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Dinner and dancing leads to more for you, her, and her friend.

When you started high school, I guess your hormones kicked in or something, because suddenly you were looking at me a lot more. The summer before your senior year in high school, I caught you checking me out when I was tanning in the backyard. That's why I started tanning at the beach instead, because I didn't want you watching me. It was weird because you barely spoke to me, but you kept looking at me."

"I've liked you since I first met you. I was just shy. It was difficult living with you because you always looked so beautiful. I didn't speak to you much because I figured you thought I was a dork or loser or something," he confessed.

"Be honest: did you fantasize about me often?" She asked. Her left eye was only partially opened, and her bottom lip was slightly curled inward. The look on her face was of pure seduction.
"Honestly, I fantasized about you a lot. A few times a week," he answered, turning his head away from her momentarily.

"Whatever happened to my g-string?"

"I kept it all throughout high school, and I would masturbate to you all the time. When I did, I would use your underwear."

"Use my underwear, how?"

"I would wrap them around myself and jack off. When I got close to cumming, I would hold them open and cum all over them."

"Do you still have them?"

"No. When Jenna and I started dating after graduation, I tossed them out. I figured you had forgotten about them by then, so you wouldn't miss them."

"Oh, baby brother. How wrong you were," she joked. As they shared a tender moment of blessed humor, Alicia looked to her right, seeing the roses sitting in the vase. She reached for one and removed it. Try as she might, her nostrils were only able to detect a scant trace of the odor most closely associated with the flower.

"Were these for Jenna?" She asked, placing the single rose back with its family.

"Yeah. I bought them on Wednesday," he answered. Nodding her head, she sighed deeply.

"Is there anything I can do?"

"No, sis. Everything will be fine," he answered. Continuing to nod, Alicia felt a strong chill creep up her spine. She was sitting almost directly under a vent, and despite Avery turning on the heat, only cold air blew from it.

"I think there's something wrong with your heat," she declared. Her short legs pushed her chair out from underneath the table. Carefully, she climbed atop it and examined the vent. Using her hand, she assessed the temperature blowing from the vent. Avery sat in his chair, eyeing his stepsister's ass in her jeans. Alicia had always boasted an admirable ass, given her height. There was enough fat and muscle to fill out anything she wore. Avery believed that she wore a size smaller than she needed, so her clothes would give the illusion that she had more curves than she really did. Like Jenna and Janelle, Alicia was gifted with bountiful breasts. He could not recall how large they were, but given how far they protruded, he postulated a D-cup-sized bra contained them. Aroused and ashamed, he bit his bottom lip and turned his head. How disgusting he was, to be lusting after the woman in his apartment. His own stepsister.

"Yeah. Your vent is blowing cold air," she concluded, stepping down from the chair. Avery bit his bottom lip again as she, again, resumed a seated position. Brushing her long hair from her face, she looked at her stepbrother, who had a faraway expression on his face. It was the look of someone who was not quite aware of what was happening around them.

"You okay?" She asked, crossing her arms. From his trance, he awoke to her question.

"Yeah. Yeah. I'm okay," he answered. "I'm sorry about the heat. Jenna told me the other night that it went out. I thought the super had fixed it."

"I guess not," she replied.

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