals all night that you want me to fuck you."

She said, "I'm sorry if you got that impression but I have no interest in fucking you, or anybody else but my husband, EVER!"

Bill gave a low growl and literally ripped the bra part of the Catwoman costume off her. She was now standing on our front porch naked with those huge incredibly delectable boobs on full display.

He grabbed her and dragged her back against him saying, "I'm going to fuck you right here on your living room floor and you're going to love it slut."

He had one arm twisted behind her, holding her by her buns against his hard-on. He began to maul one gorgeous tit with the other hand as he lowered his face toward her.

I could see that she was trying to knee him in the balls but he was too close. She was squirming as he pressed his lips to hers. Then he yelled, "Ahhh" and backed up holding his lip. She had bitten him.

In response he slapped her hard and angry and she fell to the ground.

That was when the full fury of the orient fell on him.

I hit him from behind on the back of his shoulders with my arms straight out and with the weight of my angry run behind it.

It was a violent push, which was designed to whiplash him and drive him face-first into the wall.

He was considerably bigger than me, but he didn't know how to fight. He was thinking Marquess of Queensberry. I was thinking any handy way to inflict maximum pain.

He turned angry in a boxing stance and before he could react I stepped into him and gave him a Glasgow kiss. The effect of that massive head butt must have broken his cheekbone along with his nose. His blood gushed all over my forehead and he dropped like he had been shot. I thought, "Geez I hope I didn't kill him."

Millie was just getting her wits back and starting to rise as I dragged Han back off the porch and kicked him in the balls a couple of times just for good luck. The little voice in my head was growling, "Try to fuck my wife will you!"

I was working on instinct. But as I thought about it, it seemed like a good idea that the mysterious ninja should quickly disappear back into the night.

Millie was getting unsteadily to her feet as I threw the still unconscious Han Solo over my shoulder fireman style. The fact that Millie was dazed from his hitting her didn't make me handle him gently.

I had not wanted to block our driveway with the rental so it was parked two houses down on the other side of the street.

I dropped Han rather vigorously next to the car. Got in and drove stealthily off. Millie was watching my car as I drove away. Then I saw her turn, still naked from the waist up and head shakily into the house closing the door.

I was on my cell calling 911 to report a person lying by the side of the road. I figured he was just far enough up the street that the police wouldn't connect the dots and I was pretty sure Bill would not enlightened them.

Somehow "A mysterious ninja attacked me while I was trying to rape my neighbor's wife" just didn't sound like a good story to tell. It would probably be a faceless gang of muggers instead.

I thought for a minute before I called Millie. She needed plausible deniability. Besides being terribly embarrassing the whole incident could have criminal prosecution overtones for me. And so the shadow warrior had to be nowhere near the scene of the crime.

The beauty of the situation was that not one person knew that I was the ninja.

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