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A couple enjoy a summer's afternoon in the parks of Vichy.

He needed this and so did I. He needed the release and I needed to be there for him. A less selfless part of me throbbed at the thoughts of pleasure these rough sessions always gave me.

My nipple was engulfed in his hot wet mouth. His teeth bit down and pulled, shooting electric ribbons of pleasure mixed with pain straight to my core. Then his tongue flicked at the tip trapped between his teeth. My pussy walls throbbed in anticipation. I moaned louder and gripped his brawny shoulder.

As one hand palmed my other breast another went to by backside. He pulled me closer to him and brought us up to our knees. The hot rod of his erection pressed against my stomach, its heat burning though the fabric of his boxers and my nightgown.

The same nightgown that was being pulled up over my hips. A hand cupped one of my ass cheeks, griping it, clutching my body closer to his. A thick digit entered my sopping entrance as his mouth gave my other breast the same aggressive attention. I felt my pussy quiver around his twirling finger.

I was aching for him. Every nerve in my body was wired. Every sound was as loud as a crash. I heard every one of his breathes roaring against my glistening chest. I felt the warm moist air move over my sex sensitive skin, gliding over fine hairs stood on end by the Goosebumps raised as a result of a second finger overtly thrust into my now dripping cavity. My moan of pleasure reverberated in my ears. A third finger stretched me and I knew it was not going to take him long to thrust another appendage into me.

One hand still on his shoulder, I moved the other down his firm chest covered in his springy blond curls. I continued over the bumps and ridges of his abs. Was it wrong of me to lust after the body given to him by his need to exorcise his demons through exercise? He was hard all over, a mass of solid capable muscle. He had once told me that the routine of training comforted him. I continued over the band of his boxers.

I froze as a finger, slick with my juices, entered by back passage. My body squirmed at the foreign invasion. Usually there was some warning, a brush, a flick, something for me to stop before it went too far.

"Give a white guy a break" he would to laugh when we first got married. "I get a wife with a fine round black ass and I don't get to play with it?" I would laugh, let him fuck me the cunny, then give him head as a consolation prize.

Now with his finger nestled one knuckle deep inside my rosebud and I found myself even more excited than I was a moment before. My hand eagerly continued its journey down his boxes to release his long thick cock.

In a flash, as soon I released his hard and heavy rod, I found myself on my back with his large bulbous tip pressing against my cunt. Unceremoniously, he drove into me, to the hilt.

I wanted to scream but buried my face in his neck instead. He roughly lifted my legs to wrap around him and he sunk in deeper. With each pounding thrust I felt myself surge closer and closer to climax. The sound of our bodies slapping against each other's filled the room. The smell of sex tickled my nose. Firm hands gripped and pulled. My breasts ached. My clit vibrated with excitement as he pressed against it with each stroke. There was little I could do but grab his ass and press him against me as waves of my first orgasm of the night crashed over me. I sunk my teeth into his shoulder to hold back a loud scream. He grunted his approval, but did not come.

My climax had barely receded when he flipped me over onto my knees. His large hand soothed up my back. At the nape of my neck, he pressed down, lowering me to my elbows. My ass was in the air, my legs slightly open as I presented myself to him, my pussy still dripping and quivering from coming so hard.

His thumb dipped into my drenched cunt and up to my crinkled hole.

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