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Dancing with the Devil.

"Now remember everyone we are here to collect the chaka berries for tonights mating ritual. We need the deep red colored ones." Her group nodded and set off on their task.

"Now to help the time pass better lets sing a song." She said to her group as she started a tune.

Aiya vend__ vanya Mara tuil__.
Aiya vende vanya, Mara tuil__.
Manenna? Nan mara.
Galahad Asha Ela Asha, Era Asha, Fin Asha, Milana Asha, Gaya en Hal...

They sang this tune till they had picked enough berries to fill both of the baskets half full.

"Now what do we say to our mother for providing this bounty to us?" Shalyn asked?

"Thank you mother for providing us with this blessing, we only take what we need, nothing more, we leave the rest to your other children," all the juniors, as well as Shalyn, replied in unison.

"Good job everyone, now let's head back."

Shayla stated as she helped the juniors back up into the trees. They traveled in the trees to make sure they were not as easily seen, and not to disturb the forest as much by walking on the ground. They made their way back to the shrine, hindered only slightly by the weight of the baskets. As they passed through the gate, all of them became silent.

Hmph, looks like I beat Koeh this time she thought smugly.

She slowly lead the juniors up the hill to the mother shrine. However once they reached the archway to it, the juniors could not go any further. Clatae and Travain handed over the baskets to her, and they bowed their heads to her. They were now free for the rest of the day.

Shalyn walked slowly towards the spring next to the shrine and placed the baskets on the smoothed rock next to it. She then slowly moved towards the grove surrounding the shrine. About 50 paces in, she stopped, and turned, facing the cleansing pool. In order to make any of the salves for the ritual, one had to be cleansed. She undid her belt and hung it upon the tree branch next to her. Her moccasins and leggings came next. Finally she pulled her tunic off of her small narrow body. The cold cool air swirled around her body, causing her to shiver slightly, but she focused and quickly forgot about it. She then moved next to the pool and bowed her head to the ground. Slowly her head rose, but she could not stand now, she was required to crawl into the pool.

Brrrrrrrr, this water is colder than ever, she thought.

Since the cleansing pool was set back in the forest, with tall trees towering over it, the water was icy cold, as the sun's rays could rarely reach the water's surface.

Okay ready, let's do this. She took a deep breath, steeling herself and she went under. She stayed under as long as she could, her black hair creating a black lily pad on the surface. Slowly she rose to the surface, pushing the hair from her face. Her hands went up her body, past her breasts, past her shoulders, over her head and rose to the sky. The air caressed her skin causing the cold water to feel even colder. Slowly coming down, she lowered her hands into the water, cupping it. Bringing it up she started to wash herself. First her face, then down her neck and shoulders. She washed each of her breasts thoroughly, and down her flat stomach. Once she was fully cleaned, she dunked under once more before she came out. Again, she could not walk out, so she crawled out. She again bowed her head towards the pool, and then stood up. Now that she was cleansed, she could not dress until she finished her task.

Gracefully she walked back to the clearing, grabbing the tools needed to do her task. As she sat upon the rock, getting ready to work, she heard footsteps coming up the hill. She looked up and saw Feramil's group walking up. Again, once they reached the gate, they handed Feramil the baskets, and headed back down, for they were not allowed at the mother shrine yet. He looked over towards Shalyn and smiled, which she returned. He carried the baskets to the rock and set them down, and left towards the cleansing pool.

Shalyn picked up the stone bowl and laid it upon the stone.

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