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More than just friends.

The man in front of me leans in, capturing my lips between his, sucking my bottom lip into his mouth and biting it softly. In fear, my teeth sink down into his lip. "You fucking BITCH!!" he yells, pulling back and slapping me to the floor.

As they both tower over me, I look up at them as they begin to strip their clothes off, glaring down at me. As my eyes adjust to the darkness, I can see finely defined muscles rippling with movement as piece by piece of clothing is shed and cast aside. When my senses finally return to me, I scramble to my knees and start to crawl towards the door. I feel a hand grip my hair firmly, yanking savagely, pulling me back towards them.

As I fall back onto my hip, the hand holds my head steady as I feel the silky head of the tall man's cock pressed to my tightly held lips. "If you bite me, I will kill you!" And with those words engraved in my mind, I feel his hips thrust forward, driving his big hard cock deep into my mouth. As my hot wet mouth fully engulfs his pistoning cock, I hear him inhale sharply, his breath rushing out breathlessly as he begins to measure his cock in my mouth fast and hard.

The other man, also now fully naked, grabs me by the hips, pulling me onto my feet and rips my skirt and panties roughly off me, throwing them away absently. Kicking my feet apart, spreading my legs and stepping between them, he grasps his big cock by the base, rubbing my pussy lips with it from behind, dipping it down between my legs and slapping the head against my hard clit. I try to scream around the cock raping my mouth, but the shrill sound is muffled by the thrusting movements of the tall man, his cock buried deep in my mouth.

Standing, bent over at the waist, my mouth stuffed with big cock, the man behind me slaps my ass hard as the fingers on his other hand search for and find my tight hole, sliding two of them inside me. My body bucks hard as he drives them cruelly in and out, positioning his cockhead at the entrance by his fingers, and pulling them out, he fills my fuckhole with his big cock. I try to scream again as his thick cock stretches me tightly, burying himself balls deep in my pussy with one swift thrust. Grabbing my hips, he begins to drive hard and fast into me, pulling me back to meet his brutal thrusts, again and again. My pussy filled with big cock, my mouth filled, I moan and whimper, my body shaking, as I'm raped from both ends.

After a few long moments, the man behind me pulls his cock out, quickly laying down on his back on the bed and turns me, pulling me down over the top of him, his erect cock pointed straight up directly under my wet pussy. The other man lifts me, my legs on either side of his friend on the bed, and pushes me roughly down on the cock underneath me. Once again, the cock drives inside me, stretching my hole to its limits. Without anything in my mouth to muffle it, a long loud pained moan escapes between my lips, followed shortly by a fearful whimper. The other man moves in behind me, stepping between the first man's legs and rubs his cock against my pussy, wetting it with my now flowing juices.

As his cock glistens from my hot pussy juice, his grabs it around the base, putting the head to the tight rim of my ass. As my body jerks away from him, I can hear him chuckle behind me. Feeling his hands on my hips, pulling me backwards, the head is once again pressed to my tight asshole. Clamping a hand over my mouth again, the man under me thrusts up into my wet hole, knowing what is about to happen.

Spreading my asscheeks apart, the man behind me starts to work his cockhead into my ass.

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