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Man gets a surprise present for helping needy friend.

Not such a pleasant thought after all.

But she contrived to make her contempt of the uniform obvious. Her white shirt was often unbuttoned with her tie askew and she managed to hitch her skirt higher than it should be. She had been allowed to keep her own underwear, but her vividly coloured and saucy push-up bras obviously hadn't been designed with white shirts in mind, and further accentuated her often-sluttish appearance.

She wasn't a stupid girl, or a particularly bad one, and certainly not a promiscuous one, she was just headstrong, and saw no reason to do anything other than what she wanted to do. Of course, she admitted to herself reluctantly, if she HAD followed the rules and behaved as was required, she would not be in this predicament now.

The Headmaster was a slim man, quiet spoken, fairly short, certainly not imposing in any way to the casual glance. But when you were being addressed directly by him, and he was staring straight into your eyes.... then you felt the true measure of the man. He was not to be ignored or treated flippantly. You gave him respect if you knew what was good for you. She studied him from beneath her lowered lashes as he sat there, steepling his fingers and smiling a little cruel-looking smile...

"If you wish to act like a cheap tramp we can arrange something I'm sure" he sneered, bringing a flush to her cheeks and a retort to her lips

"I am NOT a tramp, how DARE you talk to me like that!" she felt anger vie with the fear and her head snapped up and she stepped forward, only to be instantly grabbed by Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

"Oh I dare because I am Master here, and my word is law. Something you have yet to learn I see. No matter, we have plenty of time to teach you that lesson. As for calling you a tramp..."

he raised his eyebrows and leaned forward in his chair, putting his hands on the desk as if preparing to pounce,

"What would YOU call a girl who slips out in the night to see a boy? Who sits in a car with him and lets him touch her, and do disgusting things to her? Who spreads her legs and lets him have his fill? Hardly romance is it? More like business! Did he pay you?"

He sat back, calmly watching as the blood flow to her face confirmed his original thoughts - this one was going to be such fun to play with! Oozing bravado on the surface, an adult in body, but still a little girl within. His cock lurched within his trousers as his imagination fell to the preliminary planning of her lessons - and they would be such a joy to teach!

He studied her as she stood there stuttering her denials, incoherent and incandescent with outrage and shock.

He gestured at the two girls guarding her, and they grabbed her, slamming her forward over the desk and with one deft movement they had her arms pinned up behind her back and her skirt up, exposing the plain white pants that encompassed her soft, plump cheeks.

She was gasping now, unable to wriggle without causing herself a world of pain from her pinned arms, and she was clearly terrified. The throbbing in his pants would need attention soon. He would make this first part of her punishment brief and memorably painful.

Standing he turned to the rack behind him, and selected his cane. It was some 3 feet in length, and quite flexible, as he demonstrated to the distraught girl, swishing it menacingly through the air in her line of vision. Moving around to stand behind her, another nod had his lieutenants repositioning themselves, and her. One took the Headmasters seat, and taking Anya's wrists she pulled her arms across the desk, preventing her from standing. The other remained at her side, her hip pressed against Anya's waist, allowing no sidestepping, and keeping her skirt clear of that exposed bottom.

The pain of the first stroke was such that she was unable to breathe until the 4th was already falling. Then with a gasp that tore at her throat she filled her lungs and screamed her agony aloud.

The two holding her smiled

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