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How everything started for a Psychology student.

We were both distressed to see not only was there a constant stream of cum running out of this bitches cunt but there was a large pool on the floor directly underneath where the rest of the cum from the other bikies had dripped. She was a total mess.

Steve and I roughly pulled Shark out of the Club room and into the yard outside. We then proceeded to tell him he was no longer a member of the Club and he could dress and leave and never come back! He just grinned at us and told us the joke was on us and he never wanted to see us again. He quickly dressed and left the premises together with his cronies - escorted by Steve, myself and a few other older members. We were glad to see the last of Shark.

We went back into the Club and were surprised to see the members were still fucking the bitch and having her suck them off. Steve and I thought she had had enough by this and went over to stop the remaining few members from fucking her. When we looked at the bitch she was covered in love bites, had cum all over her back and legs as well as the steady stream of cum running out of her cunt. When I got close to her I looked at her body and saw she was very hairy. I moved even closer and looked with amazement at the tuft of hair in the small of her back. Oh No! I rushed around the table and looked at the pretty cum stained face - it was Elaine! These bastards had initiated my wife! She was by far the most-fucked initiate I had ever seen. She had cum all over her face and in her hair and her mouth was still dripping from the last load which had been shot into her mouth!

Steve was just as disgusted as I as we helped Elaine up off the table and half carried her over to the showers. Steve and I stripped off our clothes and held Elaine up under the shower. Her body was so covered with cum she was extremely slippery and was hard to hold. In addition she was obviously drugged in some way because she was almost incoherent in her speech. Steve and I did our best to wash her body. We soaped and washed her entire body making sure we cleaned out her holes as best we could. We hadn't noticed at first but later saw she had been fucked in the asshole lots of times because it was only when we lifted her off the table the cum started running out of her asshole. Even after the careful showering she was still dripping cum from both of her holes. We dried Elaine and then couldn't find her clothes - they must have been hidden by Shark. I took my shirt and put it over the top of her body and placed my underpants on her as well so that she was at least a little respectable.

I had Steve help me get her into my car and then I drove her home. She was asleep long before we reached home. I had to carry her lovely body into the house and into the bedroom. I collected a number of towels and spread them over the bed before I placed her carefully on top. I removed my shirt and underpants from her sleeping body and then left her lying naked on her back on the towels. The cum was still running out of her body when I left her to go back to the Club. I knew she would be sleeping for some time both from the exertion of being fucked so many times and also because of the drugs which had been used on her.

When I arrived at the Club Steve was waiting for me. He had rounded up all of the faithful members of the Club - some 32 members - and we headed off to Shark's home. Fortunately Shark and his cronies were all at his house drinking and laughing about the initiation. We surrounded his home and then invaded the premises.

What followed was almost a massacre.

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