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Alone all weekend with girlfriend's younger sister.

"Oh, you have been with Perry far too long," Cheryl told her sister as she gave her a glass of lightly-chilled Merlot. "We're not alcoholics, we're just celebrating. Live a little Jess, isn't that the whole point of your being here?"

Jessica looked at her sister and then thought about it. "Holy shit, you're right," she laughed and raised her glass. "Here's to living a little - hell, living a lot!"

As Cheryl suggested, the siblings got a nice buzz and were a bit giddy when Jake came home. He greeted his girlfriend's sister and only then did the slightly-inebriated Jessica notice the ring on her sister's finger. She squealed with happiness for her younger sister and hugged the handsome young man who was to be her brother-in-law. They all sat down and talked and got to know each other. Jake took them to dinner at a nice French restaurant and ordered for them in perfect French. Cheryl explained that her musician fianc__ had lived in Bordeaux for nearly ten years. "We met when our agency hired him to do music for one of our commercials," Cheryl explained. "In between takes, he kept singing to me and when he finally asked me to dinner, he'd already won me over."

"He's romantic and he speaks French, he's good looking, he's a talented musician, he pays attention and he's good in bed," Jessica whispered to Cheryl. "Good thing I didn't meet him before you did or I might have gone after him myself. Anything else I don't know about this dreamboat?"

"He's an identical twin," Cheryl whispered back. "Yep, there's two of him!" She laughed.

"Oh, my God!" Jessica laughed and then the thought occurred to her. "Is his brother single?"

"Alex? Yes, very single. Jess! Are you asking me to fix you up with Jake's younger brother?" Cheryl laughed.

"Why not?" Jessica said, smiling over at the unsuspecting man. "I'm legally separated, I could use a good-looking younger man to bolster my ego. Why, don't you think Alex would be interested in me?"

"Are you kidding?" Cheryl chortled. "He'd flip over you. You look great and he'd be lucky to go out with you. Even Jake keeps checking you out, not that I mind. It's okay with me if he looks so long as I'm accorded the same rights," she told her older sister.

Cheryl got her fianc__'s attention. "D'you think your brother would be interested in a date with Jessica?" She asked him.

"You're serious?" Jake laughed. "I don't know of any man who wouldn't like to date someone as lovely as your sister," he nodded in Jessica's direction. "Why don't the four of us go out this weekend? That should give Jessica time to acclimate and to look around the neighborhood. Is that all right with you, Jess?"

Jessica flashed her future brother-in-law a dazzling smile and nodded. The chance to date someone younger than herself and as handsome as Jake was just too good to pass up. She vowed to herself that if she was attracted to Alex, she would just let her inhibitions fly out the window. The old rules would not apply, she would do whatever she wanted. She kept glancing over at Jake and her thoughts kept coming back to one thing ... if Alex was as engaging as his brother, she wanted to fuck him and finally live out some of her fantasies. She liked the merry twinkle in Jake's green eyes and the zest he seemed to have for life. She hoped it would be present in his twin.

Jessica had meant what she said.

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