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A man celebrates his love for his wife.

Mary was right about there being no men here. Just women talking, drinking, and even dancing with each other. Judy found it kind of weird seeing two girls dancing very close but she soon forgot about it when Mary spoke up.

"Miss Chevotet this is the model that will be working for you tonight." Mary knew chevotet had a bad reputation stealing young girls virtue and Judy will soon fall prey to it. She would've felt bad but she could tell that Judy needed this. The way she stare at her breasts when she first open the door told her all she needed to know. Chevotet was a beautiful woman in her mid thirties with long jet black hair and hands that she can't help touching you with.

"She is perfect and her beauty is breathtaking! Come mon cheri, welcome to my home." She spoke in a french accent that came off sexy to Judy. Embracing Judy kissing each cheek and before her lips was next, Chevotet's hands grab her ass. The shock of it made her mouth open in a gasp and gave the woman opportunity to stick her tongue in it. The kiss last only a few seconds but felt a lot longer to her. She was taking back by it but she found deep down she like it. The feeling of her tongue dancing with in made her feel a little funny down below. Thinking this to be one of her customs she let it go for her sister sake.

Mary was glad to see that Judy was not fighting the embrace and letting yourself be Miss Chevotet's toy. Walking up the stairs to the shoot she couldn't wait to see the girl seduce into lesbian sex. The room was set up for a photo shoot in the corner with a stool and a expensive camera by it. The only thing else was there was a bed that Mary knew was there because Chevotet like to do more than take pictures with her models. Whispering in Judy ear telling her it is just art and go along with it. Behind her the door open up and two models in silk robes enter making their way to the other side.

Chevotet handed Judy a masquerade mask telling her this is all you need and to remove her dress. "You want to take nude photos of me", She said in a state of shock. Remembering why she was here and she bounce back with, "Sure, I am ok with it." She wasn't really ok with it and was about to freak out. She calm down when she was told none of body will be seen and will be cover up in an artful way. The second time today she undress in front of someone and because of her innocent way didn't see the lust in their eyes. Placing the mask on and was glad it will keep people from recognizing her. The other two models she though were pretty and didn't have any problem being nude. She didn't wanted to be like them and kept her arms from covering up.

Chevotet told her to sit on the stool facing her and did so with her legs close. She order Sarah one of the model to get behind her and keep her from falling. Chevotet held on her legs pulling till her ass were barely on it. Her next move took her by surprise by spreading her legs apart and telling Abby, the other model to place her head in front of it. Judy sure she saw a smile came across her face as she got in place holding on her legs. Her mouth was so close that she could feel her breath upon her open pussy. A light tingling feeling run through it making her a little moist and her breathe intake heavier. She was so engrossed with the model between her legs that she didn't hear Sarah was order to hold her breasts. She jump a little at the touch feeling another person hands on them for the first time. She never tried touching the places these models were at before and the sensations they were causing by just being still was having an effect. Her body was so hungry for a touch, all these years and not getting any made it more tender.

Judy started to feel her nipples beginning to harden in the model hands and her pussy become wetter by the second confuses her.

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