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Friend tags along and uses his friend's girl.

I thought about just hitting the highway and heading home, but I needed to pee really bad. There was no way I could hold it that long! If I didn't find someplace to piss soon, I would be pissing my pants, and probably my car seat. I had to piss, NOW! I had already leaked a couple of squirts in my underwear. Time was not my friend.

I was in a commercial / industrial area, and all the businesses were closed. I noticed two cars parked in front of a building, nosed in, and I pulled in next to the one on the right, making a third parked car. There was literally no pedestrian traffic and almost no vehicular traffic, there were, however, some streetlights, so it was not completely dark. I turned off my engine, and all of my car's lights.

I slid out of the driver's seat, already unzipping my pants, and pulling out my penis. I walked up in front of the center car, and... Oh, what a relief it was to water the concrete! After putting my junk away, I looked around, and was 100% certain that no one but I knew what I had just done.

Having dodged the bullet, I got into my car and found my way home, arriving about 35 minutes later, high and 'almost' dry!

I'm not big on peeing in open public places, but when you're desperate, you do what you have to do!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Too many fares and no restrooms! (Story 2 of 2)

I'm old, and semi-retired, driving taxi for supplemental income, as social security won't pay all of the bills. Like many older men, I have an enlarged prostate and my bladder doesn't hold as much as it used to so I like to always know where the restrooms are.

When I received my first fare yesterday morning, she was at a hotel only about 6 or 7 minutes from home. I should have relieved myself before I left home but I didn't, expecting a short ride, but she was going to the airport, about 35 minutes away. I already had some bladder pressure and I knew there was no way I could hold my pee for that long. I asked her to give me a few minutes, and used the hotel restroom.

On the return trip, I received a short fare in one of the neighboring towns, then a fare from the university in my town to the mall in a neighboring city. Then one from my city to the same mall, and I'm starting to feel too much pressure again on my bladder. I need to pee!

After dropping off that last fare, I got another one, just a few blocks from the mall, going to a neighboring town. I'm going to come back to my house and pee, oops, got another fare, still in my town, I'll take that one, and then I'll make a pee stop somewhere, after I deliver it. The pressure is getting serious, I'm in pain, I need to pee soon, very soon.

I took that young lady to work at the mall, but then had another fare to pick up right there, at the mall. God, I need to pee! That fare was the same guys I had taken to the mall earlier, going back to the hotel I had picked them up from. I'm about to start leaking! I don't want to piss in my jeans, or have piss soaking my car seat.

As I drove the young men to the hotel, which is only about 5 minutes from my house, I know this is crunch time, and time is running out for me. This has to be my last fare for now. I have to get home and piss, as soon as these guys are out of my car. They got out-no more fares-for now.

In five minutes I'll be home, and can get to my bathroom, I can hardly wait! I can't speed, I don't need a cop stopping me, I don't have time for that! I gotta pee! I don't remember ever needing to piss this bad before. Just a couple of blocks now, there's my street, and I turned down it, two more blocks and into my driveway!

Oh, thank heaven, if I can just hold on about 60 or 90 more seconds, I'll be in my bathroom! I turned the key off, opened the door and stepped out, ready to open the gate and hustle to the front door. Relief is only seconds away.

No sooner than my feet hit the ground and I was standing, I felt the piss streaming out of my cock, soaking my boxer-briefs, and the crotch of my

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