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Daddy notices his little girl is not so little any more.

"Not at all my child." I wasn't exactly lying to her. Sure the things that I was having a hard time resisting were more along the lines of roasting humans alive to listen to their helpless mewling but it was the same thing in principle. We both had urges that we were having a hard time controlling. "We all do things that go against our better nature from time to time. I wasn't always a priest. I did have a life before I chose this." That wasn't a lie either. I wasn't now or ever a priest and I hadn't claimed to have been one. I just said that I wasn't always one.


"Really." I answered. "Perhaps someday I'll be confessing my sins to you. I have found that knowing that other people have gone through the same trials and tribulations can make it easier for me."

"I would like that."

"Go on child. Why Ben?"

"Because he's a sweetheart. You should have seen him. He was so terrified of me." Stephanie was just shy of squealing at the memory. "I had to ask him three separate times if he had any fantasies about me and he just wouldn't spit it out."

"You could have let it go at that."

Stephanie had one hand pressed up against wall of the booth while the other was now between her thighs. I didn't need to see her to know exactly what she was doing. I could hear the change in her breathing, the slight squeak of the wood beneath her bare bottom. "I couldn't. Maybe if I'd known he was going to be that shy earlier I would have chosen someone else but I needed it by then Father. I needed it so bad it hurt. I-" She gasped slightly "-shoved him up against my jeep and yanked his pants down around his ankles."

"Stephanie!" I exclaimed stomping my foot in response.

"I'm sorry. I just lost control. I held up against the jeep and I licked sucked. I worshiped his cock as if it were an idol. Oh God-"

"Do not use the Lord's name in vain."

"Sorry Father. It's just that's exactly how it felt. I don't think I was John's first, with Ben I was the one on my knees but I felt so powerful. His legs were trembling almost from the moment I wrapped my legs around his thick cock. Even when he lost control and grabbed me by the hair and started using my face he wasn't in control. That was me." Stephanie tried to stifle a moan but failed. I don't know who was waiting their turn in the confessional but I could tell that it was a woman in high heels who nearly tripped trying to get away before either of us emerged. By now I could smell her arousal wafting through the air.

"And you stopped when you were finished with this?"

"No." Her voice was trembling now. "Like I said, I was Ben's first and he didn't exactly last very long. He was nothing like John I'll tell you that. Ben, there was just so much! I couldn't swallow it all. He spent the next five or ten minutes trying to apologize." I couldn't stop myself from chuckling a bit at that. It was easy to imagine young Benjamin having a hard time keeping up with a little brown bunny like her especially not if she was really hungry.

"You stopped then I trust?"

"Father, no, I didn't stop until I'd had enough and while I enjoyed swallowing his warm cum, feeling it coat my throat and then sink to my belly that wasn't why I drove him down that mountain. I wanted him to fuck me. I don't know how long it has been for you Father, for me, after John I mean, a few days feels like an eternity. I'm already considering asking Ben if he'll come over and spend some time with me." Stephanie kicked her shoes off letting them thud against the wall and then the floor. "Though I'm not sure he'll want to."

The pure rush of her guilt gave me a bit of a heady rush. "Why do you think that?" I was already sitting down but that hardly made it any easier to steady myself. The part of me that genuinely enjoys watching mankind suffer wanted to revel in her pain, the part of me that loves you stupid hairless apes wanted to tell her than Ben hadn't stopped dreaming of her since then.

"I think I sort of hurt him." Stephanie answered.


She paused wet her lips with her tongue.

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