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My reaction shocks and amazes me.

She hadn't stolen anything from anyone. Her thoughts were horrible but her actions were exactly as she had been brought up to act.

If I hadn't been reading well over a hundred other people I might have just thought this was normal. But it isn't. Most of us have shitty thoughts but we get over them and in fact most of us are really pretty transparent to someone who pays attention. If someone is racist my power just confirms what I thought before I touch them and verify it. I've had a lot of fun guessing what people are going to be like before I touch them and I'm about 75% accurate. In Samantha's case I was 100% wrong.

I had been nice to her. I had thought I was in love with her. That the bitch had fooled me into thinking she liked me, well that was an issue that wasn't going to go unaccounted for.

The problem with absolute power is that it lets you do things you wouldn't normally do.

Well I don't see it as a problem but you might.

So after a lot of thought I decided I would put this evil bitch in her place and give her an opportunity, just one, to change her ways.

I had the CO of the hospital give her a day off for the great job she did with the mass casualties. I had him order her to disappear telling her that he absolutely didn't want to see her hanging around. She'd earned a break and she damn well better take it.

She showed up to fuck room at 0630 right when I told her to. Normally I don't get up until around then. But this morning I got up early, shaved carefully, and then went and had a big breakfast. Gotta keep the strength up when one has a full day of fucking in front of them.
Like Sara, Samantha had no idea why she suddenly found herself outside a storage room and why she felt compelled to open the door. The view when she entered was a bit different though.

I was sitting in the recliner in my usual patient scrub type pants and t-shirt.

"Come in Samantha, lock the door please. I want to make sure we aren't disturbed today."

Her "knows she's a good looking woman and therefore vulnerable to a strong guy" internal alarm went off. She realized just by my calm expression and the tone that accompanied my words that something just wasn't quite kosher. Her immediate intent was to say no and turn and leave.

Of course what she did instead was what I controlled her to do which was say nothing and lock the door as I asked.

This completely freaked her out but despite all her thoughts of screaming and running away all she could do was just stand there looking at me. She was as beautiful as always. Because it was a day off she had dressed in jeans and a button down shirt. Her strawberry blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

I looked at her like the piece of meat she was.

"I really appreciate your coming here today. I've been looking forward to fucking you."

Her eyes got big and her respiration went up as her fight or flight response fully kicked in---yet she found she couldn't move. Not a muscle.

"You don't have to worry though Sam, when this Marine fucks you you'll cum. In fact you're going to cum a lot today. Not that I think you deserve to, it's just that I love watching a woman orgasm. You can speak now."

"Wha, wha, what's the matter with me? What have you done?"

"Well you're a medical professional I would have thought it was pretty obvious---I've taken over your brain," I calmly told her.

"That's impossible!"

Her eyes got big as her hands pulled her blouse out of her jeans and started undoing the buttons. Her own thoughts and commands to her body were to stop her hands and to run out of the room on her legs but of course I easily overrode those signals.

"Stop it!" she screamed. She was so scared that her voice went really high and loud which was annoying to say the least so again I shut down her ability to speak.

As she finished undoing her buttons and took her blouse off I started her lesson.

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