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Her plan was my one night stand.

She had a TV that looked to be about 60 inches with a couple of shelves full of DVDs. Clearly this girl liked her media.

When she came back in, she had the goodies on a plate, cut up for sharing, and was also carrying a big bong with a small ziplock bag full of buds. Setting them down on the coffee table, Cheryl flicked on the TV, retrieved a Family Guy DVD from the shelf, and got it started.

Then she got out a little pot grinder, put a few buds in, and twisted the top a few times to get it ready.

"Ready to rock and roll? I'm dying to get my weekend started," she said. And with that she got the bong ready and sparked up the bowl.

"Yeah, let's do this," I replied, ready to just go with the flow of things now.

We had both taken about four good hits from the bong as we watched a couple of episodes of Family Guy, and I I was now fully buzzed. Pretty sure Cheryl was, too. Her eyes were glowing a bit red. One of the episodes had been "Road to the Multiverse," which caused both of us to roar with laughter, especially when they end up in a world where dogs rule and humans obey. Charlie didn't know what to think.

By the time that episode ended, we had polished off our doughnuts as well.

"I'm pretty relaxed," Cheryl said. "How about you? Glad you came in?"

"Yeah, I'm feeling pretty good right now. It's been fun. Perhaps I should get going so you can get on with your day?"

"You mentioned liking movies? Why don't you take a peek at my collection and see if anything interests you," she said. "I'm going to take a quick bathroom break, put Charlie outside and get some water. Want anything?"

"Water would be good." I got up off the couch, happy that she hadn't tried to get me to leave. I was so stoned by now that I would have to walk home from here. It wasn't far, but still. I looked at the two shelves of DVDs that she had over by her TV. Mostly romantic comedies, with some costume dramas mixed in. Little action, war movies or westerns, which were my favorites. But as I'm bending down to look, I see a few stuck back behind the others, kind of hidden from view. I reach in and pull out three DVD cases, turn them over and see that they're adult movies.

I quickly glance at them, and see that they're pretty damn hardcore. One seems to have a theme of couples with their babysitters, another is older and younger lesbians, and the third is just regular couples. If the movies are anything like the images, they are downright nasty.

"See anything you like?" I hear Cheryl ask as she's walking right towards me. I hadn't heard her come back, and now I'm the one with the red face because as I turn towards her it's obvious I'm holding three porn movies in my hand. I look right at her and no words come out of my mouth.

Cheryl sees what I'm holding and instead of being shocked, just smiles and says, "Well, I didn't mean for you to find those. I'll bet you're a bit surprised."

"Surprised? Yeah, some, but more embarrassed than surprised, though."

I'm frozen with fear about what to do. If I had a daughter, the feeling I have would probably be what I was feeling right then. Cheryl is way younger than me, and I feel like I've discovered something super secret about her that I have no right to know.

"Come on, you've seen your share of porn, haven't you?" She's laughing as she takes them from my hands. "In my defense, sometimes a girl has to do what she's got to do. Many women like these movies, and they can come in handy when the mood strikes."

Without really thinking things fully through before I respond, I blurt out, "I've never actually seen one." I'm not sure why I admitted that fact.

Now it's her turn to be shocked. "What the hell? You've never seen porn? How is that possible?"

I explain that I was married very young, that my wife didn't like porn, so it just was never something that I had ever gotten into. I had seen some magazines when I was younger, but had just never had the opportunity to watch an adult movie. Here I was, the older of the two, and yet I felt like the younger, more naive one.

Cheryl looked at me in si

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