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She makes him beg in handcuffs.

They were like a family unto itself and they readily accepted me, because of my grandfather who they all seemed to glowingly admire. The atmosphere was festive and everyone was having a great time talking and carrying on.

The evening went better than I could have expected. Jill was a hit with the people from the firm. The folks kept coming up to me and telling me how this girl was a keeper and they were surprised that she was also interested in obtaining a law degree. Big Daddy let me know that Jill was the talk of evening. All of the ladies were giving her rave reviews. He put his arm around my shoulder and said with a smile, "Make sure that you hold on to that one, because she is perfect. She would do this family proud."

I couldn't have been happier to have her accepted, but I had to set some boundaries, "You know I'm a little young for you to go marrying off and besides you don't want to scare her away."

He retorted, "Jim, I wasn't much more than your age when your grandmother and I were married... So you might want to think about it. There is nothing wrong with getting serious and settling down."

(Jimmy) -- "OK, Big Daddy, but times are different these days."

(Big Daddy) -- "Boy. Don't go wasting an opportunity. If she's the right one, then don't let her get away." The thing my grandfather didn't understand was that when I thought about the right woman , it was Ashley who occupied my heart.

The party was wrapping up by 10pm and we stayed around another 30 minutes until my Grandparents were ready to go. I had had a few drinks and felt fine, but Ashley decided that she would rather drive home, since she hadn't had any. I rode in the backseat, while the ladies sat up front. My eyes swayed back and forth and my mind wandered as I thought about the two of them. I loved them both, but to be honest, I loved Ash more...
When we arrived home a little before 11pm, my mother was waiting up on us in the living room. One things I had taken note of since we had been home was that she hadn't been drinking any alcohol. She asked as we sat in the living room chairs, "I hope y'all had a good time tonight?" We all affirmed in various way that we had.

I added, "You should have come Mama, you would have had a good time,"

"Well, I just wanted to stay home and get some rest. It's been a long week. I called and talked to Jan. She asked me to come stay with her next week. I told her I would and I agreed to. I'll be heading out the day after Christmas."

"Are you flying down there or driving?" I asked. "I'm flying. Jan arranged the ticket a few weeks ago. That is one of the reasons I agreed to go. I don't want her money to be wasted."

Ashley grinned, "That was awfully nice of her. I love Atlanta. You can go shopping and out to nice restaurants."

"So you need a ride to the airport?" I chimed in. "Nah.. the shuttle has been arranged."

"Mama... I'm taking Jill down there any way. You don't need to take a shuttle."

"You and your girlfriend need time to see one another off."

"No. Mrs. Jameson. You need to let us take you to the airport," Jill insisted.

(Patty) -- "That's awfully sweet of you honey, but I don't want to be a burden."

(Jill) -- "We Insist, don't we Jim."

(Jimmy) -- "Yeah Mama, we are heading that way anyway. We'll be getting up at the crack of dawn. Jill's flight is at 9:30."

"Oh, well my flight is at 9am. If y'all are alright with it, then ok," a look of hesitation came over her face as she looked towards Ash and I, "I guess you two kids will be on your own."

Ashley spoke up looking at me and then at Mom and then back at me and then at Mom, "Well I don't know about Jimmy, but I have plans. Amber (Ash's good friend) and I are going shopping and then we might head out on a little trip, but we haven't decided where."

A look of relief seemed to sweep over my mother's face. The girls may not have noticed it, but I did. I don't think she wanted to think about Ash and I being in the house together, even if she had come to terms with all that had happened.

"Well Jim, I g

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