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Hurt unleashed on unsuspecting partner.

A week, as best as I can tell, passes with little variation to the pattern, the pain becomes routine, to the point I barely feel it anymore. He says little to me and each time he takes me it seems his strikes become harsher, my only hope has become that he will lose it and kill me. I flinch when the door opens but I don't bother moving from the bed, he will move me wherever he pleases. He settles beside me, "The Queen has requested my presence, to honor me for killing you." I don't bother looking at him, I've seen him enough, the thought of being left alone piques my interest but I don't let him see the emotions, "We will continue your training when I return."

With that he shoves me onto my back and mounts me, I struggle against him, but he easily snatches up my hands and forces his bulging cock into me. I growl as he thrusts into me, my stomach twists as the pain flowers within me, the mixture of exhaustion and starvation have left me on the verge of death. I breathe so desperately that sleep takes mercy on me and wraps her arms around me, shielding me from the agony of the rape. When I snap awake I sit up breathing hard, something cracks along my waist, I look down and bile rises in my throat as I realize it is his cum. I grab the blanket and roughly scrub it off my skin, I hear the front door and then the house is thrown into silence.

I remain on the bed for a few breathless moments, listening so hard my head throbs, after what feels an eternity I move. I yank on the door but it is locked tight, I settle in front of the fireplace and stare at it for a long time. It will take him at least three days to get to the castle, depending on how long he is there I have about a week to make my escape. I have been trying the bolts every time he is gone but they haven't budged an inch, if I could get something to grip them I could... I close my eyes and lean back on my heels, every waking moment has been spent obsessing about these bolts, a solution hasn't suddenly appeared. But to give up is to admit I will be trapped within this room until he tires of me, the thought sends a chill up my spine.

"Alright, what do I have?" I scan the room but the only thing of interest is the bed, I stand slowly and move toward it. I grip the mattress and throw my whole body into dragging it from the frame, I brace my feet against the frame and manage to get the mattress half off before I collapse. I sit under the weight of the mattress for a long moment, my whole body is trembling with the effort but I don't rest. I dig in and pull the mattress completely from the frame, I scramble onto it and look at the bed, there is a brace in the middle but it doesn't seem to be bolted down, the other slats have slots that fit into the thick arms that connect to the four posts of the frame. Basically a huge puzzle, I pull off the brace and study it for a long moment before dragging it over to the fireplace, I pull apart the rest of the bed and study each piece before settling on the mattress and staring at the mess I've managed to make.

"Think Snow, just figure it out, what can you do with a piece of wood?" I stare into the fireplace until my eyes start to hurt, "Please, God I can't be here when he gets back!"

Frustration boils over into rage, I grab a thick piece of wood and fling it against the wall with a scream. It bounces off the door proving its uselessness, I stare at the door, my stomach twists dangerously as I examine the breadth of that damn door. A shallow scar rests where the wood hit, I narrow my eyes, "A lot of good that..." A cold hope rises inside me, I scramble to the fireplace, I grip the shorter slat of wood and set it flat along the floor with the wide side pressed tight against the bolt. I stare down at it and for the first time I come close to tears, I snatch up the post, it is the thickest piece, heavy as a toddler and I can barely wield it but I don't have a choice at this point.

I lean against the wall, holding the wood in place by the pressu

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