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Teacher finds new ways to defy expectations.

"Hairiest hug ever. Good thing you're cute. We'll do lunch tomorrow, boys, before you head back to cold as hell land." We all watched as she left, Kyle helping Dylan out of the latex mask.

When she was gone Dylan was staring at Kyle with a look that said volumes. "What? Do I have egg on my face?"

"The little dude can spot a Lycan on sight."

Kyle raised a brow. "Handy if you're into us. Can you tell what I am?"

"I think tiger, but I don't know fer sure. There is something different that I haven't seen before."

"How can you tell us apart? I'm Tigris Lunais."

Dylan shrugged. "I dunno. I just can. It's like knowing when a dog is either going to attack you or lick your face. You just know." He sat in thought while we got him out of his costume and stowed it safely for travel, keeping the stilts out so he could practice them. "I can see it. How a person moves once I know, I compare it to an animal. Birds confuse me although I think I could spot another owl if I saw one." Then he snickered. "Spotted owl." We all groaned at the bad joke.

Kyle grabbed some pencils and sketch paper and handed them to the little dude. "Let's see how good you really are, little artist." Dylan looked confused until Kyle took off his shirt and slacks, standing there with his back to us completely naked. "Time for the painful part." Pat and I nodded in agreement.

Kyle got on all fours and I felt the shift. Dylan's eyes bugged out of his head and his hand began to sketch faster than I thought possible, but he was only doing parts of the anatomy. The face and how it elongated and widened, losing the human feature for the feline. The grimace of pain and how the incisors lengthened. The hands and feet as they changed from human to paws and claws, the skin growing fur even as some of it tore to expose muscle and heal within fractions of a second. Dylan caught as much as he could in the two minutes it took for the change to be done. A twelve foot tall white tiger crouched there and looked back over his shoulder, the echoes of pain still in his eyes. "First pose. I'm still tired." Dylan nodded and sketched away. By the end of the night he had ten good poses and about forty pieces. He could fill out an artistic anatomy book on Lycans in days.

When Kyle was human again he came over to gape at the sketches. "So, when can you start working for me?" Dylan laughed but I could tell Kyle was serious. "You have a gift, Dylan, make no mistake about that. You could turn this into a very good cartoon or game or even do graphic design or CGI movies." He held one up and looked at it. "I didn't do this pose." Kyle stood back to back with Pat who was in his lunar form, Pat's shorter but more heavily muscled body a good contrast to the longer, leaner lines of the tiger. "Yes, when you turn eighteen and if I still work here I'll help you get into a job in the business. If," he exclaimed with his finger in the air, "Jon and Pat say yes and your schooling is good enough." The look on Dylan's face was amusing as he was very disgruntled but also very happily embarrassed.
On our way back to the main park for the last few hours of our day, Dylan gave each of us a huge hug. "You guys are the best thing that ever happened to me."

Back in Salem on Sunday, the day of Halloween, we were all getting ready for the night's festivities. Pat and I would go as our selves, no make-up or costumes, and follow at a discreet distance just in case anything went wrong. "You could come with me," Dylan offered.

"We could, but I didn't want to make it seem like you needed us there. Didn't want to cramp your style if you met a really hot freshman chick." Pat's comment made me roll my eyes.

"Like I would. I don't get girls." He didn't seem to care either. When you're the oddball of the school no one really talks to you anyway.

"Neither do I," I said with a snicker.

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