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The Family Reunion is a time to come together.

The hard cock slid out of her and it showed very clearly what a good time it had had in her.

She quickly repositioning herself to stand on all fours which she knew was his favourite. He really deserved it this morning she thought with a lustful grin.

He took her with gusto. As he had come once already they knew it would take some time before he was ready to shoot again and took full advantage of that. He fucked her lengthily making her come several more times and in the middle she again repositioned. This time she stood up leaning over a table wriggling her full ass which she remembered that he liked before letting him in from behind.

She had deliberately chosen the place to stand. When she turned her head she could watch them in the big mirror. After a while their eyes met and they smiled towards each other. The locked eyes gave him new energy to fuck her hard and eagerly.

At the end they came together and again she screamed on top of her lungs acknowledging in full the lovely treatment she got from her husband. Up to the final moment she watched his contorted face and his great relief when he started to spurt. When his first shot hit her she got over the brink and from then on wasn't able to watch anything until she had recovered. But then she looked again and met his beaming eyes and saw a proud grin all over his face. She smiled happily back.

Then she did something that she suddenly remembered having done on their honeymoon and maybe a year after but then had abandoned. She spun around and knelt before him. She took his grimy cock in her mouth and sucked it to get the last drops out but also cleaned it thoroughly. It was long since she last had tasted their mixed juices which she now regretted when she felt the lovely taste. She went on licking all around his hairy balls and finally took them into her mouth one at a time. She finished by taking all of his limp cock in her mouth again keeping it there for some time.

They showered together caressing each other but twice in a row what was he could muster. They hadn't precisely exercised his ability which she now regretted. But it was an excellent start of their vacation and who knows what can be done in a couple of weeks she thought smiling inwardly.

After a late breakfast they went down to the beach. Without hesitation she had put on her new bikini. He made big eyes and tried hard to talk her out of wearing it. But she was adamant in refusing telling him to wait and see.

When they walked along the beach to find a good place she was amazed to see that it looked exactly like in her dream. She recognized everything although she hadn't been there before. Well, they had taken a stroll the night before of course. And many women were topless. Her husband tried to be casual about it but with amusement she noticed how he tried to hide from her how his eyes darted around. Giggling she put her mouth against his ear nibbling it a little before comforting him saying that it was all right to watch. To her own amazement she even encouraged him by discreetly showing him where to find nice boobs.

When they reached the spot where in her dream she had taken her top off she stopped.

"I am going to do like all these women. I will take my top off," she declared. Her husband looked horrified and again tried to talk her out of it but to no use. She unsnapped the bra and stood proudly letting her breasts sway lightly.

When they resumed walking her husband tried to shield her but was in great trouble because he wanted to shield both her exposed boobs and her naked ass.

She couldn't understand that she felt so unchecked and frivolous.

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