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Two men enjoy each other on a hot tub Tuesday.

I would fuck Erica from behind with her belly hanging and her huge tits there too. I would ram her so hard she squealed but she always begged for more... But it felt so fucking good to ram her and ram her.

"Fuck me harder Master, oh hell, fuck me good. I'm a slut for you Daddy, please fuck me harder."

I did. I screwed her and fucked her while her cooze dripped down and covered her thighs. All the while I was mauling those luscious tits. I let her come several times like the whore she was and then I rammed and shot come into her pussy. Her pussy that my baby would come out of in a month or so.

I kept coming and coming because it turned me on to know I would soon be a Daddy. I filled her and she started squirting as she often did when I pulled out. This time I wanted to taste Erica's pregnant pussy. So I turned her over, looked into her glistening eyes, and went down on her.

I sucked up all that pussy juice and then I kissed her and gave her a mouthful to swallow. She grinned afterwards and kissed me on the neck. Then Anthea, who had been fucking her own cunt with a dildo, came over and licked us both clean.

Next evening I called Anthea for her session. When she came into my room I was not surprised to see Erica too. However, Gretchen followed her in. So, I thought, it was going to be a free for all. Hah!

Anthea was going to be screwed lying on her back. I had her on the edge of the bed with her huge belly ballooning up and her huge tits hanging to the side, fully distended and getting ready for the baby. She needed no lubrication. She was my little slut girl and her pussy was already oozing juice out of it in anticipation of my hard fucking. I took no time, just rammed it in and loved the scream of passion she let out.

With all my force I jammed her full of my thirsting cock. I was the Master and she was my slave. But she loved it anyway. Ramming and grinding I ground my prick into her bumping her ass hole with my large balls. I was fucking my baby girl and she would soon have a baby of her own.

Over on the big chair in my room Erica was eating out Gretchen. My daughters loved sex, anywhere, anytime, but only with their Daddy or someone he allowed. I allowed Gretchen because I loved jamming my cock up her ass hole. It was tight and had been virgin before coming to work for me. And she liked me to spill my come on her ass when I shot my wad after screwing that bung hole. She loved the feel of the hot spunk in her ass crack.

But now I was fucking Anthea, and her legs were spread as wide as she could get then, trying to take in more and more of my thrusting dick. I fucked her until her cream was leaking out around my cock and running down the side of the bed.

I kept fucking her until I could not hold back any longer and I pulled out and shot my seed all over her pregnancy bulge and she rubbed it in. She loved spunk on her skin. Then I crawled up over her belly and sat on her tits to feed her my cock. She took it gladly and sucked all the leftover come she could get.

At this time, Erica had to join us, and Gretchen came along. They were both licking Anthea's cunt and getting all my come and Anthea's pussy juices. The were both finger fucking the other at the same time. They were both moaning as they ate Anthea and finally broke off and began tribbing right on the floor.

I loved to watch my whore daughters showing all of their sexual sides. Erica and Gretchen scissored until they could take no more coming and collapsed on the floor. Again pussy cream was leaking onto my floor. Gretchen would clean it all up tomorrow.

Just three weeks later Erica went into labor. Her water broke in the afternoon as she was wading in the pool. She cried out and Gretchen came running. They called me at the office and I was home quickly before the child had arrived.

I was there holding her hand in her room and Gretchen was washing her brow. Then Anthea pulled me away and we left the room and went to the chair I had in my master bedroom. She made me sit down and then she started stroking my cock.

"Erica is fine Daddy

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