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Sub waitress recalls first session with Master.

"Your eyes will stay open at all times, no exceptions. Disobey me again and you will deeply and permanently regret the decision. Nod if you understand."

With terror welling up inside of her, Kara nodded and resolved to keep her eyes intently focused on her lord. He pushed the dildo in the rest of the way and she felt her whole body shudder in revulsion, then gasped as he started to fuck her with it. Then and only then was Kara able to appreciate the true nature of his torturous intent. As Lord Arlington thrust into her, he was also grinding the ginger oil more viciously into her skin, allowing the heat to build upon itself. It had started off as a tingle, but now it had morphed into something hellish and ugly, a flame deep inside her gut that no amount of muffled pleading could extinguish. The intensity increased with each passing moment, and suddenly Kara could feel a small sob and then a scream escape her lips. As her desperation peaked, she frantically tried to shift her hips and squirm away from the source of the pain, but her lord wouldn't have it.

"Keep still, slave," Arlington hissed, holding her in place. "You will take whatever I give you and you will do so with humility or I'll make sure your cunt gets the same treatment."

It seemed like an impossible task, but Kara powered through the pain and forced herself to endure the abuse. There were still a few more minutes of agonizing torture to go, but finally, Lord Arlington was finished. He left the dildo resting snugly inside her ass before stepping away, tossing his gloves aside, and allowing the chains to drop down from the ceiling. It was a small mercy, but Kara was grateful for the chance to rest on her knees. Panting and positively terrified, she could only cringe as Lord Arlington stepped into the light again, watching her with a bemused expression on his face. At that moment, it took all of her willpower not to burst into tears, but somehow, she managed it.

"Such a pretty thing, all stuffed up and red with agony," Lord Arlington smiled, circling her trembling body to observe his work. "You'll think twice before you defy me from now on, won't you, pet?" And humiliated, Kara nodded.


Lord Arlington paused where he stood, then continued circling the girl, searching her face for some indication of how she had handled the stress of the evening. To an inexperienced eye, it might appear as if she had been successfully cowed: whenever he stepped too close, he could see the girl wince and she was struggling to meet his gaze. That pleased Lord Arlington greatly, but it wasn't enough. Though she was undeniably afraid, Kara was still very much in control of her feelings. It was clear from the tension in her body and the way she was breathing-a desperate attempt to remain calm and collected-that he hadn't broken her yet. Kara was still fighting him and his advances, even if she didn't know it. To assume otherwise would be an amateur's mistake, the kind that could earn you a knife in the back and a runaway slave.

But Lord Arlington was no amateur.

All night, he had been watching Kara closely and knew that she still required a great deal of work.

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