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Karen is retrieved by Sarah to continue their session.

Gwen's hands were freed briefly, the other Futa's no doubt too caught up in the sight to notice. She brought up to Kona's balls, stroking them as best she could.

The small statured Futa let out a low coo of pleasure. Her pace increased, causing Gwen to gag again, her spit pouring into her mouth and cover the massive cock ramming in and out of her. Her hands were pulled away however, as two new Futanari took up position, having her hands service them. She moaned at this, the sound partly made out of pleasure, and out of disappointment. Kona seemed to understand as she pulled out, but didn't step aside. Instead, she stood on her tip toes and allowed Gwen access to her massive testicles.

The redhead looked up at her through blurred eyes. Her gag reflex had become suppressed, however her eyes still watered from the abuse her throat had taken. Kona swayed back and forth on her feet, her balls hanging before Gwen's mouth as she realised what was happening, and leaned in, planting a delicate kiss on one, and then the other. She heard the Futa groan in disappointment. Gwen smirked mentally, as she suddenly began licking all over the taut sac, intending to clean it of any cum or sweat. Her tongue ran over the smooth flesh.

Kona's musk was far stronger there. Every breath through her nose had Gwen moaning in want, her thoughts focusing on each giant orb, eagerly lapping at them. She would kiss them, licking where she did so, seeking to pleasure every inch as best she could. Her hands continued to jerk the two Futanari, but not without some trepidation. She wanted to heft those balls in her hands, to feel the sheer weight of Kona's testicles, which contained a veritable flood of cum. Gwen felt a strange pressure building in her gut.
The Futanari who had been jerking her cock off was finally seeing results. The foot long dick was leaking a copious amount of thick pre, each drop of it dripping onto the ground. It was throbbing now, Gwen's first climax as a full-fledged Futanari drawing nearer with each pump of that hand. As she smothered her face in Kona's sac, its musk permeating the air around her, she felt it as something seemed to break within her. With a muffled cry, she came.

The amount was meagre in comparison to the others there, but it was substantial for a Futa of her size. With twitch of her climax, she released at least a 100mls, the viscous liquid sprayed against the floor, splashing onto her slightly pudgy stomach. As she came, Gwen panted against the ball, her breath running over the saliva slicked flesh, making Kona moan at the sensation. As Gwen worked on them, more and more of her cum gushing forth, she felt them throb powerfully. She knew what was coming and pulled away.

Kona immediately reached down and grabbed her head. She aimed her massive prick, and gave a grunt as she thrust forward, the head aimed squarely at Gwen's open mouth. It rammed through to her throat and into her oesophagus, the tip threatening to enter her cum filled stomach. There were several inches still outside, which Kona had every intention of pushing into her. Gwen's throat had tightened considerably, her orgasm causing it to clench in an attempt to voice her ecstasy. Kona wouldn't take no for an answer however, as she practically growled with effort. She hilted just as her own climax began.

Allie was there by their side. She was crouched down, her hand on Gwen's throat, stroking Kona's immense prick through the skin. Like Gwen, she felt it clearly as the deluge of cum passed through it, heading straight for Gwen's stomach. It was almost like the rallying cry of a general, as the first spurt caused her stomach to expand noticeably, the other Futanari around them suddenly released their own cries of orgasm. Before even a minute had passed, Gwen looked to be little more than a human shaped blob of cum, while her stomach pressed against the floor. Kona simply continued cumming.

The others had all finished and yet she was going strong.

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