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Party at The Meadows - Pt. 2 of 4

I wanted in her. I kicked off my shoes and dropped my pants to the asphalt, stepping out of one leg

"Jim, I'm married." She retorted. I couldn't believe it. Seriously, at this point?

"Too late for that now." I grabbed her her knees and lifted them up and apart, and stepped between them, the now purple head of my cock poised over the split between her legs. I reached down and ran the drooling head up and down the crease of her bald pussy. I was so wet I had her lubed up in just a couple passes. She was looking deep in my eyes and I could tell she was still considering her situation. Opportunity, infidelity, excitement, loyalty, desire all presented itself to her. For me, the time was now. I took one hand from her knees and grabbed my cock and pushed the head in. Her crease gave way easily and the head popped inside her. I pumped in deeper. Her body heat enveloped the end of my cock. I leaned into her chest and thrust my hips forward.

"Ohhhh!" she gasped, quietly this time, but no protest. I wanted to get rid of that top, but my priority was pussy now and I needed to go quickly. I pumped. My cock pressing its way through her canal, her legs bouncing as I pushed her ass into the hood of her car. Still bracing herself with her arms, my head was right alongside hers as my cock split her. Her breath was hot on my shoulder as I felt her body envelope my shaft.

"Oh yes, come on, give it to me", Molly whispered.

Deeper and deeper it entered, my balls finally hitting her ass as I buried myself fully. She worked her crotch against me, grinding her pussy up and down on my cock, evidently totally forgetting the concern over adultery. I stayed deep, letting her jack me with her cunt, slowly and firmly. I raised up from her chest a little and unbuttoned her top and pushed it over her shoulders. Then reaching behind her back, I unsnapped the bra to pulled it over her tits. There they were, for certain fake, but nicely done. A little too perky, a slight scar on the underside. I'm guessing 34C-ish. I must have spent a little too much time admiring them.

"What?", she whispered.

"You are absolutely gorgeous". I told her. She smiled and squeezed my shaft hard with her pussy. I leaned in and sucked her nipples and began to hump her again.

It was fantastic. Outside, in the dark, pumping Molly on the hood of her car, my cock piercing her, my abdomen slightly smacking between her legs with each thrust. But, I wanted more. I pulled out.

"Here, get down." I helped her down from the hood.

"Turn around." She did, this time spreading her legs wide for me, leaning on the hood, that pussy again totally vulnerable. I took a second, appreciating her brown hair draped down her back, a tight waist and a slightly big, smooth, white ass all bent over in front of me. Some men are leg guys, others are into boobs, but I've always been an ass man. Molly, now in her late 30's, had a great ass.

I got in behind her and ran my cock the length of the crease of her pussy and upward past, up the length of her ass and back down again. Taking time, I looked up at the building, just to see if anyone was watching. No one at the windows. I was slightly disappointed, wanting a spectator, a witness. I lined up with her pussy, pushed in slightly, feeling her vagina lips over my cocks head, and thrust my hips forward.

"Hummm, Uhhhh," Mollys moans were getting loud. It was getting me excited. Was she forgetting were she was? That tight, warm pussy was wonderful. I kept getting her. She reached back with one hand and put it on my ass, gripping it, pulling it forward, deeper into her. I thought about telling her to be quieter, but decided I simply didn't care if someone saw or filmed me fucking this gorgeous woman in a public place.

Thrusting in her, I looked up at the building.

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