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The night ends young.

She began to slide her tongue down the length of his torso, now gripping and un-gripping his thick rod.

"Holy fuck!" he cried.

"You like?" she grinned.

"I like."

"Then I think you'll like this."

She slid her lips over the tip of his cock causing Greg to grasp.

Deftly she sucked it before sliding her tongue around its ridges.

"My God Christelle!"

This seemed to encourage her to increase her pleasuring, wrapping her lips around his rod, inching down its length like a caterpillar. She bobbed her head in small delicate movements , drawing up its full length then diving all the way again.

"Shit Christelle!"

She then worked the dick up and down in a steady motion, Greg drawing a deep breath with each motion.

"Yes Christelle! Yes!" he called."You keep doing that and I'm going to come!"

With that admission she allowed the hard pole to slip from her mouth and stood in front of Greg his dick still in hand.

"We wouldn't want they to happen just yet!" she mocked.

He took the opportunity to massage her breasts.

"You like those don't you?" she asked rhetorically.

"They are fantastic!"

She giggled at this disclosure.

"Will you lick my pussy?"

"It would be my pleasure."

Christelle stepped to the edge of the bed and pushed some miscellaneous junk onto the floor to make room. Lieing backwards on the bed she spread her legs, her feet still wearing the sparkly red heels hanging over the edge.


Greg didn't need a second request. He knelt down in front of the bed and reached up to pull down her g-string, negotiating it over he legs and and shoes before depositing it on the floor. Gripping her hips he pulled her forward towards him gently, spreading her legs a little more. Bending down and beginning at her knees he slid his tongue slowly up her inner thigh. Reaching the top he skirted her mound before descending down the other leg.

"Are you trying to tease the fuck out of me?"


Returning to his work, he worked his way up her thigh, but there was no detour this time as he delicately slid his tongue along the lips of her pussy.

"Better," she told him.

He glided his tongue more deeply before moving upwards to find her clit. Now using a darting action he expertly toiled for her pleasure.

"Oh yes," she sighed, clutching at his short cropped hair to bring him closer to her.

Using his finger, he entered her, pleasuring her with both hand and mouth, her sex now moist with cum as her pleasure intensified.

"I want you to fuck me," she moaned. "I need your cock."

As he stood she rolled over onto her hands and knees, giving a full view of her beautiful ass, her womanhood ready to accept him.

"Like this?" he asked in a surprised voice. Most of his sex life had been spent in the missionary position.

"Come on babe," she urged.

Standing behind her, he moved to place his erect member into her willing hole when to his wonderment Christelle's hand appeared between her legs to guide his rod to her place of pleasure. Wet from his attentive tongue and finger, he slid easily and blissfully inside her, right to the hilt of his erect member.

"Oh yes!" Christelle sighed, as she began to move slowly back and forth.

Greg joined in, desire filling his body, his rhythm increasing as he luxuriated in union of their sexes. Christelle squealed with delight with each movement when he stopped abruptly, changing to long deep thrusts.

"Yes. I like that.Mmmmmm. I love your cock."

Greg now firmly held her buttocks as he eased his rigid tool in out when she suddenly twisted around releasing his cock.

"Sit on the end of bed." she commanded as she stood. Greg quickly obeyed, eager to re-engage Christelle's delicious pussy.

She turned her back to him and placed her right shoe on the bed next his leg, her other firmly planted on the floor.

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