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Ana helps Captain Kirk out of a jam.

It was one thing when a client asked this question out of curiosity, but her tone implied that perhaps I settled for my career choice because I was lazy.

Who did she think I was? Some unmotivated loser who cleaned dirty cages all day and thought I'd hit the jackpot with her doctor son? My smile was trying to creep off my face.

Worst of all, her implications that I wasn't good enough for her son were crawling into that terrible corner of my brain where the insecure teenage Emma cringed, always waiting for the worst. All that shimmers is sure to fade, right? What had I done to deserve someone like David? How long could this last?

If I wasn't so hot-headed, I would have let my lamer half take over. But this woman was offensive. So, I treated her like an annoying client at work - nice, deep breath, a fake smile, and a polite tone to hide my seething temper.

"Well, I don't have to give people the bad news when we diagnose cancer or other fatal diseases. And if I'm dealing with a particularly difficult client, I can always smile at them and say, 'Let me get the doctor.' Then it doesn't have to ruin my day." I was really trying not to let her ruin my day, but it was so hard to keep her from getting under my skin.

I could understand why his younger brother had felt so resentful. I could almost hear her criticizing him, comparing his failings to all of David's successes, making him feel two inches tall. There must be another side to this woman, because I couldn't figure out why Henry, who seemed like such a nice person, would want to be with her. She was certainly rubbing me the wrong way.

A smile twitched at the corner of her mouth. Perhaps she understood the undertones of my last words. She would certainly be one of those pain in the ass clients who, when she left us a voicemail, would get a reluctant call back from Brad instead of one of us technicians.

"I suppose that makes some sense, then, doesn't it," she murmured. "What is it that you do, exactly?"

"I assist with exams, read slides, draw blood, monitor anesthesia for procedures, spend a lot of time returning client calls. The technicians field most of the calls, actually. It can get a bit crazy, but I love it."

David interjected. "When my vet had seen Reggie, he just told me that the breed was predisposed to allergies and I should try Benadryl. Emma took one look at him and knew exactly what to do."

"And the rest is history," his father laughed. The conversation became more comfortable as his father took the reins.

After the meal, I helped David clear the table and loaded the dishwasher while he scrubbed the larger pots and platters by hand. I was grateful to be out from under his mother's glare.

I wondered if she had liked David's ex. And if she was comparing me to her. I had seen a picture of her in a group photo at David's house. Pretty and petite with a bright smile, and I knew how career-driven she had apparently been. His mother had probably been thrilled because he had married someone like her.

She probably thought he could do so much better than me.

Over the sound of the running water, I could hear his parents speaking quietly in the other room. I asked David to point me in the direction of the coffee and started a pot.

"You're doing fine," he whispered after he rinsed the last platter. He dried his hands, but they were still damp when he held my face and kissed me. "I told you it would be fine."

I returned his smile, hoping that I was hiding the fact that I couldn't wait to get out of there.

"I owe you a proper apology for dealing with my mom's B. S." He kissed me again, this time letting his hands wander down to grab my butt. "I'll make it up to you later," he promised.

"Yes, you will. I hope you didn't just leave damp hand prints on my ass, babe," I laughed.

The rest of the evening passed without any more judgmental comments from his mother, and soon we were on our way back to my house.

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