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I wake up in the middle night, breathing heavily.

Please give it to me."

I was slow and careful and aware of every movement of her body and she flinched once or twice but as I moved it in and out it slowly slid deeper until finally I was fully inserted and held it there.

"Are you okay?" I asked and she smiled and wiggled her hips. "I am now." she said

She was hungry and amazing as her body began to move and she began telling me how she felt. I'd never felt harder and never enjoyed sex more. I'm tall and eventually I held her and rolled onto my back with her above me. She put her hands on my chest, slowly pushed herself upright and looked down on me. "I like it up here." she said and closed her eyes as she worked me by rocking forward onto her knees and then back down.

"I've never felt anything so big and deep. I was a virgin when we married and disappointed on our wedding night. I had never used a toy or anything more than my fingers. I masturbate a lot and even more now that my husband isn't interested. I had a close girlfriend before we married and she showed me a toy she used all the time. It was shaped just like you are and it was large so I thought all men were large down here. On my wedding night I found my husband wasn't and then I always thought maybe toys were always made larger than the real thing. I'm glad now that I've found out they aren't. Yours feel so good and I'm going to climax a lot! Do you like it? Is it okay?"

"It's tight and perfect like I've never known." I told her truthfully and began to work with her. In moments she closed her eyes and with a huge smile she trembled and dropped hard around me. She sat a moment as her climax subsided and then we were at it again. "It's been so long since I was taken by my husband and I've needed it so much. You are perfect and I could do this always. I don't even care if my husband knows. I told you I suspected but it wasn't true. I know he has others. I've found lipstick marks in his briefs many times and the shades are different and never mine. He also smells of a woman and even of her perfume. I guess he never showers after he's with them. Two months ago I cleaned out the room that was mine for work and storage then moved in there. I bought a bed on credit and I'm paying for it every month on my credit card. I never want to go to bed with him again."

It was okay with me and I moved back, sat up part way and then brought a breast to my lips. I nursed a nipple and then bit it a little and she shook all over again as she reached another climax. "So you don't mind short girls with big breasts?" she said without changing rhythm.

I told her with every bit of honesty in me "I like you. I like your size and your breasts and the way you make love. I love to see and feel every climax you have and want you to have even more."

"Will you be able to climax too?" she asked.

"I can do it easily and in fact I already would have if I wasn't trying so hard not to do it yet." I smiled as I gasped out the words to her.

"Why do you try not to do it?" she asked innocently.

"Because I want you to know how special you are and I want to satisfy you more than you've ever been. I want you to remember me and I want to do this often and as long as you're willing." I told her.

"Me too." she said with that same alluring smile as she rocked and dropped again and again until she finally said "I'm ready now. I want you to climax and I want to watch you and feel it as you do. Is that okay?" she asked and grabbed my ass with both hands behind her.

I was already clamping and using her hips in my large hands and ready as soon as she began and when I felt her working me even harder I became an animal wanting to take all that I needed. I'd never known a woman I needed more.

"OMG! Sweet Heaven." she exclaimed as she worked with me and I didn't slow as I felt her body shiver in yet another climax but this one seemed more intense and longer than all of her previous ones. Her nails dug into my ass.

Moments passed as she began to recover and the

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