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How I was used at a party.

She must have dozed off; I saw her wake with a start.

"Perfect." She said, "Just what I need." She ambled towards me.

Of course, my eyes were fixed on her smooth new look, as she got to the spa and jumped in, I had a raging hard on going on under the water just looking at her nakedness,

"How's the weekend so far?" I asked.

"Active" she replied and added. "I did like your shaving brush."We both laughed.

We chatted about the photographs I was to take the next day, and Monique who was sitting opposite me, noticed my hand under the water playing with my hard on and said.

"I think he needs to come home."

She stood up and settle herself astride me and with her hand guided me inside her honey pot, her nipples were at perfect mouth level and I gorged on those beauties at she did all the work. Her internal muscles squeezed my cock inside of her. I did not take that long to reach the inevitable as she swallowed up my load, she kept up the strokes until she came herself. After, we both sat back in the tub, and relaxed.

"I need a nap, I am exhausted!" she said.

"Me too," I said. We both went into her room and within five minutes were both asleep.

Just over an hour later I woke, I was getting hungry and guessed Monique was as well, I woke her with a bit of stroking that made her purr as she slowly woke up, I pulled on my shorts and a T-shirt. She just wore a large T-shirt, as we went to eat, drink, and watch a bit of TV.

Some two hours later, the Lads arrived back and as we all sat around chatting, I could see that Trevor was getting antsy, he had yet to partake in much activity. Monique has stood up and was standing at the back of the sofa ,which I was sitting on, leaned over to kiss me goodnight and of course her T-shirt rode up to display her beautiful arse. Without missing a beat Trevor lifted her T-shirt and started to stroke her arse, he dropped his shorts and his cock delved between her legs.

"Hold that thought," he said, as he rushed into his bedroom.

Leaving Tony to stroke her clit and keep her on the boil. In the meantime, I am playing with her nipples as she leaned over, and kissing her. Trevor returned with his cock well lubed with his Astroglide lubricant tube in his hand. Monique expecting just a pussy fuck opens her legs wider, then felt Trevor's finger going into her arse to lubricate it for entry. She stared into my eyes and mouthed something I could not understand, her eyes suddenly lit up as she realized what was happening as Trevor slowly eased his cock into her arse.

"Just relax." I said to her.

"I might just tell you the same, when you have a cock up your arse she said in mock indignation."

That brought smiles all round as Trevor continued to slowly fuck her arse as Monique held onto my shoulders for support, as she got more into it she started to push back to slowly get it deeper inside of her. Trevor was holding onto the side of her body as his action increased in speed, both their breathing rate became more rapid, Trevor reached his climax and spurted his cum deep inside her, he let out a wild whoop and slapped Monique hard on the arse as his victory salute. I got up, helped Monique stand up from her bent over the sofa position, and helped her to her room. She sat on the bed while I ran a bath for her and we talked.

"Been a very interesting day, will tomorrow be similar?" She asked.

"Probably, If you're feeling up to it." I replied.

"Let's go for it then, but I must get some sleep. Wake me at 10am."

"No problem." I said.

I kissed her goodnight and returned to the living room. The lads were already heading for bed. I did the same. A most satisfying day for all.


The Lad and I were all up by nine am and in the pool after our breakfast, obviously making too much noise, as just after nine am Monique appeared at the door shouting at the door in a mocking tone tel

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