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Penny gets sexually involved with exchange student.

Jenny was completely taken aback. Worse yet, she knew this wasn't a joke. Despite Lady Laura's smile and pleasant demeanor, Jenny knew this was the point when the momentum would shift in a more meaningful way. This was the time when fantasy was about to turn abruptly into reality.

"Here? Now?"

Jenny's eyes gazed the room again to the servers, none of whom had flinched when they heard the command to get naked. Clearly they had been in this sort of environment before.

"Rules are rules," the Lady reminded. "Behind these walls, you serve me. You agreed to relinquish control. This is the first step."

There was no change in tone and the Lady appeared quite serious. Jenny swallowed nervously. She really didn't want to quit this early into the evening, especially since her pussy had suddenly become so very wet. Her fingers moved to the straps of her dress, preparing to pull it down. Then something came to mind which immediately caused her to freeze.

"Cassandra will be here, won't she?" Jenny asked. "I...I don't know if I can be naked in front of her. We work together."

A wry smile appeared on Lady Laura's lips. "Funny you should mention that. I had quite a discussion with her about the very same issue. Trust me, you'll want to get naked and join the fun."

Coming here tonight, Jenny had known this was going to be an interesting experience. But naked? In front of the guests? In front of her loyal paralegal and friend too!?

Those thoughts caused her to shiver. She paused and reminded herself that this was going to help her understand her new job, no matter how far fetched that logic seemed. She was never someone to back down from any challenge before, why start now? It could very well be that she was on the cusp of a potentially amazing career opportunity. A little below the surface however, she knew that her pussy was calling the shots. The minute Lady Laura had instructed her to shed her clothes, her cunt had cried out for attention.

Mustering a false sense of courage, she tried to appear as brave as possible. Boldy, she pulled the straps of her dress down.

Lady Laura smiled. "What made you decide? You seemed hesitant."

"I'm a career woman," Jenny said, sliding the dress down. "This is my job."

The dress lowered and she stepped out of the pooled material so that she could bend over to pick it up off the floor. She placed the dress on a nearby table. While in her undergarments, she kept her eyes locked on the domme. Then, she reached back to unclasp her black lace bra and she remove her matching panties. Both undergarments formed a pile on top of her dress. Without further instructions, Jenny removed her heels and stood barefoot on the hard floor.

So, it was done. Jenny stood naked in front of the domme. She rejected the urge to cover her breasts and well trimmed pussy because she knew it would just delay the inevitable. Jenny was proud of her body and stood with her head up and shoulders back. Members of the staff showed no reaction when they happened to glance her way. Jenny assumed they had seen this play out a million times before.

"Not bad for an attorney," Lady Laura noted, while she feasted her eyes on the supple naked body which stood before her. "Nice shape. Nice tone. I love your perky tits. And those pink nipples of die for."

The domme reached out and softly rolled her thumb against Jenny's left nipple. Jenny reflexively flinched, before calming. Then, Jenny realized there was no outfit nearby that would replace her dress.

"What will I be wearing?" she asked, sounding concerned.

"What do you think?"

When a question followed a question, it usually indicated a less than desirable answer.

Jenny gulped. "So, I'll be naked."

"Basically," Lady Laura replied. Then, she tapped a finger on her chin as if deep in thought. "Except for one thing. Actually, make that two. Hang on."

The domme reached over to a drawer, from which she pulled out a collar and blindfold.

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