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If juggling two women was tough, what's he going to do now?

Randy hated it; Laren loved it.

When she was done straightening up she went to the tub too and kicked him out. He didn't argue, but he did say "You could just join me instead," as he stood up, water streaming from him.

"You've had all you're going to get of me for this morning. Wait for afternoon." She smacked his bare bottom as he got out and then slipped into the water. It burned her skin bright red, and she'd stay in until it cooled to near ice and turned her flesh to goosebumps.

"But feel free to keep standing there," she said, eyeing his dripping body. "I like the view."

He made a rude gesture, slung a towel around his waist, and went inside. She laughed.

Laren stayed in a long time, eyes closed and listening. There it was: The far-off sound that she'd been waiting for and the creeping scent she'd been catching whiffs of here and there as it slowly grew more potent week in and week out: the moon.

She'd been counting the days. Tonight was finally the night. But she squashed the feeling of giddy anticipation even as it rose up inside of her, because this meant there was one extra chore to get out of the way today.

After her bath she toweled off and went inside. Randy was getting dressed, and the axe laid in the corner said that he was getting ready to chop wood. He was terrible at it, and Laren always ended up doing most of the work herself, but chopping wood in the morning made him feel macho, so she allowed it.

"Look, you have to leave tonight," she said without preamble as she came in the back door. Randy scratched his head. "Take your truck and go into town and get a room at the motel by the highway, and don't come back until tomorrow, okay? Or maybe even the day after tomorrow."

He buckled his belt and zipped up his pants. "Okay, I'll bite: Why?"

"Because I'm telling you to. That's not a good enough reason?" She slipped into her underwear, then pulled jeans and a t-shirt on. He put a hand on her arm and she swatted it away. "No arguments," she said.

"This is my property."

"I rented it."

"Only half of it."

"Well you're only half owner. Are you getting out of here or not?" She put her boots on and grabbed the wood axe before he could get to it. He moved to stand at the door. She hefted the axe in one hand, but he wouldn't budge.

"Look Laren, you're a weird chick," Randy said. She raised an eyebrow but he pushed on. "And that's fine. I like weird. So I haven't asked a lot of questions."

"Most days you ask four stupid things before we're even out of bed in the morning."

"About you I mean, and the crazy shit you do. Like that first morning you showed up in here?"

"I told you, I was drunk."

"I've never seen you drink that much."

"After that I stopped. Wouldn't you?" She tried to push past him.

"I've never seen ANYONE drink that much," he continued. "There's not enough booze in the world. And there's other stuff: the things you eat, the things you say, the shit you do in bed."

"Yeah. But you like me this way." She pressed her nails into his arm. He shrugged.

"Point is, I'm a patient guy. But I've got limits."

"So do I. We're at them. That's why you've got to get lost tonight."

Shoving Randy out of the way, she marched to the wood pile. She had to work off some of this extra energy today or she'd be a basket case by the time the moon came. She'd already split half a dozen logs by the time Randy came out. "You got a guy coming up here?" he said.

"Nope. Too many of those around already."

"A girl then?"

"You know I could kill you. Nobody's around."

"Then what's the deal?"

"The deal is I'm telling you to go. You want to take my car? Here." She threw the keys. He dropped them. "I've got to blow off some steam tonight and I don't need you. Can you really not go a night or two without me? You didn't seem like the clingy type."

Picking the keys up, he brushed some dirt off his t-shirt. "I might not come back," he said.

Pausing to wipe the sweat off her brow, Laren smiled.

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