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Virginal Kyle visits an adult arcade.

I began to whimper and struggle in earnest. "Someone will hear. Please!"

"Oh yes, they'll hear alright," you murmur darkly. "They'll hear you begging for a second finger. Won't they?"

You pull your slick digit from deep within me and begin to gently run two fingers up and down my wet little gash. My sweet little pink lips are already so swollen and sensitive. I bring my clenched fists up and press both to my mouth. Guttural sounds escape from the edges of my lips.

The grip on my neck suddenly intensifies and as a result, the rest of my body freezes instantly. Instinctively my hands fly to my neck and try to pry your grip loose.

"Where do those hands belong?" you growl against my neck. "Hmm? Where?" you ask sharply.

I begin to lower them and your grip on my throat loosens.

"That's a good girl." I move my hands behind me and fist your shirt against my back again. You tip my chin up as high as it goes and slide both fingers resting between my legs deep within me. You lick slowly up my neck and breathe heavily against my skin.

"Mmh. You look so good when you do what you're told, pretty girl. Make some noise for me now."

But I am still very much aware of how exposed we are. I'm reasonably sure no one can see me from the front, but open windows are all around us and the street below is dotted with pedestrians. I clamp my mouth shut tightly and start to buck my hips against your hand.

"Look at me," you say while keeping my neck fully extended. I raise my eyes to yours. "Still bent on having your way and being silent?" I don't trust myself with any sort of response so I just look you straight in the eye.

"Stubborn little thing," you chuckle. "A battle of wills then? We'll see who wins, little girl." My eyes screw shut as your thumb joins the game to press relentless circles against my tiny clit while your two other fingers continue to plunge in and out of my swollen little slit.

I force a burst of air out through my nose and groan quietly against my lips, still pressed firmly together. I thrash once against your firm hold, anger bubbling up at your tactics, already embarrassed by my wanton display in the evening sun.

"No, kitten. I don't plan to play fair."

I go inward and try to focus on my breathing and the delicious pressure of your hands on my body. I've missed this so much over the last months. The way your scent shifts sharply when you get aroused, the salty taste of your skin, and the rough cadence of your breath when you know I'm close to coming for you.

And I am, close that is. My thighs have developed a slight tremor and that delicious tension has begun to creep into my torso along with a deepening flush to my chest and breasts. Your left hand is still in constant motion under the lace between my sticky thighs.

"Hands up," you order roughly."Clasp them behind my head." I comply without thinking and wrap my arms around your neck directly behind me. Your right hand leaves my throat and through my lust-filled haze I hear the telltale and delicious sounds of your belt being undone. I began to whimper in earnest now against my closed lips.

"Oh yes, fight it baby. Draw it out. I'll rip that pleasure from you one way or another," you threaten. The instant I feel your hard cock spring against my inner thigh I almost lose control of my body. Suddenly the people nearby don't seem nearly so strong a concern.

"Spread your legs," you growl. The playfulness in your voice is gone. Sweet darkness and restraint are in its place. "Feet on the bench and knees locked outside mine."

I do as I'm told and in the process am allowed the delicious pleasure of grinding my ass down against your thick cock. You moan in response and bring your free right hand under my shirt and claim my right breast. You spread your knees in one swift and punishing movement, thereby spreading my legs as far as my hips will allow.

"Ready, kitten? Ready to scream for me? You're going to teach everyone in a three block radius my goddamned name.

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