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Mature SIL and BIL find happiness with each other.


"Out leg before." He continued.

"I best get back and get the tea things." I said, suddenly remembering.

I began walking back to the marquee. I could see Paul on the far side of the pitch. He was waving to me. He looked pleased with himself. I wonder why? I turned to look at the scoreboard.

One hundred and seventy-two runs for seven wickets. Only three overs to go. I turned back to the field. Len was running in to bowl. All three stumps seemed to go in different directions as the batsman missed the ball and it struck them with force.


Everyone was shouting. Why did they have to ask? Everyone could see the man was out.

I waved to Paul who was running in to congratulate Len. He raised two fingers in the air to me. What was he trying to say? Oh well. It couldn't be important.

Back in the marquee David was standing behind the teas counter talking to Shirley and Mary between customers.

"I'm glad you're back Jenny." Mary said. "Help Shirley with the cakes and sandwiches."

"I'll give you a hand." David said, picking up a tray.

I helped Shirley collect the other items and we walked back to the pavilion.

"East Chipstable are doing well." David observed, walking between Shirley and I. "I wonder who got their star performer?"

"He said it was the leg spinner." I replied.

Paul had tried to explain what one of those was once. It had all seemed needlessly complicated.

"That would be Paul." David said. "He bowls those."

"The other man said he was out to the leg spinner as well."

We reached the pavilion and set up the tea things on the table against the rear wall. I went behind the bar and helped Lynda set up the cups and saucers. The milk jugs were brought out of the fridge and lined up with the sugar bowls.

"We'll need more spoons." Lynda remarked.

"I'll get them." Shirley volunteered.

"I'll help." David said following her.

There was another burst of applause from outside and I walked to the door to see what was happening. Everybody was walking off. The East Chipstable innings must be over. I glanced at the scoreboard. One hundred and ninety-two runs for nine wickets. That was a lot of runs for our team to get.

I looked across to the marquee. Strange. David and Shirley couldn't have reached there this quickly.

The East Chipstable supporters and team-members passed me as they made their ways into the pavilion. Where could they be? I walked around the side of the building. I could hear groans and moans coming from the rear. I tiptoed to the corner and listened.

"Come on." David panted. "You know you want to."

"No. I said." Shirley sounded equally breathless. "No more."

There was the sound of movements and heavy breathing. I peered around the corner. Shirley was standing with her back to the wall of the pavilion about eight yards from me. Her hands were on David's shoulders, whether pushing or pulling I wasn't sure and his hands were on her hips.

One of his hands moved up to cup one of her breasts. She turned her head away from him and me. I heard her gasp.

"Please no. Don't David."

I could see his fingers massaging her breast and imagined the nipple hardening inside her bra. He pressed his body hard against hers and ground his groin against her.

She sighed and David pulled back. One of his thighs was between hers and as I watched she opened to her legs to give it better access. He was kissing her and his hand had left her breast. It was fumbling with the zip on her jeans. Then it was inside them.

"Oh no." Shirley gasped. "Please."

Her head was thrown back and she was breathing heavily.

Her orgasm was approaching fast. Her thighs were twitching and she was running her hands through David's hair.

I heard her little cry of pleasure as she came. David's hand remained inside her jeans, hardly moving. Something must have been for Shirley was panting again. I imagined his finger moving against her clit and reached down to massage my own pubic mound. I could feel the tension mounting inside me.


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