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"I can tell," I smiled. "You're very sexy when you dance."

"I'm glad you think so," she replied, squeezing my arm. I saw her look over toward our table. "Will you try to make sure Ryan doesn't drink too much tonight? I'm gonna need some later after all this dancing." She smiled so innocently, but she was talking about needing some dick later.

I nodded and wended my way over to check in on Ryan and the others. Shay veered off into the crowd and we didn't reconnect until late into the second set. The band really worked the crowd into a frenzy and built the second set into a crescendo of writhing bodies and pounding rhythms.

As the reception ended, we weaved our way back to the room no worse for wear. Ryan was pretty drunk, but Shay and I had maintained a nice buzz without getting sloshed. We got back to the room around midnight, pretty tired and ready for bed.

Ryan conked out almost immediately. I cleaned up and crawled into my bed as Shay went in to use the bathroom. I turned on the TV and stripped down naked -- the way I like to sleep. I'd slip on a pair of sweat shorts if I needed to get up for any reason. I pulled the sheet up over my body and waited for Shay to emerge from the bathroom.

She did a few minutes later, wearing a short tee shirt that barely covered her cute little bottom. As she looked in the dresser mirror and raised her arms up to tie up her hair, her shirt lifted and exposed the tight curvature of her perfect butt. It appeared she was wearing a black thong that had nothing covering her backside. The tiny triangle of material at the small of her back had one lone strand of material that disappeared between her bubbly little cheeks, not to be seen again.
She finished her hair, bounded into bed and slid in next to Ryan, on the side of the bed toward me. I curled up on the edge of the bed, determined to stay awake to see what happened. But I was out like a light in no time.

I woke some time later and realized the TV had been left on. The room was lit by a flickering glow and the laugh track from some late night sitcom re-run was the only sound in the room.

At least it was the only sound at first.

As my eyes adjusted to the light and I driftd into a semi-aware state, I became conscious of another sound -- a sound emanating from the bed next to me. I was on my back, at this point, and I turned my head to my neighbors.

Shay was on her side on the edge of the bed, facing me. Ryan was spooned up behind her with one arm draped over her body. His head was invisible -- tucked down behind Shay's slender shoulders. The covers had fallen off and her eyes were closed. They were fucking.

They weren't fucking hard. It was like Ryan was moving in slow motion. But it was clear, beyond a doubt, that he was inside of her and moving back and forth. The sight turned me on no end. I was hard almost immediately and my erection tented the white sheet covering me. I could have been modest and turned one way or the other to hide it. But, I didn't. I held it at the root so it was sticking straight up. And I watched Ryan and Shay fuck.

It certainly wasn't what I had come to expect from these two given their past efforts. But I did know that Ryan was pretty drunk and half asleep and I was actually kind of impressed that he got it up at all. I'm sure Shay had poked and prodded him until he was hard enough for her to have something to play with. But, it was not their finest hour.

Still. He was fucking her. I was watching. And I was turned on.

I couldn't tell what state Shay was in. But it was as I was watching her with my hard cock in my hand, still under the sheet, that she opened her eyes. She looked at me in the flickering gray light and smiled. Her eyes quickly became riveted on the teepee formed by my sheet and I decided to tease her as she got fucked from behind by Ryan. I suppose there was a chance that he would suddenly pop his head up and wonder what was going on. But I kind of doubted it.

I slowly began to pull on the sheet and dramatically drag it acros

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