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There she squirts.

at Freedom Fighters Park, near the timberline at 9:00 am?

Uncle Seth"

Eve instantly replied back yes. This was far more then she had hoped for. He didn't sound angry and this wasn't an outright rejection of her. Eve set out her sexiest bra, top and denim skirt for tomorrow's meeting and braced herself for his possible rejection.

Somehow, though, she already felt better than she had in years. She had finally mustered up the courage to tell Uncle Seth the truth and it wasn't so bad.

In the morning, Eve showered and dressed in the clothes that she had laid out the night before and checked herself out in the mirror. Her top was a low cut frilly shirt that really showed her amazing cleavage. Her tight denim skirt accentuated her curvy hips all the more since she wore thigh high leather boots with very high heels. Eve thought she looked like a dream, and winked at her reflection before leaving her room and house.

Self-doubt started to creep in on the drive there and she had to fight back tears. She kept repeating her uncle's words from years ago. "Big girls don't cry. Big girls don't cry." Eve was not going to cry today.

Eve noticed uncle Seth's Jeep parked at the far end of the park, by a copse of trees as she pulled into the parking lot. There wasn't anyone else around.

Uncle Seth was standing by his Jeep drinking some coffee and waved to Eve as he saw her pull in. Trembling with uncertainty, Eve got out of her Mazda and walked over to her uncle.

"Uncle Seth. I'm sorry about the email. I..." Her words trailed off as she started to fight back tears again. One escaped and left a trail down her cheek as she started to tremble.

"It's ok, Sugar," He said smiling at her. "I'm not angry and you don't need to be upset."

He walked over and cleared the tear away with this hand.

At his electric touch Eve broke down and collapsed into her uncle's chest with big heaving sobs shaking uncontrollably.

"It's not ok. I'm sorry...I do love you." She sputtered out as the tears began to flow.

Uncle Seth held her tightly, stroking her hair. "It's ok, Sugar. It's ok." Over and over he told her until she stopped shaking and started to calm down.

"Let's walk and talk, shall we?" He asked pointing toward the jogging path thru the trees.

Eve nodded and they walked side by side through the wonderful, springtime woods. As they walked, Uncle Seth began to speak. "Please believe me when I tell you that I'm not angry. Also please believe me when I tell you that I'm not rejecting you. You are the most beautiful young woman that I've ever seen," he continued, "but Eve, this could never work out between us and we cannot let this continue."

"Uncle Seth," Eve responded, "I understand, I just need to get this out of me. I've been holding these feelings inside for so long. Can I just ask you one favor?" Eve said as she gazed into her uncle's wonderful green eyes.

Uncle Seth replied.

"Before I go home today, can I have just one kiss? Just one?" She pleaded. "I need to put closure to my feelings and it's the only way."

Seth coughed and looked uncomfortable as he thought about her request and turned to look at her.

"Eve," he spoke softly to her, "Just one kiss then. No one can know about this, ok? No journal writing. No anything and it ends today."

Eve nodded and moved close in front of her uncle. Suddenly everything seemed very uncomfortable and awkward. Uncle Seth seemed to be feeling the same awkwardness as they looked at one another not knowing where to put their hands or how close to stand to each other.

Eve was the one who took control of the situation and embraced her uncle, crushing her heaving breasts between them and mashing her lips into his. Uncle Seth responded passionately and they kissed like lovers for the first time. Eve parted her lips and her uncle did the same. She was surprised to feel his hands roaming over her body and lush hips. This was the moment and she wasn't going to let him get away. He did want her!

"Eve! We can't do this!" He said as he broke their embrace.

Eve placed her hand on the front of his t

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