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Busty younger sister has unexpected day.

As he lay down, I bent over, and took the camera out of the bag, telling him that I really get off by having pictures taken of me having sex with other men. He agreed to make a set as I went down on him, though the start was a bit hesitant, as he did not know where to press. I had planned to do a hit of rush first, but now was so close to cumming when starting to go down on his naked cock that for a second time, the prudent decision was to wait for a less tempting opportunity.

The flash let me know that he had discovered how the camera worked, making things harder for the photographer, using my mouth on his naked cock. Along with teabagging his shaved balls, my finger continuing its explorations of his pulsing ass, something first done while watching porn with him in the porn room. The picture timestamps show it taking two minutes or so to take 2/3 of his cock deep into my mouth.

At this point, he handed me the camera as he stroked his slippery cock. I was kneeling between his spread legs, cock hard as we began to enjoy some more male to male contact. Including rubbing our cockheads together, feeling the slipperiness of spit and pre-cum mixing into an intoxicating lubricant, one being shared as our cocks kept sliding. Soon, he reached up to play with a nipple as I rubbed my horny cock against his balls, dirty thoughts floating in the background as he jacked himself off.

"Do you want to fuck me?" I heard while burrowing my hard length into his sack, making me moan in helpless desire. I reached back and found the lube, handing it to him while saying "condom." He opened the lube, spreading it along my shaft, making me moan, hearing him talk about how such a monster cock needed special treatment, getting lost in the slippery sensations as he played with my length. Surprisingly, I kept taking pictures, revealing just how far I let myself be tempted. And much like how after repeated exposure to so many willing strangers going down on my bare cock I now cannot even imagine using a condom, as the same process seems to be occurring in this decidedly riskier area too.

Nonetheless, the pictures stop for almost a 1/4 hour, a time during which orgasm remained tantalizing near, far too close to think about opening the poppers bottle. By this point, having located a condom, though still allowing myself to be seduced into rubbing my cockhead against his lubed hole, aware of how easy it would be to just start fucking him. Something he was apparently aware of, though when I managed to say "condom" while pulling back, he allowed me time to put it on over my lubed shaft.

In part because he really did seem concerned about the size of my cock, though in a definitely mixed fashion, talking about how I needed to go slow as he began guiding my cockhead past his tight ring, then moaning louder about how I needed to still go slow while he started to push against me, taking my waiting shaft deeper into his tight hole, his moaning no longer understandable as words, even as his actions revealed what a willing bottom he become.

Soon, fully inside him, it was amazing how good it felt to be fucking such a tight hole, listening to him moan about my monster cock as I fucked him, causing me to groan about how good it was to be fucking such a long hot ass with my big horny cock. We went through more than one cycle of me getting hard, almost cumming, then getting softer before starting to pound him again. I had become totally mindless, barely aware of how he poured some more lube on my cock before starting to pump him hard while playing with his slippery hanging cock.

Becoming his top, hands on his hips, using the camera, looking down at my cock being willingly taken by an experienced bottom, one who was now being fucked by a rod that had likely attracted him from the first time he saw it.

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