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The start of Deborah's submission.

She twirled round the pole and started teasing the crowd; I noticed her corset was easily removed as she started pulling it apart. I tried to remember everything she did with the pole so that I could copy it later, but she was very interesting to watch and when the song ended she was left in her boots as she took a very deep bow. Then I saw her Master come up on the stage with her clothes in hand, helped her down and gave her a drink. Master was up and pulled up on my chain to follow him, "You are on just after this next one, and you must get ready to come out on stage."

My heart jumps to my throat and I can only hear it in my ears, walking right next to the stage he talks to the DJ and they share a joke about it being my first time. Right as the guy on the stage is finishing Master whispers to me, "You are to take off the dress but leave on the garters. Do me proud slut, just like you do at home." He unclips the leash and he gives me a slap on the butt to push me toward the stage. The DJ calls out to me, "You're going to 'Good girls go bad'."

I know this song and as soon as it starts I close my eyes, take a deep breath and step onto the stage. Everything gets easier as I bounce to the music and strut to the pole, going up and down on it like I would normally dance. Then as I'm going around the edge I start unbuttoning the front of my dress making my way back to the pole. As I get to the last couple of buttons I feel that the dress would fall off right now so instead I jump up and grab the pole kicking the dress off. The crowd thrills me with their sounds of joy at my boldness and I pull out the stops bending down and then all the way back showing off my pussy. I twirl around the pole and then end as I spin to the floor. I get a round of clapping and then Master is there to take me off stage. I feel the leash go back onto my collar and he has my dress in his arms.

I'm thrilled to the bone and hyper, but Master takes me to a different set of chairs and cushions. This is clustered around a different stage then one with the table bolted to it, but currently no people. I look around and people are in different stages of undress, some don't have tops on or their skirts are around their middles. Masters and Mistresses are toying or stroking their subs, but nothing is too heated yet. Master whispers to me as he plays with a nipple, "That was very good slut, I'm proud. You are not to cover yourself, as you should be proud of your body. Since you did so well with the pole I wanted to try you on this stage." Watch carefully is left unsaid but it was there.

Just then a Mistress steps on the stage and snaps her fingers, then a male sub follows her. She is wearing a short tight dress that shows off her large breasts and heeled boots where a rod was stuck in. He just wore a loincloth of sorts and crawled up to her and kissed her boots. Smiling she pets him on the head and then she goes and sits on the edge of the table so that her short dress rides up and shows off her trimmed pussy. She snaps her fingers and he scurries to her and then starts happily eating her out. After a few minutes she's moaning and grabs his hair and forces his mouth into her as she cums hard. As she releases his hair he falls to the floor and starts kissing her boots.

As soon as she regains herself the Mistress is telling him to strip for the crowd. He turns towards us and starts swaying to the music and takes his loincloth off slowly until you see his excited cock. I can tell that his is sucking up all the attention from the crowd, that he likes being on the stage. The Mistress then tells him to come over and start to fuck her like the slut he is, and he thrusts into her. I can't stop watching his ass clench from the effort that is until she takes the rod from her boot and starts whipping his ass and thighs. I love seeing him flitch and the marks form as he is still working her, but I can tell she is losing herself quickly.

Screaming she tells him to cum in her and I see him quicken h

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