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Bruno works the Conner Case for TT.

doing hiding from Roger?"

A pink tongue escaped to lick at dry lips and Joyce answered back in a flurry of fingers and hand movements. "I am nervous about you and I. I want to try and live a fantasy I have always had and I want it to be with you, but I don't want you to think I am icky or gross and I want to make you happy, but I don't want to feel like you have to do this for me and Roger ... and I..." Her words were stopped when her sister grabbed her hands and pushed them together.

Abbey pressed her mouth to her sister's and kissed her firmly. Her tongue swept in and coaxed the timid one out. She was shocked by her actions. She was not the aggressor in any relationship, but in fact Joyce was. Joyce had overcome all sorts of obstacles in her path, and now suddenly when faced with something that was taboo and from what she had learned... Joyce's idea... Abbey was shocked that her sister had suddenly become panicked.

The kiss worked its magic and Joyce felt the tension leave her. She wasn't sure where the burst of doubt had come from, but as her sister eased up the grip on her hands, she eased up on the fluttering nerves that had sprung up. In time Abbey's hands fell away and she pushed her fingers into the blonde curls of her sister's hair. She tilted her head and deepened the kiss. Joyce helped in her sister's search for more to taste, by pressing closer to her and moving her tongue along side of Abbey's.

Joyce rested her hands on her sister's hips and brought her further in. There breasts pressed against each other, fabric moved sensuously across each woman's nipples until all four pearls were hard and begging to be polished.

A moan escaped Abbey's lips and though her sister couldn't hear it she could feel the soft puff of air. She stepped back and helped her sister remove the short black dress she'd worn to dinner. Joyce stepped back and looked at her sister. Her gaze feasted on the round globes of tanned flesh and the pink gems that protruded from their center. Her pussy constricted and moisture beaded along the sides of her cunt lips. "Abigail, you are beautiful," she signed to her sister.

Abigail smiled softly and slipped her fingers to her crotchless panties.

Joyce very quickly brought up both hands placing the right behind the left and wiggled the '5' hands telling her sister to "wait."

Abbey signed back, "Why?"

"I want to feel it against me," Joyce answered and slipped to the floor. She rested on her knees and ran her fingers up her sister's stocking clad legs. Her husband and played with these legs, earlier, though really he had only been traveling a path to the sweet shaved lips that rested just within a touch of Joyce's tongue.

Joyce noted Abigail's breathing becoming harder as she slowly petted her sister's cunt. Delicate fingers kept soft from countless lotions, yet were strong and knowing, spoke a different language. What was similar to how Joyce touched herself, she now did to her sister, this time she savored the movements more than she had on her own sex.

Abbey's fingers slipped to her sister's shoulders and she pressed against them, softly massaging her skin as she whimpered for more teasing caresses. She combed her fingers through her hair and urged her forward more.

The sandy texture of her sister's tongue scrapped against the soft hairless flesh of Abbey's sex sending a shiver of lust through her veins. She shifted on her heeled toes and rubbed her pussy against her sister's face. "More Joycie," she whimpered, calling her sister by her pet name from younger years.

Joyce didn't hear her and so continued to tease and taught the sweet flesh.

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