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Adventures in Self-Bondage.

Maybe my mom had wanted certain things in her wedding and didn't get it. Now here was her chance to make it part of MY wedding. I'm such a considerate daughter, aren't I?

But the best benefit of working it this way was that my mom would take up part of Davey's time, leaving that time free for me to do what I wanted. Hahaha. Poor sucker had to sit at my parents' house at the dining room table with my mom for hours, looking at all kinds of books and brochures. Meanwhile I was in the back of some man's car behind a club, getting fucked from behind by him while going down on his buddy.

Ohhh God, I love sex. It is so much fun to dress up slutty and go into a dance club, and get on the floor and grind. I just do my thing, and here come the guys! They come from every direction to slide up against my body. And the ones I like best will get to have me wherever they want. Their car, the alley, their place, their girlfriend's place. Hahaha, I don't care. And soon they can have me at my place... when I have a place. I love making myself available, and I love a man to take control. I love not knowing ahead of time what he will want me to do. That's why I could never have sex with just one man. It would be too predictable, and it would just get boring.

Sometimes a man will lure me from the club to a buddy's house, and bring me into some living room where several of his friends are waiting. He'll say, "I found this little slut at the club, and she is DOWN for anything, boys!" They'll all get up from a sofa and start to circle me, their eyes wide, and say, "Ohhhhh, really???" Then I'll feel hands all over me, and guys telling me, Stroke this, Lick this, Suck that, or On your knees, bitch. I love being a little sex slave for a roomful of hot, horny animals. Oh, God! So hot! I've even gotten fucked by some fat, old, or ugly men, who never could have succeeded in picking me up, but if their hot young friend picked me up and then forced me to service them, it would get me totally hot.

Other times a man will take me to his house or apartment, and wouldn't you know it, he'll have a wife or girlfriend who likes to abuse a little whore like me. He might join in or he might just watch, but several times I've ended up with my face held in some woman's thighs, or fucked by her with a strap-on. The best time was when I got double-teamed by a married couple, and he fucked me from behind while pushing my face into his wife's pussy.

Even though I was on the pill so I could fuck guys without a condom, no birth control is foolproof, so that was another reason I wanted to have a husband as soon as possible. By the time our wedding was close enough, I wasn't too worried. If I did get pregnant, everything would be OK as long as I wasn't showing before wedding day.

Davey and I live in Trentstown, which is big enough for me to have a lot of sex partners and not have absolutely everyone be aware that I'm such a slut. But still, it's not like we live in New York or something. So one day, one of Davey's co-workers, named Matt, noticed a picture of us he had on his desk. (Isn't that sweet?) Matt recognized me, because he had just picked me up in a club and fucked me the week before. So he asked Davey, "Who is that?"

"That's my fiancee," Davey said, proudly.

"Oh. Really? Your fiancee? Hm. Well... congratulations, man. She's beautiful."

Then I ran into this guy a week or two later, in the same club. He spotted me on the dance floor, so he went all around the club to look for Davey, figuring if we were engaged, Davey would be there somewhere. When he couldn't find him, he came out on the floor, and came up to me.


"Hiiii," I drawled, smiling as I wagged my ass in his direction. Hahaha.

"Where's your fiance?"

"My fiance?"

"Yeah. You know. David. David Thompson?"

"He's where he's supposed to be."

"Ha. And where is that?"

"Does it matt

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