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A private workout turns into a coed bisexual fuck-fest!

Oh shit, Simon had not only told her about me but he'd given me a girly NAME.

"Well, we'd better get you some clothes hadn't we?" Samantha said in a brisk no-nonsense fashion. "Follow me!"

Oh shit, oh shit, surely that bastard isn't going to make me dress like a schoolgirl?

I nodded helplessly and walked behind her, looking at her fully for the first time. She was about 55, about five foot tall, black hair in a bob, quite a bit overweight, and wore a white blouse with a ring of pearls, a long multi-coloured skirt and flat black shoes. She had huge breasts and almost waddled as she walked.

Samantha asked me my dimensions and said, "It's so good that girls are getting bigger all the time, sissies like you can now find things that fit."

Samantha waddled around picking out items which she gave me to hold: a white blouse, blue tie, blue jumper, blue pleated skirt, white frilly ankle socks and then a pair of black clumpy schoolgirl shoes with a small heel. I kept my head down praying Chloe didn't see me. She then went round behind her counter and reached into a drawer and pulled out a pair of white panties and a training bra, putting them on the top of the pile.

"Go get changed," she told me. "I need to deal with Mr Robson and then I will come to the changing room. Wait for me in the main changing room area outside the cubicles."

"Please, don't make me do this." I begged.

Samantha shot me a fierce look and said "Lucy, didn't Simon Say you had to do this?"

I nodded yes and bolted for the dressing room. I removed my pink t-shirt, jeans and then the panties, which were still damp with my cum from earlier, stockings and suspenders and put them in a pile with my shoes. Taking a deep breath, I started to get changed. The bra took ages to fasten in place as I trembled and struggled with the catch. The panties were virginal white and quite tight. The blouse and tie were easy as was the jumper but pulling the skirt up, I was appalled to see that it barely came to the top of my thighs. On a schoolgirl, I'd be drooling and approving but on me - oh no, I looked like a total slut! Even though it was me dressed like this my cock stirred and started to bulge in my panties. Suddenly I heard someone coming. I pulled on the socks and buckled up the shoes and quickly opened the door to the cubicle and stepped outside, not daring to keep Samantha waiting. To my horror, I looked straight into the eyes of Chloe Robson and Anna the shop-girl. Anna giggled and walked out of the dressing-area. Chloe narrowed her brown eyes and said, "I thought it was you, the perv who lives round the back. And it looks like it wasn't me you were perving, you just wanted to dress like me. Is your girlfriend just a front to cover up your real desires?"

"Noo," I whimpered, "I just, er, lost a bet." She snorted derisively.

"You're just like my Uncle Bobby. He had a wife and was a man's man and now he dresses in women's' clothes. I bet he'd love to meet you!"

"No, I'm straight, it's a bet!" I protested, realising my cock was still jutting out straining against my panties and tiny skirt.

Just at that point my phone beeped with an incoming message. Chloe pushed past me and grabbed it off the changing room bench. "Who's 'Master Simon'?" she asked smirking, "That doesn't sound like a bet to me." Without waiting for me to reply she opened the message and read out loud: "Hello Lucy Cunt, please show this picture to the next person you see or I send it to your entire contacts list." Scrolling down, she opened the message and with a look of contempt showed me the picture. It was me, on my knees, Master Simon's cock in my mouth, cum leaking from my lips, black stockings and panties on, with a clearly visible bulge in my panties.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God," I blushed, "please don't tell anyone. I'll do anything."

Chloe grinned.

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