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Wife does a stranger while husband watches.

She demanded my submission. And I gave it.

"Yes." I whispered.

"Yes, what?" she asked.

"Fuck me."

"You don't understand. You have to really want me to fuck you." Her words were hypnotic and almost sinister.

"I really want you to fuck me, Tina."

"Where? Where do you want me to fuck you?"

"My ass. Fuck my ass." I swallowed hard. I began to perspire.

She ran her fingers through my hair. My chest heaved. Her lips came closer and she lightly kissed mine.

"Oh, my dear. You're training has only begun. You will soon understand that when I violate you, you are mine. Is this the pleasure you want?"

I nodded.

She rose and buckled the silicone dick to the front of her leather outfit. It was an erotic image, seeing an Amazon beauty with a rigid dick in front of her. Sure I was bi-curious, but never thought my virgin ass would be fucked by a woman.

As my dick strained against the fabric of my g-string, Tina reached down and cut them free with scissors. It was unceremonious as she clipped and pulled them off leaving me naked and helpless. She reached over to a bedside table and pulled some lube off and squirted it on her finger.

Before my mind could process what was happening she inserted a finger in my ass and slowly finger fucked me. I spread my legs to allow her access and my dick became rigid as it was fully engorged.

Tina rubbed my abdomen and caressed my thighs as she finger fucked me. The sensation was incredible but she would only come close to my dick to tease it which made me want her more. She rolled her finger in circles and kept squirting lube inside of me.

Finally, I reached a level I can't describe. The room became cloudy. I was aroused by this beautiful woman doing things to me no one had done before. But instead of me fumbling through some pre-conceived sexual blueprint that I followed with other girlfriends, Tina was not only controlling every move but was turning sexual expectations on their head.

I had envisioned bondage and such as having some type of submissiveness but this was more than I imagined. To have someone not only tell you they want to fuck you, to enter you; but to have you beg for them to violate your body is the ultimate surrender. And Tina knew it. And yes, I wanted it.

The more she teased, the more she probed my sensitive ass and the more she moved her lithe body within that tight outfit, the more I wanted her. It was beginning to occur to me that sex wasn't about roles of male and female and preconceived notions.

It was about your willingness to yield to another person; inviting them in, submission to each other. Men never think about that. They just want to take. Tina was starting our relationship out from another perspective for me. And for the first time I had this strong desire to give myself to someone.

Tina seemed to sense my readiness. I spread my legs unashamedly and naked before this scantily clothed woman. She knelt between my legs and lubed that silicone dick until it glistened; she then positioned it at my ass and started rolling it around my sphincter in tiny circles.

"Tell me what you want, my little bitch." She said.

"Fuck me."

"You want me to fuck you?"

"Yes. Fuck me, Tina. Please fuck me."

I wanted to give myself to her in whatever way she would take me. She had teased my ass and dick. I was aroused. My heart pounded. I lifted my ass toward her strap on dick. My ass actually tingled with anticipation. I imagined a woman's pussy felt much the same way in desire of a dick to enter.

I also felt vulnerable and open. Spreading my legs and submitting myself to someone was much different. I wasn't taking. I wasn't about to just fuck a woman.

Though I was a little scared and maybe even reluctant. I had a strong, burning desire to give myself to this woman. And suddenly I realized the power of submission. I opened my thighs for her. I wanted her to penetrate me. I wanted her inside.

Tina pushed softly.

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