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He sends her his keys not knowing it would change everything.

I soon had the letters printed and envelopes addressed and was heading out the door to the post box when Elaine emerged at the top of the stairs looking tired and pale.

"What's up," I asked.

"I don't know, I feel like shit," she said

"Do you feel sore or something," I said as I felt her head. She was burning up.

I shouted "Lorraine, do you have a thermometer?"

She came running out of the kitchen to find me helping Elaine to sit on the stairs clutching her abdomen.

"I'll be right back see if you can get her back up to bed," she said.

Elaine was unsteady and I had to haul her up the stairs back to her bed. Soon Lorraine was inserting a digital thermometer in her mouth. It took some time and when it beeped it was just under 40__C.

"I'll call the doctor, she probably has a bacterial infection or something caused by her operation, take her to the shower and get her in it, we need to get her temperature down," said Lorraine. "Make sure the water is cool or even cold."

I got her up the stairs again and reluctantly, very reluctantly she stood with her back against the tiled wall as I directed the spray against her fine beautiful skin. As I continued Lorraine came in and said the Doctor would be here in another half-hour.

"I'll just take her temperature again," she said. "It's 39.1__C now, that's much better."

Elaine was starting to shiver and it was obvious that though the water was working she wanted out.

"OK let's get her into bed," said Lorraine.

We put a warm flannel nightgown on and sat her down on the edge of the bed. "Let me look between your legs," said Lorraine who spread her legs forcibly. "Lie back darling," she said.

"I can't see anything obviously wrong, there is no discharge or anything. Go and get my box of tampons over there, John," said Lorraine.

I quickly retrieved them and handed the box to her and she quickly removed the green paper wrapper and carefully inserted one as Elaine winced against the pressure on her man made vagina. I had never been party to such a feminine action before and watched fascinated as Lorraine removed the applicator tube leaving a cotton string dangling between her legs.

"We can leave that there for a minute or two to see if there is any internal discharge," she said. "I'll be back in a minute."

I was left alone with Elaine who seemed to be dosing. I left her for a minute returning with a clean wet face cloth to wipe the sweat from her pretty face. She didn't look too well and I began to get worried.

Lorraine returned and she pulled out the tampon to reveal that it was a little discoloured but not the bloody mess, she and I had feared. She quickly inserted another and then put on a pair of panties and inserted a sanitary towel in front of her crotch.

"You two didn't indulge in any activities last night?" She asked.

"No, we were both too tired," I replied truthfully.

"Well something's gone badly wrong for her to be the way she is," Lorraine said only to be interrupted by the doctor ringing the front door.

"I get that you stay here," I said and bounded down the stairs past my now discarded letters.

Soon the doctor had finished his examination, "I think you are right she does seem to have some bacterial infection. I will give her an injection now and I will give you a prescription for a course of antibiotics. Give her plenty of fluids and keep monitoring her temperature say every half an hour. If need be give her more cold showers. She should be back to normal though in a couple of days time."

I asked Lorraine whether she should tell him about her recent operation but she asked me to keep quiet. "He knows all about Elaine."

I let him out, collected my coat and letters and then ran out after him. "Doctor could you give me a lift please?"

"Sure you want to go the chemist right," he replied. "Are you Ms Wilson's boyfriend?"

"Yes, why?"

"Oh nothing, I just wondered about you that's all."

"Do you mean do I know about Elaine being a transsexual, then yes I do. She told me shortly after we first met. Is her condition serious?" I asked.

"No I d

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