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A new game show where everyone wins... one way or another.

Julia moved right in and grabbed my now exposed thigh on my upraised leg and, like she did with every part of my body that she touched, began to kneed it hard with her strong hand. Her face was close to mine and I wanted to avoid her stare but I kept looking back into her face and she kept on kneading the tender flesh of my thigh.

Her left hand began to play with my breast again but it was softer now and she slowly slipped her palm and her fingers up under and around my breast, gently tweaking the nipple with her thumb and finger, bobbling my breast and pushing it gently from side to side.

Gently Julia said, "You know I'm a lesbian Karen, and I know you are straight. But I can see you are getting off on having this lesbian dominate you, aren't you"?

She took off the dark sunglasses and looked meaningfully at me and I had to acknowledge her.

"Yes I like this, I like what you're doing to me".

She said "You know, when I put the dildo into your hand I said don't drop it or I won't use it on you. You could have let it slip, couldn't you have"?

I nodded my head and kept looking into her eyes as her hand moved onto my vagina, cupping my entire pelvis from the bottom, my wet juices plainly slicking and lubricating every part of her hand that contacted my skin. My vagina could distinctly feel the palm of her hand as she slid it up and down across my slit. Inadvertently I rose onto my toes, one part of my mind still fighting the contact with her hand, even though I couldn't wait for her to start to work me over in earnest.

"You know, I think you are enjoying this a bit too much Karen." She turned to the workbench and adjusted the rope that held me by the handcuffs, and pulling on it and re-fastening it she made me stand up straighter, then straighter still, until the cuffs began to bite into the skin of my wrists.

Looking back down at her I saw she had some sort of silver metal widget with a wheel on it she was adjusting. She put it over my nipple and I felt the cold metal.

"Ohh!" I said "What the hell is that?"

I heard a metallic ratcheting sound and the thing clamped down on my nipple and began to bite! As Julia spun the little wheel, the clamp pressed tighter and tighter. Pain, real pain! This thing really hurt and I was NOT enjoying this. Julia had the other one in her hand and addressed me as she put it on my other nipple. "This little visit your paying me isn't all about you feeling good, it's also about me getting some payback. Do you know what I did to your little slut girlfriend? You know I had her over earlier this week and I had her right here, right where I have you. I stuck a dildo in her ass and I fucked her with my strapon. Would you like that?"

Jeez. Things were getting weird now. Julia turned on the television on the workbench and hit the play button on the V.C.R. On the screen I could only see static. The blue T.V. light played over Julia's naked tits and the pain radiating through my nipples and from my wrists fought with my attention for a good look at Julia's face as she picked up the dildo again and in her other hand a plastic bottle.

Squeezing a clear jelly like liquid into her hand Julia spun me around and began lubing up the crack of my ass. The jell was cold at first but I was amazed at how slippery it was. That slippery stuff was more lubricating than the soap I had used on my vagina earlier at my parent's house, and that soap had been plenty slippery indeed.

Whatever that slippery stuff was and as good as it felt it had me worried none the less. I had a good idea what the lubrication was for. When I felt Julia's finger enter my ass I literally squealed. I had never had anything up my butt before and now I had a grown woman's finger probing in me there. Like everything today it felt shocking and good at the same time. Julia pumped her finger in and out of my ass and stuck the dildo in my mouth again.

"Suck on that my little shoplifting slut, get it good and slick. You know why I want it good and slick don't you"?

At that moment the static disappeared on the T.

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