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Scientist Inherits His Niece.

Willows. Describe your slutty cunt to me." I whisper in your ear as my hand drops down to rest on your thigh, gently massaging the soft flesh of your leg.

"It's... It has been a couple of weeks since I trimmed my pussy," You confess to me as I slide my fingers over the warm wet center of your panties. "I'm not hairy, but my pussy isn't as neat as it usually is."

"Go on, Tracy," I murmur in your ear as my finger slides back and forth along the length of your pussy, "tell me about your slutty married pussy."

"Oh god, this is so embarrassing." You gasp as your hand comes down to cover mine, pressing my finger harder against your pussy. "My outer pussy lips are thin and long and they close tightly. You need to open them totally in order to see the inner side of my pinky private area..." You tell me, your eyes watching my finger as it caresses the damp cotton of your panties, stroking your pussy through your underwear.

"Show me. Show me your tight pussy lips and your private pink area." I whisper in your ear, my hand sliding out from under yours so that your hand is resting on your pussy. "Pull your panties aside, Mrs. Willows, and show me your married pussy."

You moan softly although whether it's in embarrassment or arousal is hard to tell as your fingers pull your panties to one side, exposing the bare lips of your pussy to the mirror. Your hand cups your sex, two fingers running along either side of your tight labia as my hands push your legs wider apart. "Spread your pussy for me, Tracy." I instruct you softly, my lips brushing against your earlobe as I inhale the scent of your hair. "Show me the most private area of your body."

"Please don't humiliate me more, sir." You plead even as your long fingers slowly spread your thin labia, exposing the coral pink innards of your pussy to my hungry gaze. The pink skin of your cunt glistens with your arousal as your fingers spread it wider, the small opening of your vagina being exposed.

"You find showing your pussy to me humiliating, Mrs. Willows?" I ask in feigned shock as my hand rests on your bare thighs. "Then I want you to describe your pussy to me, tell me every intimate detail of your cunt, Tracy."

"No...please," You manage to barely gasp out, your dark blue eyes fixed on the soft pink flesh between your fingers. "I... can't." You say, your face showing your embarrassment.

"Tell me." I hiss in your ear as my hands slide down your thighs, my fingers caressing the sides of your hands as you stare at your exposed sex.

"Please...sir." You sob, your eyes never leaving your bared sex as my fingers slide down over your hand, caressing the soft juicy flesh of your pussy.

"Tell me what I'm doing to your pussy, Tracy." I breathe in your ear as my fingers slide over yours, feeling the golden band on your left hand before my finger feels the warm wet flesh of your sex.

"Your... your finger is running along the edges of my... my pussy." You say softly, your voice barely audible as you watch my fingers slide over your sex. "I... my little clit is hard when your thumb brushes against it. You're sliding your finger back and forth, teasing my... my vagina." You almost gasp, your hips bucking against my exploring hand as the sensations of pleasure run through your body.
"Very good, Mrs. Willows," I whisper in your ear, my lips grazing against your neck as you shiver at my caresses. "Tell me more about your... your cunt." I instruct, choosing the most degrading word I can. "Describe how I am using your married cunt, Tracy."

"Oh..." You moan your mouth parted as you continue to watch my exploring fingers carefully, your pale cheeks red with shame. "You... you toy with the tight opening of my... my vagina. Your finger slides into me, just a little bit.... Not enough satiate me... just teasing me."

"I like that... just teasing you." I chuckle as you shamefacedly describe my every movement, your breath coming in short soft gasps as you watch me fondle and grope at your most intimate area.


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