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College girl allows boyfriend to sample roommate's charms.


His eyes narrowed and he almost whispered, taking her arm and moving them along, "You are confident about delivering good sex?"

"Oh god yes, but I have no references to give you and anyway my potential to leave you exhausted would scarcely flatter a manly man. And my behaviour, if I'm goaded into going into aggressive sexual pushback could possibly disgust you. Moreover, it you slap me I'm capable of slapping back with surprising force and I can argue hotly, be physically challenging in swimming and other sporting activity, perhaps drive your car better than you can and I have a fetish for blue movies and prefer males cooking for me rather than me exhibit my culinary inadequacies. The message here is I'm too overly competitive as well as being somewhat inadequate in some areas for some males to stomach."

"I'm intrigued to learn you believe you feel combative when it comes to the opposite sex."

"I understand that but why are you whispering?"

Wade looked around almost furtively and said firmly, "The discussion we've been having doesn't rate as normal street chatter... I mean it's rather intimate, upfront and personal."

"Omigod, I apologize for embarrassing you."

Wade looked at her closely and replied, "Wow, you weren't being sarcastic; that was a genuine apology. You must be a nice person."

Brigit giggled and Wade flushed.

He said he'd never met a young woman quite like her.


"You are full of surprises and most of my first impressions of you appear correct. What's more, you've projected a concept of yourself designed to sound like a put down but with the aim of increasing your appeal to me. I find that artful and unbelievable intelligent of you."

"Omigod, you're on to me," Brigit said, faking surprise.

Wade grinned and pulled her into him.

"Omigod, are we to have sex on the street?"

He dropped his hold on her arm and moved a little sideways to establish a clear gap between them.

"Christ, give a guy a break. You're lethal."

Brigit smiled, grabbed his arm and pulled him back against her.

"Press your arm against my breast to experience a touch of possessiveness if you wish. I believe we have made sufficient progress to exhibit an easy relationship now exists between us."

"Are you intending to date me?"

"Yes," murmured his companion.

"Christ, even the simplicity of that response was a surprise. I'm now optimistic I'll be your best pal within days."

She thought she would have preferred the word girlfriend and suggested dryly, "I suggest you don't get ahead of yourself. Perhaps if you are free, you'll allow me to take you somewhere for a drink and a light snack and then take you to a movie. Later we could go to a restaurant."

"That's a great idea," Wade said smoothly, applying a little more pressure against her breast and grinned when she muttered, "Nice."

They'd just sipped their drinks when Wade took a call.

He sounded surprised and glancing at Brigit shrugged and then walked off to continue the conversation out of earshot.

Brigit saw him gesticulating and speaking intensely and thought perhaps it was a business call about a deal that had gone wrong.

Wade returned to his barstool, looking crestfallen.

Taking a big intake of breath, he apologized that he must cancel their first date together because his mother wanted him home.

"That's a shame," she said, patting his cheek lightly and walking off.

"Bridget," he called, as if summoning a straying dog.

She walked on.

Wade's brain worked deviously and he called meekly, "Bridget darling."

She stopped.

He rushed to her.

"Mum and dad have been rowing fearsomely. Dad was last-in-line in our attempts to get a bastard to pay the money he owes us. Mom yelled they'd now have to take the fucker, um I mean bad payer, to the court and called dad a negotiator's arsehole. The row erupted."

"Oh, is that all? It appears your mother has a bad mouth."

"What, don't defame my mother. She only exhibits a foul mouth when she's more than upset."

"I understand. What's the size of the debt?"


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