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Sexy brown sugar Stephanie gets ravished by Big Tony.

I really wanted to and I've always regretted not taking that extra step. Would I ever get the chance again?

Some years later we had a falling out. I hadn't spoken to her in nearly 3 years but after I had some trauma in my life which I won't bore you with, we began talking again. I started to wonder whether I would again get close enough to her to attempt to kiss her again. Well, I have a story to tell you.

Trudy had come to see me and we didn't waste any time at all in opening one of the many bottles of wine I had got in and beginning to reminisce. I needed the wine to give me the courage to make the impossible move over this large taboo and I needed her to be nice and relaxed so she would let me. Time started to get away from us, the hour was getting very late and although I was still excited at the idea of seeing my sister naked I was getting very tired and I could see that she was as well. I offered her my bedroom and said I would take the couch and we went upstairs so I could loan her a t-shirt to wear in bed. I gave her the shirt and then I went off to brush my teeth. I was also using the time to psyche myself up.

Mouth now clean I returned to the bedroom to find my sis in bed, my bed. I lingered for a while then sat on the bed. I was hoping she would offer me a place in my own bed but that offer never came so instead I lay down and mumbled something about being comfortable. She said I could stay so, trying to appear blas__ I stripped down to my shorts and crawled under the covers next to her.

I was so close to her. I could feel the heat from her body and as I lay on my back thinking about nothing else but moving inside her. My cock has never been as hard as it was at that moment so I decided to go for it. I turned to my left and lent over her on some pretext of reaching for something and accidently on purpose rubbed my erection against her. I made sure she could feel it and then instead of pulling completely away from her I slipped my left arm under her to hold her in an embrace and I lay down on my side facing her. It's strange that the thing I remember most strongly from that moment was her familiar smell. I was trembling with fear and anticipation, excitement and lust. My heart was pounding so hard I was sure she must have felt it let alone heard it. I could just make out her beautiful face as my eyes adjusted to the darkness.

Her eyes were closed but I could tell she wasn't asleep yet. I took my right hand and began to tenderly stroke her hair away from her face and as I did this her eyes opened and we lay there in each others arms with our lips merely inches apart. I did it. I moved slowly and kissed her. Only a peck but once again I let it linger slightly longer than usual. Now we lay there looking into each others eyes having just felt something more than familial in our kiss. I leaned in and kissed her again only this time I opened my mouth slightly and gently licked her lips. I thought I had blown it when I suddenly felt her sigh and open her mouth. Our tongues entwined in our first passionate kiss. Naturally I rolled forward so I was now above my sister with my tongue wrestling with hers. I slid my right hand up under her t-shirt and felt her soft belly then down into her panties to her sopping wet pussy. I was fit to burst and then I felt her hand stroke my cock through my shorts. I was nervous that if I broke the kiss she would come to her senses but I took the risk and started frantically pulling my shorts down. In seconds I was naked and I started pulling the shirt over Trudy's head to expose her absolutely perfect tits. I couldn't wait to feel our naked bodies together but first I had to peel off those troublesome panties.

She lifted her bum off the bed so I could slip them down and then as soon as they were off her ankles she spread her legs wide for me.

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