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A fantasy of a girl from literotic

Understood? Don't take my cock out of your mouth just nod your head up and down."

Ed got a kick out of the way his cock bent slightly as she nodded. Her jaw was aching and she hoped he was about to cum. No man had ever lasted as long as he had in her mouth. As she looked up he spit into the beer.

"I'm going to cum! Remember, every drop down your throat. Oh yeah! Suck it faster! Faster!" he pleaded.

Sue braced herself, she felt his cock spasm twice and then she tasted his juice flooding her mouth, she gagged again a little when it hit the back of her throat but she kept swallowing, it was at least twice the amount her husband came and it tasted saltier. After she had milked his cock to his satisfaction she took it out of her mouth and he put the beer to her lips, she gulped down the bottle as quick as she could. She felt tipsy getting up.

Ed helped her to her feet and then surprised her by kissing her, she did not know if she felt lightheaded due to the beer or the kiss. He asked her if she liked what she had done and she said "I did not like it! I just did it to save the store. What I said was wrong, but you are a bully!"

"Is that so?" he said grabbing her. He put his hand down the waistband of her pants and snaked his fingers through her panties and into her wet pussy. "So you did not like it. Huh? Well let's make sure you really don't like it okay?" he began to finger her pussy and she started to squirm.

Suddenly he took one of his big thick fingers and thrust it right up into her cunt. She jumped up into the air. He held her tight and continued to finger fuck her, at first she tired to pull away, then she drew near to him biting into his shoulder so as not to scream. She trembled as she came again and again.

"So, you don't like? Well I'll tell you something, the next time you and your husband are late again with a payment you will be the one who has to pay, with interest. And the next time I am going to take all of you. I am going to bring you back to my place and I am going to fuck you in every hole you have all weekend long. You dig! You dig! You dig!? Ed had repeated the last words over and over because each time he said them her pussy got wetter and wetter and she came harder and harder. The thought of him fucking her was clearly turning her on. The more she said no the hotter she was getting.

After a few more minutes Ed pulled his fingers out of Sue's panties and turned off the radio. The girl at the counter gave her an odd look, and Ed said "Good-night," to her in her own language as he left. Outside he sniffed his fingers and smiled.

A few weeks later Ed was at the shop. Sue shamefaced stood towards the back. Seeing the man she had sucked off and had later fingered her pussy was more than she could bare. Her husband, however was happy with Sue's recently stepped up sex drive. He could not believe how much better she had gotten at oral sex.

Sue's husband explained that he might need another extension next month to buy more holiday stock, so he might be late again with the mortgage payment. He could not understand why his wife gasped when she heard that or why her eyes had gone so wide. "Relax," he told her "It's just a late mortgage payment."

She would not hear from Ed for another few months.

Ed looked through the papers at his desk; it was a quiet day at the loan company; then he saw it; the report had the address of the variety store owned by Mr. and Mrs. Ng.

It turns out the Ngs had indeed wanted to refinance. He went down to their store to talk to them.

Mrs. Ng looked worried as she talked to Ed with her husband by her side. She knew what was going to come next. And part of her welcomed it. She never had told anyone, but that time she was sucking Ed off had turned her on. His cock was so much bigger than anyone she had ever had, and it was so forbidden. The Ngs could barely tolerate some of their daughter's white boyfriends; but a black man? They had told her if that ever happened she was either to never tell them, or to never come home.

"So what day is convenient for you

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