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Childhood friends struggle with immense attraction. Part 3.

What would come out of it would be hot.

A grunt of satisfaction from Sir John as he slid fully home, the black barathea of his trousers against the smooth pinkness of the girl's thighs, her red curls such a contrast with the black suiting. Sir John undid the single button of his jacket and held back the two sides, gripping the silk of the long shawl collar with his hands and fully showing the white barathea and pearl studs of his shirt. It gave him an uninterrupted view of his penis as it slid in and out of the girl.

The party were silent as they watched, to their ears came the wet, sucking sounds of sexual intercourse, the only movement Sir John's hips as he thrust away as his penis slid. The girl was too restrained to do anything other than accept the intrusion into her body and what would be left behind.

A further grunt of satisfaction and it was clear to all that through the fleshy pole - the rather wet male organ with its straining veins, alternately appearing and disappearing within the girl - a large quantity semen was passing. It was travelling from Sir John's balls, hidden away within the confines of his trousers, and being released deep within the girl. An unseen passing.

Had the ladies had their choice they would have preferred to have seen the ejaculation. Mary, for her part, liked to see a good spurting. Perhaps another day Diane would arrange it so the men came like a shower of rain upon a bound girl, most likely assisted by the gloved hand of one of the ladies. It happened sometimes. It was pleasing to set a man off and watch the display.

Sir John stepped back pulling his penis from the girl. It would have been both pleasing and amusing had it made a 'popping' sound as it did so. It did not.

It was now Justin's turn to step up to the mark and perform. His penis, strongly standing was very much the sabre, much the most curved of the half dozen around the table. A perfect curve indeed. It was a slow insertion, Mary quite understanding how Justin might wish to savour the moment, enjoy first the anticipation of the touch of the girl's curls and sex, the moist coolness of the girl's sex on the tip of his penis before pushing in.

"Still cool, Sir John," he exclaimed but then, as he progressed, "ah, ha, warmer here, just as you'd promised!"

Sir John inclined his head, it was most likely at least in part the warmth of Sir John's ejaculated he was feeling. All watched the second bout. It was entertainment.

It was multiple insemination, penis after penis inserted into the girl and semen released until finally it was David's turn. He looked at Mary, their eyes meeting as they so often did. She smiled as she nodded her permission. She was so glad she had chosen him as a husband. Such a man, and she was by no means thinking only of his manhood - not that it was anything but exceptionally manly. It had not drooped one little bit and still stood the tallest, as straight as a die but for the interesting change of direction two inches from its end. Indeed not just the tallest of all of the men when erect, it was now the only one still standing.

Mary could feel his excitement. The prospect of plunging his penis not into his wife's fair fringed sex but the girl's little red squirrel. The girl's sex, though, was not quite as it had been. The successive usage of five men had caused the lips to puff up and swell, a vulva not simply readied for intercourse but already well used. Unsurprisingly it was awash with creamy semen, the sexual hole now obviously open and stretched but not exactly unoccupied. It was full of ejaculate.

For a moment she wondered if David would baulk at the rather overflowing appearance of the girl's sex .

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