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Joey's punishment continues at grandma's bridge club.

It was exciting to talk about the fact that her baby and both of mine would be raised as siblings. The three of us had discussed how to broach the subject multiple times...after all, the kids needed to know how they were related and what their parentage was. When the time came, we would hide nothing: our babies would be told who was their birth mother, but we'd both still be "Mom". Julie was still "Mom" to Jenn and my unborn child. I was still "Mom" to her growing miracle. We all cherished every child born in this home equally. This was how our love and our family would work.

Even while we were both pregnant, Julie still loved to watch Cay fuck me, and even when she couldn't watch, such as times she went on business trips, she would still encourage us to go at it regularly. Not that we needed encouragement, but Cay and I loved having her blessing to fuck each other with abandon. More than once, she'd come home and walk inside to find Cay bending me over a table, driving his beautiful hard cock into me. I'd be so turned on when my darling Julie walked into the door, haggard and exhausted after a trying day at work, and then immediately be bombarded by the greeting of my son making proper use of his mother's pussy.

Sometimes, she'd tease us a little. "Honey...! How could you?! And with my best friend?!?" she would play-sob. Cay and I would pause our fucking, stare at her, and ask which of us she was talking to. We loved doing that bit.
We readied the house for our new arrivals. Cay and Julie had already foreseen this possibility, so the house they'd purchased for us had more than enough room for kids. Jenn "helped" us by touching her toddler bed, then the double crib, then saying "Jenn", "Bruther" and "Sitser" for each, before at last falling asleep in the wrong one. Watching her, we smiled at the fact that we were making two more of those, and knew without a doubt that it was the correct choice.

With my ex-husband, I had always been iffy on the topic of a second child. Not because I didn't love him, but because it had been hard for the two us to raise Cay by ourselves. But my new life with Julie and Cay was a fresh start, a complete reboot for me. What I had wanted or done in the past no longer mattered; this was a new household with new needs and new rules. My twenty years of marital baggage had to be let go...which brought up yet another thing I adored about my spouses. My age was never an elephant in the room. The two of them just didn't care about it beyond general concern for my health, but we had the same concern for Julie because of her petite body as well.

Fortunately, we were both perfectly healthy, and so were the babies growing inside us. From the moment that Julie first discovered that she was preggers, we made good on that promise to bring in photographers and videographers, and even hired a sketch artist or two. We took fully clothed and tastefully nude pictures of our bodies right at the beginning, when Jenn's tummy was still flat, and we took more at regular intervals to capture our progress. During the more erotic sessions, Julie and I loved standing against each other, nude, while we docked both our round tits and bellies together, often glistening in baby oil, or covered in glitter and body paint. Sex was fun to figure out, too; rather than be annoyed by our firm round midsections, we loved the challenge of figuring things out and finding ways to use it to heighten the experience.

We listened to the artists' suggestions and tried some sexier poses and clothes, especially when Cay posed too. First he'd pose with one of us, then the other, and finally all three.

Then one day, the photographer told us that there were a lot of people who'd kill for pics

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