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Chris gets to fuck his sister.

"Dava, open up," she insisted.

Bite me!

Her fury was palpable. He could sense her struggling not to dump the broth on his head. It made him want to laugh and goad her some more. He'd stick out his tongue at her, but knew she'd seize the opportunity to shove the damn spoon into his mouth.

"Dava, you're acting like a spoiled child."

He'd heard that plenty of times before. Summoning every ounce of strength he possessed, he lifted his hand and stuck out his middle finger. He knew it was a very offensive gesture for most Edenians.

He heard Luciel snarl in indignation, could feel her fury, but it didn't last very long. He smiled anyway, then sputtered when she slipped the spoon full of broth past his lips. The little wench! Davariel pursed his lips and blew, making the broth spurt out all over himself and her.

This time she almost broke the bowl when she slammed it onto the nightstand by the bed. She was really enraged now. He turned his head away from her fearing she'd whack him.

A few seconds passed and nothing happened.

The bed dipped and he felt her straddle him. What was she up to now? He turned his head and tried to focus on her. The image kept fading in and out, but he was almost sure he saw her removing her t-shirt. Her fingertips stroked down his torso. There was no mistaking that. They dipped beneath the waistband of his loose drawstring pants. He blinked trying to bring into focus the two pretty breasts that bobbed over his face, when he suddenly felt her delicate fingers slip between his legs to cup him.

Fuck! He groaned in response to her teasing. She knew how addicted he was to sex and teasing him when he couldn't respond they way he wanted to was beyond cruel.

Luci, what are you doing? Let me awaken fully. I'll do whatever you want, just let me fuck you properly.

He knew he had no shame begging that way, but he loved sex. Not just any sex, but sex with his love, his heart, the mistress of his soul! He'd lie on his back for a month and swallow down whatever she wanted as long as she sat on his loins. He'd turn over and pound her into the mattress, too. That would be nice.

Davariel felt himself going insane with lust, but her only response was to rub an enticingly erect nipple over his lips. The dark hazy mist that pulled at his mind grow stronger. No! He didn't want to lose consciousness now! Sweetness filled his mouth and he felt the strongest urge to suck and swallow.


He lost all sense of time. Within the endless black that imprisoned him, he felt the ghostly dance of her fingers stroking him, the warmth of her breast teasing his lips, the sensation of ambrosia filling his mouth, feeding the increasing ache that built within have her.

The blackness ebbed and his body felt light, almost weightless. It would have been soothing except that his balls felt like they were filled with lead and his cock actually hurt.

Davariel blinked his eyes open, then doubled over as the painful sensation between his legs finally hit full force.

"Fuck! What have you been doing to me?" he wailed through clenched teeth, cupping his stiff penis and petrified balls.

One look at Luci revealed her nibbling her lower lip with a guilty expression on her face. They were both in the sunken tub of their bathroom.

"It was the only way I could get you to feed. I didn't know that you'd stay...."

Feed? What in Hades was she talking about?

"Does it hurt very much?"

As she spoke he noticed a pearly drop of milk clinging to one pert nipple. Feed.

His dick still hurt, but he felt so enraged he ignored it. "You breast fed me?"

She flinched. It was no wonder. He could still hear the echo of his roar in the room.

"You wouldn't eat..."

"You had no right keeping me unconscious!"

She glared at him. "Stop screaming."

To that he replied by slapping his hands on the edges of the tub, and roaring like a beast inches from her face.

Her icy blue eyes flashed as she bared her teeth at him.

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