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Remembering the past to help Annie redefine her future.

It was time to make its acquaintance. He opened wide and took it into his skilled mouth, loving it as only a man can love a cock. Rudi's cock was spit wet and so incredibly sensitive as Chuck's mouth worked its magic on him. He unbuttoned his shirt and crushed his tiny pink nipples between thumb and finger, taking himself to new heights of pleasure.

When he felt Chuck tugging on his jeans. Rudi stepped out of them and glanced around to make sure that there was no one else about. He could see for miles in all directions so it seemed fairly safe. He placed his jeans and shorts on a fallen tree trunk and when Chuck spun him around and bent him over he had to use that same trunk for support. He moaned out loud as the older man parted his tight, smooth, creamy white cheeks and lapped at his delicate little rosebud. He could almost feel the folds of his pucker yielding and Chuck's tongue probed deeper and deeper. This was the best rim job he had ever had and he was so lost in pleasure that he hardly felt any pain when that huge cock started to slice into him.

Chuck took a moment to store the memory of his big cock going into that flawless ass. It had to be one of the best twink butts he had ever scored and he wanted this to be the best fuck for both of them so he took it real slow, inch by inch. As he slowly, slowly slid into Rudi's ass he stroked the young man's back and chest. Rudi pushed back against the invading cock, easing its passage into the depths of his being. He reached down for his soft cock and started gently tugging on it.

Somewhere a bird was singing and a cricket chirped. Rudi opened his eyes and looked up at the blue sky. If there was ever such a thing as paradise on earth he had found it this day. This man was a love making machine, he knew each button to press, each stroke to use. Rudi's lust inflamed ass started sliding up and down that fat shaft, so that they took turns fucking each other. Chuck would stroke for a minute or two, then Rudi's sweet ass would milk his shaft that was growing more and more sensitive. Rudi only wished that they could have been on a bed so that he could sit down on Chuck's cock and see his hairy chest and handsome face. But there was some consolation when Chuck leaned in close and Rudi could his curly chest hair against his back.

Chuck was close now; the silken canal he was in was getting his cock head so excited he could not hold out much longer. The excitement of a beautiful stranger offering up his hot butt in this deserted spot made this such an intense experience and he wanted to make sure his young friend reached the same wild climax as he knew was about to be his. He reached round and took Rudi's cock in his paw. It was slippery with precum and felt really good in his hand as he fisted it.

Rudi groaned and mumbled incoherently. Chuck's long fingers concentrated on the sensitive underside of Rudi's cock as he felt his own balls fixing to blow. Rudi yelped and shuddered and Chuck gave one last savage thrust that released the pin and his balls blew out, shooting a heavy wad of red hot man juice into the young stud's happy ass. Rudi's own cock erupted in Chuck's hand, spewing his fuck sauce on the ground in thick, ropey spurts that seemed to go on for ages. And Chuck just kept on milking him so that Rudi had to grab hold of his wrist and hold it still when he was done and his cock had grown too sensitive.

The deed done the men tucked their spent cocks away. It was time to move on. But Chuck was really tempted to make something more of it.

'Fuck it.' he thought 'I'll take a chance.' as he fished out his card.

'Here's my card.' he said. 'I usually stay at Andrew's motel on a Thursday night.'

Rudi briefly put his lips to the card and thanked his lucky stars.

'I might look you up sometime.' he replied, knowing full well that he would.

Two week later Rudi dialled the number on Chuck's card and was surprised that Chuck still remembered him and wanted to see him again.

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