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Expect the unexpected.

I take Talia's hand in mine and we enter the green grotto, walking ankle-deep up the stream bed and climbing rocks as we move deeper and deeper into this Garden of Eden. However, we are not the only Adam & Eve in this Eden. We pass any number of them, many of whom are engaged in all manner of "sinful" acts. The walls of the two cliffs on either side capture and hold the sound of everything in the grotto, the water, the birds and the people, and acoustically magnify everything. Every whisper, every sigh, every moan of passion, and gasp of ecstasy no matter how distant seems as if it's near you. The air is filled with a chorus of erotic music wordlessly sung in breaths and murmurs and blissful exclamations of ecstasy, the echoes hanging suspended about the ears like an invisible mist.

I sit myself down on the rock ledge of the little waterfall that's emptying into the pool of water we occupy, my legs dangling over the side. The water hits me in the small of the back before diverting around my body. It flows over and around my thighs creating a turbulence that gently buffets my testicles around in their loose sac. Above them stands my stiff member, proudly holding it's mushroom head high out of the water. Like a woman with a mission, Talia deliberately climbs out of the water in front of me, straddles my legs and squats down. In one graceful movement, she reaches between us to grasp my cock and guide it into her pussy and settles down on my lap completely impaled on my erection.

We both breathe an involuntary lustful moan, Talia feeling my hardness inside her, and me experiencing her satiny heat engulfing my hard prick. I hold onto her sides to steady her body, which has already started rocking and swaying and I rub my thumbs up and down along her ribcage as if her whole body was an extension of my cock and I'm masturbating it. Talia wraps her legs around my body pulling and locking her crotch against mine. I feel her inner walls squeezing my rigid penis as she hunches herself on me trying to pull me in deeper.

My hot, horny girl is again in one of her ecstatic trance-like states, totally absorbed by her sexual needs and desires. Her entire being is awash with erotic sensations; my cock embedded inside her, my hands touching her skin, the water rushing around us, and the sounds of others experiencing their own sexual ecstasy so close-by.

I'm maintaining control of myself quite well. Having already cum twice today, I'm quite happy to let my sweetheart pleasure herself on my cock for as long as she wants. Talia's sighing and moaning starts becoming more intense and erratic. From experience, I know this is a sign that an orgasm is building inside her. She can no longer speak even a single coherent word as she sways to and fro in front of me. Her gasps become more and more urgent as she climbs higher and higher. She has almost no control of her body and I think if I were not steadying her with my hands, she might lose her balance and fall off of me.

As she nears her climax, I wrap both arms around her and lift her up and quickly pull her back down onto my cock. Again and again I lift her up and down, fucking her pussy, fucking her whole body on my stiff prick.

Talia's sexy body trembles as her orgasm reaches its peak. Every muscle is tensed as she clings to me tightly and rides me through her ecstasy. Her pussy ripples over my cock squeezing and pulsing along its length and a sound of joyous, passionate release escapes her throat and echoes through the trees. I laugh to myself thinking that everyone in the grotto must know that my darling Talia is cumming.

Resting her limp body against mine, Talia begins to calm down.

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